MLM News Report: Youngevity, VEMMA, Meet David “The Crow” Loisseau” and Red Flags on Prelaunch Australia

I am preparing to sound the battle cry for Unity and Collaboration inside of the Network Marketing profession like never before. After brainstorming with some of the most ethical and respected leaders at the corporate and field level, from many different companies, it is very clear we are all on the same page.

This Crusade will go public at the Real Savvy Success Conference in September.

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Be watching in the next few weeks as I make public this crusade and how you can be a huge part of it. Here is our theme song…

Meet David “The Crow” Loiseau” One of The Essante Worldwide Rising Stars!

Youngevity has done it again with their A.C.T. division with the launch fo their new G.T.O. product.

It totally amazes me how Youngevity continues to formulate and launch new products, while at the same time buying and merging new companies under their umbrella.

VEMMA has just finished their rebranding of their Verve healthy energy drink line.

Vemma to Unveil Re Branding of Verve

Prelaunch Australia: There are many red flags showing up!


1. The domain is hidden behind a private registry. The FTC warns against doing business as does the FBI with any website who hides their information.

2. The servers are located in the USA, but the whole concept is “we’re a group of Australian business owners”.

When a legit company launches, they show the real facts. The founders, the services or product. Where they are really located, and how they are going to fill a huge need. All I see here is a boatload of hiding the facts, and hype.

Always be cautious before just following the “flash mob mentality” and following the crowd. Stay focused on your objectives!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly
The Network Marketing Advocate