Breaking MLM News: Is Revolucion World Wide Merging With Another MLM Company?

This could be huge MLM News! Over the last few weeks rumors have been running all across the internet about a possible merger between Revolucion and another Direct Selling company. Well tonight, all of us may find out the answer to these rumors. Below is the information for what has been called “The Most Important Call Ever For Revolucion World Wide Distributors!”


The MOST UNIQUE CALL IN THE HISTORY OF OUR INDUSTRY ­ Revolucion”s own revolution is taking place tonight, Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 6:00 PM PST. This call is so important and our guests so special we have set up a special toll free number for every one to call in. The one time number for this call is 1-866-760-1356 and enter 
Pin Code: 5881505#

Please note the special time for this Tonight’s call is at 6:00 PM PST to accommodate our special guests. These Special Guests are not Revolucion Distributors but what they are going to announce about Revolucion will change your business in this industry forever. Tell Your Team, Invite a Guest – INVITE EVERYONE TO BE ON THIS AMAZING CALL.

MLM Weekly News: ACN launches MVNO, Derek Broes Resigns From Revolucion, Numis Network Has Record Growth, Vemma Opens in Canada

This week has brought some very powerful news to several Direct Selling sectors and I am excited for the distributors in most of these companies as we move out of Summer and into three of the best months to grow any Network Marketing business.


Vemma – Has just announced they have officially opened in Canada. Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko put it this way “Doing business is a natural progression of enhancing health and wellness in a country which already gets it. Our goal is to offer the Vemma opportunity of health and financial wellness to as many people worldwide as we can.”

With Vemma’s new state-of-the-art shipping center located in Oakville Ontario the new Canadian Brand Partners should be off and running.


ACN is holding their international training even this weekend, and over 4000 ACN distributors will be on hand as the company unveils some fantastic news. We have learned ACN has become their own MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This will allow them to brand everything ACN Wireless, manufactor their own phones, and control their own billing and customer service. This is a plus for the distributors.

The second items of interest is the fact, ACN is just about ready to enter into the Direct Selling Energy sector. They have teamed up with one of the world’s largest and most respected energy companies for this new venture. If this goes off as planned, then ACN could very quickly become a major player in this sector.

Derek Broes

Revolucion WorldWide – Late last night, I received word Derek Broes was resigning from the very company he helped to co-found, and served as CEO. Although this did not surprise me, I did not expect it to happen so soon. Broes and I had talked a couple of weeks ago about his true passion of supporting the troops, politics and helping to launch technology and entertaining companies. I had mentioned I did not know how he kept it all together, since running a Direct Selling company is a full time job, in and of itself.

I do have concerns about the future of Revolucion and the distributors who have been building the company. I know there is a possible merger on the table with a public MLM company. I hope Peter Lupus will give this merger a solid review. It could be the best thing to happen to the equity partners and the distributors.

Numis Network Cedrick Harris

Numis Network – This week things went a little nuts on the net and rumors started flying about Cedrick Harris leaving Numis Network. Well this is not happening.

As a matter of fact Numis Network has just launched a new promotion which has resulted in three record breaking days of growth.

Next week, I will share more info on this new promotion and some other great things happening at Numis Network.

Living An Epic Adventure,


MLM Company Review: Revolucion CEO Derek Broes On Company Branding and Training

This is part two in our five part series on the new MLM company Revolucion, co-founded by Derek Broes. In this article Derek shares the company branding and marketing philosophy. And he shares his strong belief in the kind of training the Revolucion Ambassadors need in order for them to become million dollar earners. Derek also unveiled the powerful social marketing system called Magma aka Social Revolucion.

MLM Company Review: Revolucion WorldWide And The Maverick Leaders Behind Its Successful MLM Launch

Revolucion WorldWide is not just another MLM Juice company. The founders Derek Broes, Peter Lupus, Peter Pupus III, and Linda Swenson, have years of experience of launching and running some very successful business enterprises, and have now teamed up to bring their success to the Direct Selling Industry.

