MLM News TraVerus CEO David Manning May Be Leading The Next Billion Dollar MLM

TraVerus CEO David Manning may be leading the next Billion Dollar MLM. In researching and reviewing the TraVerus business model, I have found some very interesting comparisons to other Billion Dollar MLM Companies. Companies like A.L. Williams (Primerica) and Herbalife come to mind.

I was around when A.L. Williams and Herbalife launched. And in reviewing hours of David Manning talking to his team, I hear the same deep, heart felt passion that Art Williams and Mark Hughes had when they spoke to their teams. It’s the kind of passion, which allows a company founder to withstand the criticism, set backs, and sometimes devastating roadblocks that are bound to come around.

Well, enough, of my reminiscing. But, if you want to read the inside story of A.L. Williams, so you can fully understand where I am coming from, Click Here! Some of us, think we have it tough! The Pioneers of Primerica knew what it menat to fight for their survival.

Ok, let’s look at the recruiting video used my the TraVerus distributors.

If you have been a member of this community for any length of time, you know I hate HYPE! You can have the greatest compensation plan in the world, offer the best value to the end user, and if you or your team is HYPING the story, it can kill everything. Now, just like ALL Network Marketing promotional videos, there is a normal level of company propaganda, but not the over HYPE we see in some.

In this TraVerus recruiting video, you will see one of the best explanations of MLM, Telecommunication, and best of all, you will hear about an 18 year old, earning $650.00 per month.

Yes, you will hear about seven figure income potential, which can be earned. But this video really hits the fact… “If an 18 year old teen can earn $650.00, what can YOU (the listener earn.)

OK, now let’s take the TraVerus 3D Compensation Plan.

I contacted Tim Miller, one of the top earners in TraVerus last week, asking him to send me details on the compensation plan. I did not expect to receive the videos he sent me. Thank you Tim!

Folks, I have seen compensation plans explained for years. But David manning, CEO of TraVerus does something most CEO and Founders stay away from… HE DOES THE EXPLANATION HIMSELF!

Most MLM attorneys will tell their clients “have the field or someone else explain the compensation plan.” The reason for this legal advise is so the CEO will not get nailed by a regulatory agency for HYPING the compensation plan.

Well, in reviewing the following videos several times now, I can tell you David Manning doesn’t HYPE the compensation plan. As a matter of fact these are some of the best compensation overviews I have seen done in a long time.

I’m going to make some comments on each one as we move forward.

TraVerus 3D Binary Compensation

Now, one issue I first had with the 3D compensation plan was the HUGE payout. In reviewing the numbers from thousands of companies over the last few years, I found that if a company pays between 25% and 63% of wholesale volume to the field the company can succeed.

The TraVerus 3D compensation plan is well over the 63% benchmark. However, when I look at the fact they are using four difference components, it was easy to see they have built into the overall plan plenty of breakage so the net numbers are still within the benchmarks I have published as safe benchmarks.

TraVerus 3D Coded Compensation Plan

OK the Coded side of things caused me to scratch my head at first. However, as David started to really explain things I saw two major benefits. This part of the 3D compensation plan drives both Width and Depth. As the leader you want to go wide with personal production/recruiting so you can qualify for the Coded Payout.

Plus you are motivated to to help your frontline grow, because you get the first two Coded Payouts. Which motivates them to get one more person (3) so they can qualify for the Coded Payout.

However, since the MLM national average of personal recruiting is under 3 people, there is plenty of breakage to make this part of the plan work.

TraVerus 3D Matrix Compensation Plan

Ok, you all know I have Matrix compensation plans. So, when I got to this part of the presentation you can rest assured my skeptic’s hat was tilted back on my head, and I had a pen in my hand to write down everything wrong with this part of the 3D Compensation Plan.

Since there is no money earned on the first level, and the qualification is 1 personally sponsored to qualify for any money period. This part of the plan, really does work. It may be one of the smartest methods of creating a Matrix I have seen in a while.

TraVerus 3D Bonus Compensation Plan

Ok, this part of the TraVerus 3D Compensation Plan is for the full-time MLM earner. The person who had decided to make a career out of growing an independent TraVerus business. I can see why my friend Tim Miller decided a few years ago to make TraVerus is primary Network Marketing business.


I do have issues with the whole TraVerus 3D compensation Plan. Because the main business is Travel, I am still concerned the FTC might try and break this compensation plan apart.

However, with the new products TraVerus is now marketing, and the fact more of their products are moving to the End User, I can see where David Manning and his team are forward thinkers. True Visionaries who are focused on the big picture… Building a business doing $1 Billion or more a year.

There is plenty of breakage in this plan. There is plenty of money for top earners. And there is plenty of upfront and residual income to allow the average MLM distributor to earn a nice part-time income.

Although, I am still not totally convinced the FTC will not shut down MLM Travel companies, or that adding Wireless is the overall answer. I am 100% convinced David Manning is thinking through every move he making at building his business.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly