DubLi Proves Unique Bid Reverse Auctions Work For The Average Consumer

As some of you know when DubLi launched DubLi Network in 2009 here in the USA, I was not only skeptical I may have been one of the biggest critics. However, as I have reported recently, with their changes they made after hiring MLM attorneys, Grimes & Reese and other network marketing consultants, and merging into MediaNet Group, they went on to become the world’s largest online shopping and entertainment network marketing company in the world. But… What about the Reverse (Unique Bid) Auctions, do they really work?

Today, I really just want to focus on a few key points about DubLi (the shopping and entertainment) site, not DubLi Network the network marketing arm.

Now in case you have not watched the video above, I also want to disclose that John Benham, the Senior Director of Marketing at the DubLi Network is a close personal friend, and someone I have been in business with several times over the last couple of decades.

I can also say, it is through John Benham’s influence that I decided to take a closer look at DubLi and the DubLi Network after our initial coverage back in 2009.

Benham, sent me an email last week, and after studying it and working through the links, I found some solid info, that I feel based on the amount of folks who are investigating the unique bid auctions should be aware of.

– The biggest difference between DubLi and everyone else at this time seems to be the fact they have taken the reverse (unique Bid) auctions from being the leading product, and made them more of just an entertainment byproduct of the DubLi site.

Now with that said, it is clear that the reverse auctions truly seem to work…


DubLi Reverse Auction



– Shopping and entertainment are the biggest part. People can save up to 30% on the things they buy everyday from the retailers they already by from…. Apple, Walmart, Nordstroms, Target, etc.

– I did want you to know that 100% of our Xpress (reverse bid) Auctions sell below face value.

– DubLi is selling over 6,000 gift cards a day all below face value! These monies can be transferred to a DubLi e-wallet, DubLi Debit Card or your checking account.

– 100% of DubLi’s Unique Bid Auctions also sell items below value. (These are the Big Ticketed Item Above)

In my opinion DubLi.com is the standard all Unique Bid Auctions should be aiming towards. I don;t care if the auction house has an affiliate program or not!

Zeek Rewards And Their Affiliates Seem To Have Been Hit By International Cyber Crime Gangs & Bloggers With Possible Hidden Agendas

Over the last few weeks I have been researching some of the blog reports from around the country, and comments written by Zeek Reward affiliates. What I have been able to narrow down is what seems to be an attack from Cyber Crime Gangs operating out of at least six counties known as honey-pots for credit card fraud.

However, some bloggers seem to have decided to exploit the situation which could cause harm to Zeek affiliates. I wonder if some of these bloggers have a hidden agenda or may be working for a Zeek competitor. In any case, if this can happen to Zeek Rewards, and Zeekler, then it can happen to any reverse penny auction company in business today.

Oz, over at Behind MLM has been the hardest on Zeek Rewards over the last few months, putting up articles which at first glance would lead the readers to wonder if Zeek Rewards is the one perpetrating the fraud. This type of blogging in my opinion is for sensationalism only, and doesn’t provide solid facts or solutions to affiliates or potential affiliates looking into the Zeek Rewards business model.

I do want to be very clear, I think Oz is a fantastic blogger, who the majority of the time provides rock solid reviews and information. I personally review everything he writes even when it doesn’t have anything to do with the U.S.A., but the last few articles written on Zeek, in my opinion fall below the quality I have seen come from him.

In the latest article he titled it “Zeek Rewards banning members due to politics?” Now without a doubt he added the “?” at the end of the title, yet when reading his article it is clear he is leading his readers to assume Zeek Rewards banded certain countries because of politically differences. This is totally FALSE!

Although I have never met Paul Burke, I can say that in researching his past, he is a strong believer in the U.S. Constitution, giving people the freedom to voice their position to any political disciple. Even though he seems to be very patriotic, he is also seems to be a firm believer in the spread of capitalism worldwide.

I have met Dawn Wright-Olivares and Alex de Brantes personally. In interviewing them, and in researching their pasts one can come to the solid conclusion, they do not believe in censoring anyone’s Right to Expression, be it in politics, or anything else.

As I read Oz’s editorial, I was able to quickly realize what seems to be happening. (I have an extensive background in fighting cyber-crimes at all levels)

Understanding that the average person may not realize the magnitude of the rise of international organized crime organization and the countries they operate out of I figure now is as good as any to give some additional information. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Zeek Rewards, BidiFy, Co2 Rewards, DubLi Network or any other online international auction, mall or gaming site, you may be at risk as well as the company.

In the case of Zeek Rewards, they seem to be taking proactive measures to STOP the fraud and to protect both their reputation, and the financial security of their affiliates. We all know they have publicly made it clear, these cyber-crime credit card fraud rings, have hit them in the last few months, and each time, these cyber-terrorists attack, Zeek Rewards, tightens their security net.

I have already suggested to Zeek Rewards, that they partner with some of the following organizations to help bring these cyber-crime organizations to justice.

FBI Cyber-Crime Unit
U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force – The majority of the top ten most wanted are cyber-criminals.

I have no clue if Zeek Rewards will make it on their own as a viable business model. But I do know they deserve the same chance as any other business. I may not fully understand the business model, and even when I do, my professional opinion may still question its viability. But, I do believe the people who have become affiliates deserve to know the facts, not propaganda, so they can decide if the risk is worth the rewards.

I am going to provide some links, images and videos to show that the credit card fraud Zeek Rewards has experienced is not isolated to their business model. But, it is something that all Zeek Reward affiliates need to be aware of, and must help the company fight against. I’ve seen first hand the financial devastation people go through, when these international cyber gangs steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people.

Now, some of you may want to use this article to show that Zeek has security issues. Well before you start counting all the raiding you can do of Zeek affiliates to your company, you may want to watch this video. Your company may be next!

Oz, in his editorial listed the following six countries as countries Zeek Reward’s has closed off from access to their system:


Each of the above countries link to information on the activity of cyber crime in their respective countries.

I have also heard that some affiliates are concern because they have not received their commission’s. If commissions have been held, I can state with confidence, it is because the company is weeding through some of the outside fraud that has occurred to determine how much is going back in chargebacks to the merchants. If I were an affiliate, I would rather wait on my net commissions, than to get a chargeback myself down the road.

Below I will show a couple of examples of how Organized cyber Crime Organizations work.

I will be going to Zeek Rewards later this month to talk with the founders and executives of the company. When I return, I will share what I learn.

Breaking MLM News Update: Frode Jørgensen Reaches Out To Clarify His Relationship With BidiFy

Breaking MLM News Update

Frode Jørgensen Reaches Out To Clarify His Relationship With BidiFy

On March 26th, I wrote an article titled: Breaking MLM News: BidiFy Owner Frode Jorgensen Has History Of Legal Issues In The USA. Well last week while I was out covering the 15 year celebration convention, Frode reached out to clarify a few items he feels I did not have right in the first article.

Frode Jorgensen Clarifies His Connection To BidiFy