Peter Lupus

Perhaps best known for his portrayal of the muscular Willy Armitage from the original Mission Impossible television series, Peter Lupus has amassed a career of use and experience to become one of the most respected and well-known figures in the health and fitness industry. Peter won several bodybuilding titles and holds multiple world records for strength and endurance, he also helped pioneer the use of food supplements, as we know it today. (Read On…)

Derek Broes

As former Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development at Paramount Pictures, A Viacom Company, Broes was responsible for establishing digital strategy and helping to drive the companies most public partnerships such as the Apple Itunes, Amazon, and Walmart partnerships. Prior to joining Paramount in 2006 Derek lead the global wireless strategy and business development team for Windows Media at Microsoft Corp., pushing entertainment convergence within the wireless space. Broes has been at the forefront of media and technology for more than a decade and is nationally recognized as an influential leader in the film and high-tech industries. (read On…)

Peter Lupus

Peter Lupus is known throughout the direct sales industry as force in US operations and his knowledge of international expansion. Prior to Peter’s success in direct sales, Peter established a powerful career in the entertainment industry in both physical production and post production operations as an owner of two production companies serving not just the entertainment industry but, companies such as Coca Cola, Blockbuster Video, Screen Writers Guild of America, Fry’s Electronics and even Government agencies such as Nasa. (Read On…)

Linda Swenson

As the COO, of Revolucion World Wide, Linda Swenson will be responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the corporation and operations management. Her 35 years of extensive financial and operational experience include financial and operational audit with Laventhol & Horwath, CPA, and NASD/SEC securities. As the Principal of Equity Alliance Group, an SEC Broker Dealer, she was responsible for raising in excess of 100 million dollars for various investment partnerships and maintaining the rigorous requirements of compliance with the various regulatory bodies. (Read On…)

Well as you can see this executive team, has the background to make the business work. In the next article we’ll review the marketing and branding side of things.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Company News: Revolucion Joins The Ranks of Vemma and Life Force International

The New MLM Company Revolucion launched a new military initiative on July 4th, joining the likes of Vemma, Life Force International and other MLM Companies lately who are showing their support of our troops. Below is what Derek Broes, co-founder and CEO sent to the Revolucion family.

Derek Broes Announces New Initiative For Military Troops Joining The Revolution Family

Derek Broes Can He be Trusted To Launch and Run The New MLM Company Revolucion

Derek Broes is not a Network Marketing insider, MLM Pro, or even an average distributor. Until a few months ago, his name had never been associated with Direct Selling in any way. So why now, should the MLM Community, especially the distributors of the new MLM Company Revolucion?

Well before I give you my personal opinion, let’s get to know Derek Broes just a little better. Here are a couple of videos we pulled down that shows Derek Broes is willing to fight for what he believes in… Even if it takes him all the way to Congress.

Here is a Hollywood Insider’s blog where Derek Broes has written several articles – Big Hollywood.

Here is a Washington Post article on Derek Broes as Exec. V.P. of Digital Entertainment at Paramount Pictures. Read Here

Here is another small article on Derek Broes from one of my favorite tech sites Read On
Here is Derek Broes’s LinkedIn profile. Here we can see he is not only well respected in one company, but over the last few years, he has earned the respect of several companies.

Derek Broes Co-Founder and CEO of Revolucion

Now, although Derek Broes cut his teeth in MLM, on a very questionable practice company, I truly believe he has surrounded himself with some of the best people to help him run Revolucion. It is also my personal opinion he has hired the best MLM Attorney in the business. One who shares the same core values and ethics Derek Broes lives by.

I personally believe Derek Broes is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Founders who are launching new MLM companies. Although, he is not an insider, has no real experience in the field, I believe his willingness to listen and learn from successful insiders, that Revolucion could become a new shining light inside of Direct Selling, especially the MLM Profession.

Stay tune next week when we start the five piece series on Revolucion WorldWide.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly