Breaking MLM Penny Auction Update: Randy Jeffers Launches Bids That Give To Support Underprivileged Children

Randy Jeffers is not new to Network Mareketing. As one of the most colorful founders in current MLM history, he has experienced both ups and downs. Randy rose to fame by launching one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in history Destiny TelCom, just to see it fall when regulators came busting through the doors.

After fighting off regulators on every front, all that was left was Randy’s drive to build another company. Liberty International was born, and for years Randy run under the radar, creating a very successful company, with thousands of networkers earning their products and services for free, and several hundred became financially independent.

In 2009 – 2010 during the MLM Wireless Wars (you can read more on this site), Randy Jeffers and his team launched WOW Mobile, quickly taking on all the other pre-paid MLM wireless companies and dominating… for a short period of time. Soon, it was exposed that WOW Mobile through no fault of their own (except Randy didn’t see something in the fine print of his agreement between T-Mobile and himself), that both he and his LLC were responsible for all international calls maded by customers and reps of WOW Mobile. Long story short, Randy bankrupted the company, and distributors purport they are still owed missions in back commissions.

Randy, went on to help launch Liberty International network, and went back to creating a solid program, where thousands get their products/services for free, while a few long time leaders are still enjoying financial freedom.

Which brings up to the current MLM trend Unique Bid Auctions aka Penny Auctions aka Reverse Auctions. DubLi Network is the first such company to launch in the USA back in 2009 – 2010. DubLi slowed down to correct some of their early issues, and then focused on international expansion.

In 2010 Rex Venture Group, launched their penny auction house Zeekler, and in 2011 added Zeek Rewards, their Network Marketing affiliate organization to help market and advertise Zeekler. In nine short months, they quickly became the fastest growing, and largest MLM organization of any first year startup (source Network Marketing Business Journal) in modern history.

BidiFy launched in 2012, to become the first competitor of Zeek Rewards and is quickly coming on strong internationally. They have just launched their new penny auction house and are growing steady in the USA as well as worldwide.

Today, July 4th, 2012, Randy Jeffers has opened for prelaunch his “Bids That Give” penny auction house and MLM Income opportunity (although Randy Jeffers is stating Bids That Give is NOT mlm).

Next week I will be doing a deeper investigation into the whole business model. But I do caution anyone who is looking at Bids That Give to fully understand a couple of concerns I have.

1. Although I personally do not think penny auctions fall under the U.S. Code of what is defined as a direct selling company, at this time that is the only reference point the regulators have to work with, and if any penny auction house is stating “we are not MLM” that is a red flag to be concerned with.

2. History has proven that when a for profit company (with a compensation plan) leads off with “giving to the needy” the SEC, FTC and State AGs feel the hair on the back of the neck’s start to prickle. Several very successful networker marketers have tried this in the past just to have regulators get involved. Randy is a smart businessman and has access to great legal minds, so only time will tell, but this is a red flag concern.

If you love the unique bid auction niche, and you are reviewing Bids That Give, just realize this is a young niche and is still very vulnerable to regulatory actions.

I have always enjoyed speaking with Randy Jeffers and have found he doesn’t back down from the hard questions. I look forward to chatting with him in the near future on this new venture.

Plus in seeing some of the growing pains the other auction houses have or are going through, just be very careful.

Breaking MLM Wireless News: The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors

Breaking MLM Wireless News:

The Real Wireless Provider For Liberty International Distributors!


Over the last few days since I linked over to Micah Collin’s post at, many of you have questioned both Micah’s reporting of the facts, and my lending his credibility.

Well below you can read through the Bankruptcy filing and see for yourself, that Liberty International LLC., was the company Randy Jeffers formed to provide wireless services to Liberty International, Inc.

Now this does provide answers to those who are interested in learning how the money all flowed, or didn’t flow.

What it doesn’t answer is the following questions:

1. Which company; Liberty International Inc., or Liberty International, LLC., owes refunds to those Liberty Internatioanl (distributors, preferred customers, and regular wireless subscribers)?

2. If Liberty International LLC, is not found to be liable for the refunds, will Liberty International Inc., be willing to repay the refunds for services and phones it charged, distributors, preferred customers and subscribers, then did not deliver the services, because Libert International, LLC. did not pay the $1.9 million dollars owed in the Service Agreement?

3. Will T-Mobile go after Randy jeffers personally, and if so how will this affect Liberty International Inc., Liberty Freedom Network and the distributors past and current?

As more facts unfold and answers to these and other questions comes forward we’ll report on them.

Liberty International Bankruptcy Court Docs

MLM Wireless News: Liberty Freedom Network Launches After Liberty International Shuts Down

Last month Randy Jeffers the founder of Liberty International announced at a company sponsored even in Orlando, that some a new company would emerge. Well today Liberty Freedom Network launched, and Liberty International has closed its doors to the public.

Liberty Freedom Network

Well, I am not sure how this will effect refunds or the pending lawsuit by Liberty International, but here is an address where you can send for refunds.

Liberty International at PO Box 438, Woodburn, OR 97071

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile aka Liberty International Update

WOW Mobile a division of Liberty International started off strong in their rise to dominate the MLM Wireless niche, however over the last 60-days they have taken their lumps just like more of the wireless companies trying to rise and dominate.

However what makes WOW Mobile different is the leadership of their parent company Liberty International, isn’t waiting for everything to fall into place at WOW before he takes on the next niche. Randy Jeffers and his top leaders are aggressively preparing to launch a new category creating niche in MLM.

WOW TV – Launching June 2010. You can hear all about it by listing to this call.

NEWSFLASH! Update – WOW TV Anywhere! Hear Liberty Founder Randy Jeffers, Liberty Legal Counsel Jeff Bakerink, Karla Pacheco and special guest Liberty Carl. Dial:(402)426-6969 Playback Code: 66473444#.

Now, this is not a new relationship. As a matter of fact ALL WOW Mobile aka Liberty International reps have the ability to earn commissions off of marketing the Dish Network, from the very first day they join. However, this new WOW TV Anywhere, is a step above.

From what I have seen and beta tested personally, this will be a very unique service, which when combined with the “Buy 1, Sell 3, Yours is FREE” compensation plan, WOW TV Anywhere will save or eliminate hundreds of dollars a month for the average TV viewer.

Now, for those who have continued this far, and who are still wanting to know “What is happening at WOW Moble?”

I can tell you this. In the next few days, WOW Mobile will be making an announcement on a new carrier and an update on T-Mobile. When this news goes public, we will post on it. Our goal is to have a new beta phone from the new carrier shortly.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly