Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Investigators Find MLM Wireless Activation King Chris Greco Dead

Breaking MLM Wireless News:

Global Verge Investigators Discover Chris Greco MLM Wireless Activation King Dead!

After 9-months investigating Chris Greco, the self-proclaimed Saddam Husein of MLM Wireless, Global Verge attorney, Brian Hardy notified me late last night, that Global Verge investigators found Chris Greco died on August 29, 1989.

The Complete Global Verge Report can be found at the bottom of this article.

without a doubt this has been one of the craziest weeks in the MLM Wireless Niche. Here is a small recap:

1. Chris Greco, Debbie Holton and Steve Christman break from Kevin Sipes and TechSoft due to unpaid commissions, purported fraud and questionable business tactics which include displaying the following purported proprietary Panther Mobile documentation and other companies such as GiConnect.

2. Micah Collins of reports Bankruptcy Trustee reopens Liberty International no-Asset Bankruptcy – Click To Read!.

3. Brian Hardy, Global Verge’s Attorney announces final Settlement Agreement with Panther Mobile, Inc. And notifies MLM Help Desk that the individual who calls himself Chris Greco, the owner of Activation King Wireless is not the real Chris Greco. That the real Chris Greco died at age 14 in California.

If you have information pertaining to the real identity of the individual who calls himself “Chris Greco” please contact:

Brian R. Hardy, Esq.
Marquis & Aurbach
Office: 702-207-6096
Fax: 702-856-8908
Re: File No. 11429-2

Global Verge Settles With Panther Mobile

MLM Wireless News: Panther Mobile Leadership and Distributors Pull Together To Turn A Huge Corner

If you would have asked me 90 days ago, if Harry Aston could pull Panther out of the ditch it was in, I would have said the following “only if the distributors believe in him, and are willing to help.” And many of you asked that very question. Well, from what we have seen in the last couple of weeks, I must say, the distributors at Panther truly love Aston and came along side of him to create a culture of WINNERS!

Without a doubt Panther Mobile still has an uphill fight to become the standard of excellence in the MLM Wireless Niche, but with the support of their distributors, they are now moving in the right direction. Commissions are now being paid to the field, the branded debit card has shipped to the field, and the social marketing of the company is not in full swing.

Take a second and review some of the videos I found on YouTube produced by Panther Corporate.

MLM Wireless News: Harry Aston Speaks Out About The New Panther Mobile

Harry Aston, founder of the New Panther Mobile, and Co-Founder of the old Panther, reached out to me over the 4th of July weekend, to give me an update, to the saga surrounding the re-birth of Panther Mobile.

Now, Harry is a nice guy, and he may not want to call a spade a spade, but based on the evidence we have at hand, I have a feeling Kevin Sipe may have done to Harry and the Panther distributors, exactly what is purported he did to the e-Verge distributors… he RAPED the company of the cash, and the distributors were left financially devastated.

Below are just some of what we have been receiving and the letter Harry wrote to this community.

Harry Aston Founder of Panther Mobile Reaches Out To Troy Dooly

Kevin Sipe Trying To Raid Panther Mobile After Leaving Distributors Without Commissions

Harry Aston Founder of Panther Mobile Responds To Kevin Sipe Unethical Business Raiding

MLM Help Desk Questions MLM Wireless Renegade Chris Greco’s Terminal Illness and Family Deaths Based On Lack Of Evidence

Chris Greco entered the MLM Wireless scene back in late 2009, when he purportedly merged his wireless company Activation King Wireless with Global Verge.

Updated May 30th 2010… New Video Added, and over 44 new email threads at the bottom of this post from and between Chris Greco and Troy Dooly.

However, by the first quarter of 2010, he had broken ties with Global Verge, and partnered his companies Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard with Panther Mobile. By the time the 2nd quarter of 2010 rolled around he had once again announced a new MLM wireless deal with Data Network Associates, where he would head up their new DNA Cellular division.

There is a boatload of rumors and propaganda flying around the Internet about Greco. Most if not all of it, is based on other folks agenda, and I have yet to see anyone focused on getting to the truth, and giving the average distributor a path to follow so they can determine if they want to be a part of any company Greco is a part of, or if it is best to wait on the sideline.

Here are some of the questions I asked Chris on Monday. I have included a synopsis of his answers, and the lack of evidence we found to support his answers.

Troy Dooly: Chris When did your mom pass away?

Chris Greco: She passed away in Ireland, and her body was flown to Quincy Massachusetts for burial.

Facts Found: After calling the Quincy Massachusetts Cemetery Director’s office, we were informed that Chris Greco’s mom had not been laid to rest in any of the six Quincy Cemeteries.

Troy Dooly: Chris what is your brother’s name who was connected with organization crime in Boston?

