Want To Learn How To Earn $3700 a Month In Network Marketing?

Did the $3700 monthly catch your attention? I am so six and tired of the hype and gimmicks when it comes to what it takes to make money in network marketing, that when I was contacted by Kelly Bangert and Mitch Huhem about their new in-home personal coaching system, that I asked them to send it to me so I could review it personally.

Both Huhem and Bangert are facilitated the growth of companies and more importantly independent sales and marketing organizations which generated seven figures in monthly sales for the companies they represent. But what I found most intriguing by the stories was not how much they had made, but the fact they were able to coach and train their teams to earn really good income working part-time around traditional 9 to 5 careers.

How To Attract More Women To Your MLM Team

One of the common questions I hear when consulting with clients is “How can I attract more women to my team?” I hear this from both network marketing company owners and successful MLM field leaders.

Well, yesterday I wrote an article on this over at the MLM Leads Blog.

Take some time and review what I wrote. I truly believe it will help you to understand how to attract more women to your MLM team.

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