Can You Build An MLM Business Through Social Marketing

Our profession was build upon what John C Maxwell calls “The Law of Connection,” yet I keep hearing the same question over and over “can you build an MLM business through social marketing.” Social marketing without a doubt is more than a trend. It has changed the way we all live our lives.

Since 2000 we have seen whole worlds go online with the launch of “Second Life.” We see people getting dating and getting married to their soul mates, after connecting with them on Match or eHarmony. In addition, during the last presidential campaign all of the lead contenders opened campaign offices online, and used YouTube and Facebook to get their propaganda across to the masses. So, I think we can all agree social marketing is impacting our personal and business life. What each of us need to ask is “how are we going to use social marketing to build our business?”

The Rest Of The Story…Can You Build An MLM Business Through Social Marketing