MLM Wireless News: PHPI Has Hired Vegas Based Law Firm To Answer The Global Verge Complaint

Hey I want to get a little update out on the MLM Wireless Niche, especially an update on People Helping People, Inc. aka PHPI and the legal action involving Global Verge.

Last week I shot a video and wrote an article stating… At that time PHPI nor Derrick Rodgers had, in my opinion hired any world class law firm. I based my opinion on the fact a world class law firm would not allow their client to put out any type of marketing email statement, or any statement as far as that goes, which could hurt their case in court.

Well it has come to my attention that the law firm Throndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger of Las Vegas has been retained by Derrick Rodgers to represent People Helping People, Inc, and I must assume Derrick personally against the civil complaint filed by Global Verge.

As more becomes available form both sides through the court we will get it up so all distributors can be kept up to date on this pending issue.

In other areas of the MLM Wireless niche…

Chris Greco has parted ways with Global Pros, and joined Kevin Sipe to launch TechSoft Mobile. Now from our understanding, and we are still digging into all the facts, Chris is an independent contractor as of this writing, but could very well become an officer in the company, and may hold equity through one of his companies. Agian, this is not completely clear, as we are still searching for the official documentation that TechSoft Mobile is a legit entity and not a sole proprietor.

Ron Williams CEO of Global Pros, reached out this week, and due to pending projects, I have not had a chance to get with him to see how things are coming along with their launch. I plan on connecting with Ron nest week.

Panther Mobile (Harry Aston’s) company is still working through all the refund requests, as he and his team relaunch the company after the split from Kevin Sipe.

I have received some concerns from former and current distributors of Zoom Mobile, which has delayed the second article in the series. I am drafting an email with questions to George Burton, through his attorney Matthew Foreman.

Excel Wireless has launched and seems to be the only MLM Wireless company offering 100% free signup. Not sure how much overhead they have, but based on their compensation plan payouts, I hope they are running a very financially tight business.

Lightyear Network Solutions, bought their first telecommunication company since going public. We predicted that Sherm Henderson would start to buy smaller companies back in February when he took his company public. Keep an eye on this company, because I have a feeling Sherman Henderson is starting to put together a run to become the next billion dollar telecommunication company.

If you have news pass it out way.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News: Derrick Rodgers CEO of People Helping People States Troy Dooly and MLM Watchdogs Have Paid Agenda Against Him and PHPI

Yesterday, I wrote an article on how PHPI Corporate leaders Derrick Rodgers and Rick Presley met with some of their top field leaders to discus concerns by the field. During this meeting, a specific question was asked of CEO Derrick Rodgers regarding the pending litigation filed by Global Verge. He asked that his responses be kept off the record. I gave Mr. Rodgers the benefit of the doubt. But… Maybe there was another reason.

To pretend or lie, (depending on how you look at it) and make it seem like everything is someone elses fault, or just a minor issue is flatout wrong.

In this recording top People Helping People Inc, leaders Rock Roundtree and Curtis Miller referring to what Derrick Rodgers told them in the PHPI Leadership meeting held at the corporate offices on June 16, 2010. I reported on this meeting yesterday and overall praised the corporate position on meeting and communicating with their field leaders.

During the meeting the following issues was brought up:

Presented by Kelly Melby – Negative Information on the Internet State of the union address concerning Global Verge accusations. What proactive steps are we taking? Have you [Derrick] or will you contact Troy Dooly to give your side? Can we file a counter-suite for this being a “frivolous suit?”

Response: Derrick explained his position, thoroughly, and received a positive response from the attendees. He requested that his response was not recorded in the Minutes.”

Well, here is what Derrick Rodgers had to say according to Rick Roundtree and Curtis Miller:

For those whom want to listen to the full call to make sure we did not take anything out of context here is the complete conference call.

This brings up some questions I think ALL distributors should be asking. The same questions some of you asked of Global Verge just a few months ago.

1. What was autoship charged in may, yet product was not delivered?

2. Why is June’s autoship getting charged before product is delivered?

3. Is the company really financially stable? If so why are they charging autoship with no product being delivered in the month it was charged?

4. Why is Derrick Rodgers hiding from the Process Servers?

5. Who else in the corporate offices of People Helping People Inc., is on the list to be served?

6. Who is the litigation attorney handling this issue?

7. Who is the MLM consultant or MLM Attorney that created the policies, procedures and compensation plan?

8. Who are the equity partners of People Helping People? Are they also targets of Global Verge civil suits?

9. If the Global Verge is “frivolousness” then why hasn’t Derrick Rodgers and PHPI officially hired an attorney to be served on their behalf, and answered the complaint, or at least filed a counter civil complaint to protect their distributors?

Distributors who are betting their financial future on People Helping People, deserve to know the answers to these questions, so they can make informed decisions on calculating the risks involved in continuing with People Helping People.

I challenge Derrick Rodgers and the equity partners of People Helping People to have their legal team to contact me and set the record straight.

For those who have not read the official complaint filed in Clark County District Court, here it is.

Global Verge Files Civil Complaint Against Derrick Rodgers and People Helping People Inc.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News: Derrick Rodgers and Rick Presley of PHPI aka People Helping People Inc Listen To Their Field Leaders

Well over the last few weeks we have seen litigation launched between Global Verge and People Helping People, Inc. And to date neither Derrick Rodgers nor Rick Presley the corporate leaders of PHPI have reached out personally or through their legal counsel to give us any type of official response. However, over the weekend several of their field leaders have reached out to give us some inside info…

Over 30 leaders from corporate and the field were at the meeting held on June 16, 2010. This meeting may completely set the stage for the future of this company based on the fact Rodgers and Presley, were willing to sit down with those MLM Pros, who are in the trenches daily doing their best to spread the message of People Helping People.

Now, I have no clue where all the litigation will end up, and I am still very concerned for distributors from all of the companies. However, if the corporate officers and equity partners are willing to keep their field force happy, and the two-way communication flowing, then maybe, just maybe the legal teams from both companies can hash out all the differences and get on down the road.

If, not, then it will still be a bumpy ride.

Here are a few of the high points from the PHPI meeting last week.

MINUTES PHPI Corporate and Leadership Meeting 06-16-2010

PHPI Compensation Plan Presentation

PHPI Compensation Plan Details

Global Verge Warns People Helping People CEO Derrick Rodgers To Cease and Desist

I mentioned a few weeks ago the Global Verge was going after all the companies and individuals who were harming the potential future of their brand and the financial future of their e-associates. Well, here is the latest on the MLM Wireless War.

UPDATE: According to PHP Reps the CEO of PHP is not the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers as reported by the highlt visited site

After reading several emails over the weekend from concerned PHP reps, and the unofficial responses from field leaders, and the one response from Derrick Rodgers, the following questions seem valid.

1. How many of the founding distributors of PHP have or will be receiving Cease & Desist notices from Global Verge? Especially the leaders of Global Group, which was the purported largest leg in Global Verge.

2. Why has Derrick Rodgers and the top field leaders not addressed this officially with Global Verge?

3. Is the CEO of PHP truly the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers or someone else?

4. What happens to the dreams of the field force, if what Global Verge states in the C&D is found true in a court of law?

5. What is the future of People Helping People? Will it become a Global Verge division?

7. Who are the true equity partners of People Helping People Inc?

8. Was Derrick Rodgers really trying to borrow 50k before the Raleigh convention?

9. Is the lack of funds why the people did not get what they were told they would at the convention?

Once again, I am concerned a wireless company hyped their propaganda and distributors may get hurt.

Read the info below then share your thoughts with us.

One thing I can say for sure, the upcoming five part series on Global Verge should be very interesting and thought provoking.

Global Verge Issues Cease and Desist Against Derrick Rodgers CEO of People Helping People

CEO Derrick Rodgers Responds to Global Verge Cease & Desist