Global Verge Files Civil Complaints Against Derrick Rodgers, People Helping People And Others

Global Verge’s legal team is not basting in their recent win against Zer01 and Ben Piilani. On June 8th, 2010 their filed a civil complaint against People Helping People Inc (PHPI), CEO Derrick Rodgers and several unnamed corporations and individuals.

Now, in reviewing the below civil complaint, I saw an interesting charge. Global Verge has charged conspiracy by several individuals and/or entities.

Makes me wonder how many of the current owners, equity partners, founding distributors, officers, and former e-associates who are now master distributors at PHPI will also be included in this complaint?

Here are a few other questions:

1. What happens to People Helping People, Inc., if Global Verge wins the injunction?

2. Has Frank Veron, Rick Presley, Bud Nemeth and others already received their Cease and Desist letters? Have they responded, or blown off responding like Derrick Rodgers seems to have blown off his response?

3. What happens to the distributors of PHPI, if Global Verge wins this civil complaint?

This is sure the craziest turn of events I have seen since the old A.L. Williams days when you just never knew what was going to happen.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Global Verge Files New Civil Complaint Against People Helping People and CEO Derrick Rodgers