Breaking MLM News: MonaVie President of North America Randy Schroeder Calls Zeek Rewards Ponzi And Is Suing Two Former Top Distributors

Last night when I started getting the links and downloads of Randy Schroeder’s call, I took time to listen, text Dallin Larsen founder of MonaVie my concerns, then took time to reflect on the call and get some advice on how to handle it. As a dug into some of the background I found two new lawsuits filed against former top MonaVie distributors. After some thought, I decide it was important to address these issues publicly.

My overall concern is not that Randy Schroeder would make his opinions known. This is his Right as a U.S. Citizen. But, even though we have the Right to Free Speech, with that right comes responsibility as well as consequences for what we say.

You can hear what Randy Schroeder President of North America has to say about Zeek Rewards by clicikng hear.

The specific info can be found between about 5mins to 8 mins into the call.

As the leader of a billion dollar multi-national health and nutrition company in the network marketing community, Schroeder should be very careful what he has to say about any other company. Although he made it clear he was not speaking on behalf of MonaVie, as an officer of the company, he places the company and their distributors in jeopardy if Rex Venture Group LLC were to file some form of civil action.

It did cause me to recall a time a few years ago, where I voiced my opinion on why Randy Schroerder left Agel. I reported that “it must be for the money he was paid.” Randy was quick to comment on my blog post, and I quickly updated with the truth. I learned a valuable lesson that night… “get the fact before you speak.” Each time I have not done that, I have ended up with egg on my face.

I challenge Randy and Dallin to take the corporate jet and travel to N.C. next week as my guests to the Red Carpet Day event. I will introduce you to Paul Burks, and his team and let you better understand their drive and mission for the company.

Later I found two current lawsuits against former distributors of MonaVie who had joined Evolv Health and Momentis Energy. I figure it is probably not wise to file a lawsuit against any distributors who have joined Zeek Rewards because to do so, one of two things will happen. You would need to file the lawsuit as MonaVie has the first two (see Below)

MonaVie LLC, a Delaware company
Stay-Fit Inc., a California corporation; Joseph Licciardi
7/18/2012 2:12 cv 704 Waddoups
(Central) Contract. Defendants solicited plaintiff’s distributors to join another network marketing company, Momentis, and it seeks consequential damages and injunctive relief.
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MonaVie LLC, a Delaware company
TS Health Source Inc., a Florida corporation; Todd Smith; Stephanie Smith
7/18/2012 2:12 cv 705 Furse
(Central) Contract. Defendants solicited plaintiff’s distributors to join another network marketing company, Evolv, and it seeks consequential damages and injunctive relief.
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Or you would have to file it stating the former distributor had joined a ponzi and/or pyramid scheme, which could leave MonaVie open to a huge counter suit.

It scares me when I see any company move away from their founding mission. In the early days of MonaVie, Dallin came out strong as an advocate for distributors rights to come and go from MonaVie or any company as they please.

He was willing to fight Amway to prove his stance when they came after Brig Hart and Orrin Woodward. Yet, today as the company has grown, it seems the mission has changed.

Now, at times missions do need to change. But the one thing which should always be consistent is building trust and open communication.

If we as the network marketing community are going to promote Free Agency, the right for distributors to move when they want to move, and for companies to attract these free agents as they see fit. Then it would make sense to me, that the company owners and the free agents, should get together in advance and work out a deal where everyone can win.

I know that may just be some romantic notion on my account, but it sure seems that if everyone got together and did their best to work things out in advance. And if we would learn to treat each other as we want to be treated, that as a community we could raise the bar of excellence.

I respect the MonaVie leadership and what they have done over the years to change the lives of people. I could Randy and Dallin as causal friends in our community, and believe they have done some great things for people over the years. I just question the wisdom of lawsuits and calling anyone or any company an illegal business, without getting all the facts.

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly