Behind MLM Reports: Insider21 passed on Rippln due to Ripple lawsuit

Last week, purely by co-incidence, I stumbled across an invitation in which it was claimed holdings company Insider21 had “acquired” Rippln. Shortly after publishing an article on the story I was contacted by Stanley Abbott, Insider21′s VP of Strategic Alliances. In his email, Abbott wrote Can you guys please remove the post about us purchasing […]

Source: Insider21 passed on Rippln due to Ripple lawsuit

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Confessions Of a RippLn Insider… Or Should I say VAPT Insider?

So much has been written lately by so called RippLn insiders, that I couldn’t resist using that title. 🙂

I want to take the most current RippLn State of Play and focus in on a few of the high points.

We know there have been quite a few rumors circulating out in the marketplace. First and foremost, these rumors are just that – rumors. Rippln is still in business.  We continue to pour a lot of investment money into the company, and our
employees are still coming to work everyday.  Rippn continues to put a lot of resources into development, support & streamlining this unique business model. 

RippLn has now changed it’s name to VAPT. and are continuing to pour investment funds into the development of the People’s Chat App.”


We have NOT shut our doors at all.  This doesn’t mean we haven’t had challenges & set backs, it means that we keep moving forward in the pursuit of growing, learning & evolving a business model that has never been seen and something that has never been done before.

Some have questioned whether RippLn executives even realize they have fallen short of their objectives and their marketing hype. Although, it’s just a small paragraph, I think it does backup other statements we have heard in RippLn videos and State of Plays, where RippLn have admitted to their own shortcomings.

Now, I have not clue if they can get it together, but I do believe 100%, that their intent has never been to just take peoples money and not deliver.

We have been in Stealth Mode since December when papers were served and the process of working with Ripple Labs to settle this began.  Our attorneys advised us to limit all communication until we could settle the suit with Ripple Labs, Inc. We have finally come to an agreement with Ripple Labs and will be updating the Rippln Community with the details in the upcoming weeks.  

Now some could say RippLn was in stealth mode long before Dec., of 2013. And although I get as frustrated as everyone else when it comes to a lack of communication. However, I have also learned first hand that when your legal team, tells you to limit communication it can be the best thing to do. Let’s now hope things get back to normal where we can start to get regular communication.

The Vision & Mission of Rippln has always been to do what hasn’t been done.  We made a definitive statement in the marketplace as we grew a community around the world that created a movement based on showing the Ripple Effect that one person could create by simply sharing an idea, a concept, an App.  This Vision & Mission is still alive.  Rippln is currently streamlining the business model to create a more simple, efficient and powerful way to execute the original Vision.

From day one, the founders and investors of RippLn have made it clear they are embarking on something, they feel has never been done. And in reviewing what most critics have written, it seems they may be right. What does stick out isn’t so much what hasn’t been done, but the fact they are not giving up.

Critics and insiders alike have more than once counted RippLn out, and have made it clear they figure the founders will just cut and run. However, based on the current turn of events, it would seem that is not the case. Although dedication and commitment doesn’t guarantee success, they sure are a good foundation towards it.

Rippln is currently working on a Re-Branding Strategy.  We have been in many discussions over the last 4 months with potential investors, partners and companies that wanted to acquire Rippln for what we have developed. Through this business development phase of the company, we have made a decision that we are going in a direction of a Re-Branding strategy & Business model revision.  This will be in alignment with what created the 1 million-person community in the first 100 days. We will be updating all 1.5 million Players & Fans in the next several weeks on the forward direction for the Vision & Mission that we all got behind so passionately. 

As we read above the rebranding has already started. VAPT will be the new name, and as months move forward we should learn more. The vision and dreams of the founders do not seem to have wavered, now we will see if they can fully execute and deliver.

Rippln stopped charging credit cards a month ago, so all Rippln Players status will currently show as Fan status.  This status will remain until we make an exciting announcement & at that time, all Players’ statuses will be reinstated.

There will be some powerful releases over the next 60 days with the Communication App.  So stay tuned to upcoming announcements and further communication.

Thank you again for all your support & vision.  As a company, we know that we have been through some tough times over the last year.  We honor those who Keep Moving Forward.

The greater the struggle the greater the Victory!

Rippln HQ


Behind MLM Reports: Rippln sold off to Insider21 investment group?

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Source: Rippln sold off to Insider21 investment group?

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Source: Rippln to resurrect initial recruitment model?

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Source: Rutherford: Rippln dead in the water

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