Dubli Threatens Legal Action After Their Legal Counsel Mistakes Troy Dooly For Oz At Behind MLM

Yesterday I received a certified letter from Richard P. Sybert, an attorney with Gordon & Rees LLC.

Breaking MLM News: DubLi Threatens Legal Action Against Troy Dooly

Now before I get into the contents of the letter, I have to say that Mr. Sybert has an impressive legal background.

  • Senior Partner of Gordon Rees
  • Chair of Firm’s Intellectual Property Group
  • National & International Clients
  • Long term practice in Asia
  • Certified Arbitrator
  • Extensive International Experience
  • Former legal executive for Lanard Toys

Breaking Cashback News: Dubli Changes Name to Ominto Inc, Founder Michael Hansen Out As CEO And Appoints New Board And Chairman

DubLicom Ltd. -- MediaNet Group Technologies

Breaking News May 29th, 2015: DubLi Inc. Threatens Legal Action Against Troy Dooly and MLM HelpDesk After Attorney Richard P. Sybert Accuses Troy Dooly Of Hiding Behind False Persona As “Oz” of Behind MLM!¬†

Breaking News May 11, 2015: Michael Hansen Out As CEO Of DubLi… What does the future hold?¬†

Since DubLi entered into the U.S.A. back in 2009, I have been concerned, very critical and at times totally amazed at how they continue to stumble and then reinvent themselves (at least on the surface.)

First they were a reverse penny auction, then a gift card seller, then a shopping platform, then an entertainment community, and now it seems they are about to move away from their questionable reputation by renaming the company Ominto, Inc (found that in a one liner inside the press release below.)

Over the last few years, they did a reverse merger into a company¬†(Medianet Technology Group) with what looked like major financial issues as the “new DubLi” DubLi fell out of compliance with the SEC when it fell behind in filing quarterly financials or found the need to file SEC documents restating the financial reports for several quarters.