Chris Greco: My brother’s name was D. K. Greco (Name with held for privacy), and he was part of my uncle Whitey Bulger’s gang.

Facts Found: D.K. Greco has never been a part of the Winter Hill Gang, the gang, ran by James “Whitey Bulger before he went on the run. In researching the known gang members, and contacting some law enforcement, there is not evidence Greco was ever a made member or an associate of the Bulger gang.

Fact Found: Greco stated his bother was kill gangland style and found floating in the Boston Harbor. In researching public records for any type of gangland slayings over the last few months there is no evidence of any known organized crime figure found dead in the Boston Harbor.

Troy Dooly: Chris who is the Doctor who found your brain tumor?

Chris Greco: Dr. Zwolinski is the doctor who found my tumor, and has scheduled me to be in Boston, this Wednesday for more tests.

Facts Found: Greco called and told us he had signed release papers so his Dr. could give us the information on his condition. I was 3-way into a call with Amanda Brunet who informed me, she was the assistant to Dr. Zwolinski. I asked if Greco had a brain tumor, and she confirmed this was true. When I asked what kind and where it was located, she refused to answer. I asked for a phone number I could use to call her back if I had further questions, she gave me a phone number to a T-Mobile cell phone.

Fact Found: I tried to locate a Dr. Zwolinski was located in Myrtle Beach, and could not find one licensed, practicing physician by the name Zwolinski.

Chris Greco: Troy I have filed a police report with the Lee’s Summit Missouri police department, claiming Global Verge and Mark Petschel for fraud.

Facts Found:
Several premature rumors have surfaced over the last few days, stating “Criminal Charges Pending In Lee’s Summit. This is not correct. According to the Lee’s Summit Police Department, they are no longer involved in any case revolving Greco and Global Verge or Mark Petschel. The report filed has been sent to higher authorities to review, based on the complexity of the situation.

Based on the above information I strongly suggest ALL representatives and corporate owners do their own in-depth investigation as to the validity of anything Greco has stated since he joined the MLM Wireless scene.

As a matter of fact, if I were still in the field I would do in-depth reviews of any company and their leadership long before I throw my reputation and finances behind building it.

In closing, don’t just take what is is written on this site or any other site as the gospel truth. Make sure you know the agenda behind each site you review about any company or person to find it there are any personal vendetta’s or other agenda which might tarnish the information provided.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

The following emails start with the first contact I ever had with Chris greco. Notice his original email address is the new wireless division of Global Verge. How can Chris claim his signature was forged when he is using a company email address and the fact he claims to have “merged” with Global Verge?

Original Chris Greco Email Thread Posted May 26th, 2010

New Emails: Starting in November of 2009

1st Email From Chris Greco
2nd Email From Chris Greco
3rd Email From Chris Greco
4th Email From Chris Greco
5th Email From Chris Greco
6th Email From Chris Greco
7th Email From Chris Greco
Email From Troy Dooly
8th Email From Chris Greco
9th Email From Chris Greco
10th Email From Chris Greco
11th Email From Chris Greco
12th Email From Chris Greco
13th Email From Chris Greco
14th Email From Chris Greco
15th Email From Chris Greco This might be out of place.
16th Email From Chris Greco
17th Email From Chris Greco
18th Email From Chris Greco
19th Email From Chris Greco
20th Email From Chris Greco
21st Email From Chris Greco
22nd Email From Chris Greco
23rd Email From Chris Greco
24th Email From Chris Greco
25th Email From Chris Greco
26th Email From Chris Greco
27th Email From Chris Greco
28th Email From Chris Greco
29th Email From Chris Greco
30th Email From Chris Greco
31st Email From Chris Greco
32nd Email From Chris Greco
33rd Email From Chris Greco
34th Email From Chris Greco
35th Email From Chris Greco
36th Email From Chris Greco
37th Email From Chris Greco
38th Email From Chris Greco
39th Email From Chris Greco
40th Email From Chris Greco
41st Email From Chris Greco
42nd Email From Chris Greco
43rd Email From Chris Greco
44th Email From Chris Greco

Panther Mobile Founders Harry Aston and Kevin Sipes Talk To MLM Help Desk

Today, I was able to catch up with Panther Mobile Founders, Harry Aston, CEO and Kevin Sipes, President. The call was heated at times, and humorous at others. However, we did get some pretty interesting facts from these two Panther Founders.

Here are some of the information Harry Aston and Kevin Sipes provided to us today.

1. Make America Shine Products LLC, aka Panther Mobile, has never done business with eVerge or Global Verge or any of the founders of Global Verge.

2. Kevin Sipes during his association with eVerge was not an owner, member, silent partner, officer or employee of Make America Shine Products, LLC dba Panther Mobile.

3. Chris Greco has never been an owner, member, partner, employee or consultant of Make America Shine Products, LLC dba Panther Mobile.

4. Make America Shine Products, LLC aka Panther Mobile has never seen, used or solicited the Global Verge Line of Sponsorship (Rep Database)

There will be more in the upcoming days as this saga continues.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Files Suit Against Chris Greco, Unlimited Wizard, and Panther Mobile

This late breaking story in the MLM Wireless Wars just broke. Global Verge filed their suit in Clark Country District Court late yesterday afternoon against Chris Greco, Unlimited Wizard, and Kevin Sipes company Panther Mobile.

Out of fairness to the Global Verge distributors, and at the request of Global Verge, we have agreed to move Global Verge out of the Scam Alerts.

Although Global Verge has had issues, we placed them back in the Scam Alerts because they were not delivering on the phones. Since they have provided documentation, that this issue may have been out of their control, and until a court issues one way or another it is only fair we not add to the issues Global Verge or any of the other companies are now facing.

With Global Verge finally taking a proactive stance it will be very interesting to see how this turns out, and who else is named in this forgoing legal action. I wonder what will happen with the Zer01 lawsuit?

If you are a distributor with Global Verge, Panther, WOW Mobile, DNA Cellular or even People Helping People, I would sit tight and and see where this leads. Stop jumping from company to company looking for the next big deal.

Global Verge Suing Chris Greco & Panther Mobile

MLM Breaking Wireless News: Chris Greco Caught Live Defrauding MLM Wireless Distributors

Over the last few months we have been watching a trend in the MLM Wireless arena. As we white boarded out the chain of events, we soon realized there was an organization who publicly is lead by Chris Greco president and founder of Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard, which seems to have infiltrated just about every MLM Wireless company to launch since the fourth quarter of 2009. Over this last weekend I made it clear we would be breaking a huge story and here it is…

Now, when you listen to the audios below you will see that now only have MLM Wireless companies been effected, but at least two very strong and powerful MLM Health and Nutrition companies have also been hit with, at the very least disparaging comments and false comments.

When I was sent the original conference call over the weekend

We started watching Greco at Global Verge. Within just days we started putting together a whiteboard diagram which caused us to wonder if Greco and company has a hidden agenda. However, without hard evidence we decided to sit on the investigation and continue to watch what was happening.

Two weeks ago, was the first time we were told Dallin Larsen the CEO of MonaVie had contacted Greco to launch a new MLM Wireless company. Then last week when we heard the above audio I called and emailed Dallin to check and verify the story Greco was telling.

Dallin called me Friday of last week and stated “Troy this is the 3rd time in 24 hours I have heard this guys name. I have NEVER spoken to him period, and we are not interested changing the focus of MonaVie – Period!”

I also called BK Boreyko, and left him a message. I also emailed BK because I know he always has his iPhone with him. BK emailed me the following response…

“He’s lying. I don’t even know who he is. Never talked to him, nor would I go off focus. Let him know that if his comments become widespread and effect my leaders, I’ll come after him to remedy. Make this point really clear. I work too hard to have lame asses mess with my rep.”

I also contacted Randy Jeffers to ask him point blank, if he was causing DNA issues with Sprint, because I had received calls from DNA corporate and emails purportedly from Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint stating Randy had stated George Madiou was raiding the WOW Downline.

Randy, made it clear he had not said anything, he was to busy building his own business. I suggested a conference call with DNA and WOW, he agreed and we scheduled the call last Thursday afternoon. It was very clear by the end of the call, Greco was playing these two companies against each other.

I also talked to Harry Aston Partner in Panther Mobile last week while he was in town. He shed light on why Panther decided not to bring Greco into the company at a corporate level. Here is an interesting situation Greco talks about. This sure seems to be criminal. If I were in Panther’s shoes I would be contacting the FBI’s White Collar fraud unit.

I also contacted David Manning CEO of TraVerus to see if they have decided to re-open negotiations with Greco after he informed me, Rick Thompson an officer at TraVerus had called him, wanting to cut a deal.

David Manning wrote back ” Hi Troy I just got to fla. No we have not gone back to him Sent from my iPhone.”

So, there you have the condensed version!

I learned today and from reporters embedded in Global Pros that Chris Greco is the CEO and part owner in Global Pros. It seems from the very beginning Greco and his partners have been planning one of the biggest grifting jobs in MLM history. Yet listen to Greco explain his connection to Global Pros and what he thinks of their longevity.

The sad thing is great distributors have been hurt. Chris Greco of Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard has defrauded, over 100,000 distributors in Wow Mobile, Panther Mobile, DNA Cellular, and Global Verge, who have trusted Greco and his propaganda, have had their lives played with. Personally, I am not sure I would want to be in Greco and companies shoes if some of these southern boys catch up with him… There is a reason the movies Deliverance and Gator has cult followings.