Jamie Redman Reports: The Definitive OneCoin Ponzi Exposé

OneCoin: One of the Largest Digital Currency Scams Exposed By Tim Tayshun of ezCoinAccess

Bitcoin.com chatted with Tim Tayshun, owner, and operator of ezCoinAccess, who has been in the industry for quite some time. Tayshun gives our readers a definitive well-researched synopsis of the alleged Ponzi and cryptocurrency MLM scandal called Onecoin. He believes he has provided enough information here (which is extensive) to prove that Onecoin is indeed a scam and not the “Bitcoin Killer” it claims to be.  

BC: When did you first hear about Onecoin?

one-coin-debit-card-1024x687TT: Let me preface the rest of this interview by stating that I am SOURCING nearly everything possible from their original sources, despite the language. The information IS mostly available in English, if you look, but Onecoin Kool-Aid drinkers are very easy to dismiss any negative report on their company and have been deeply indoctrinated into believing that bloggers are just “PCP’s” (“Penny-chasing-parasites” who thrive on collecting advertising pennies by getting people to click-through the links on their pages, and who seek out Top Companies to attack and sensationalize lies about them).