Breaking MLM News: Numis Network Merges With World Ventures

If was just a few years ago, that I was on a conference call with Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell, Len Clements, Kevin Thompson and Shannon Dennison debating if the Numis Network business model. That call was a catalyst for what has been come a personal friendship between the three owners of Numis and myself. I dug deep into the coin industry to better understand Numismatic coin collecting, and into the backgrounds of each owner.

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I reached out to Jake Kevorkian, Tuesday and asked him if the rumors were facts, that Numis would merge with World Ventures? He called Wednesday to share the facts, and ask me to wait until after their Thursday night call to make it public. As I told Jake, I thought this was a great move. The leaders in Numis will fit perfectly into the culture that Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue have created with their team at World Ventures. 

Dear Numis Family, Ian Cordell First and foremost we want to thank each and every one of you for the dedication, belief, and hard work that you have put into your Numis Business. Since 2009 your effort and conviction has built this company from a small start up to a successful and strong organization, and we cannot praise or thank you enough. As a team we have experienced great success in these past three years by keeping a continuous hunger and thirst for progress and expansion. As leaders and founders of this company we continue to strive for growth as we make decisions based on the well being of the Numis family.

Chris Kent In order to keep things fresh and exciting we began looking in to product extension as we felt it would bring increased value to our already cool product. Since so much of the Numis culture is built around incentive trips (having taken nine luxury vacations in the last four years) and having fun, we felt as though travel was a natural fit. Through exploring this idea of adding travel to the already fun and exciting coins, one of the founders reached out to a long-term friend, Dan. Dan is part owner of World Ventures, an organization that sells travel and Dream Trips Life Memberships through direct sales. Jake Kevorkian

We met with Dan and asked to private label the Dream Trips Life Memberships under Numis’s name. For obvious reasons Dan declined. Although the deal would help generate a lot of revenue for World Ventures, in no way shape or form did he want to affect the hard working people in his organization by creating competition (and let’s admit it, our organization of people would create some hefty competition). Dan saw the value of our coins, culture, and people and instead proposed a merger.

The idea of a merger was not one that was taken lightly. As leaders we are entrusted with the improvement of opportunity for you and your business, so ensuring a merger would benefit the Numis family was our only concern. In looking at it closely we saw the open arms of World Ventures, from the owners, to the leaders, to the individual representatives. We saw the potential to expand the product, and we saw the opportunity to have even more fun with our Numis family. Before deciding on officially merging the Numis downline into World Ventures we set out to find the perfect sponsor to work with our family. Ironically enough, we found a team.

Working as a team, Troy and Jeff have earned their position as top income earners and International Marketing Directors for World Ventures. Through hard work and team effort the two of them have built a downline of over 80,000 people, but just like us, they have kept a hunger for growth. We have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know them and their wives over these past few months and we are more than confident in their ability to help us grow our team. Their family values, work ethic, and understanding of what we do will make working with them a pleasure. The company culture and leadership of Troy and Jeff could not be more in line with ours, so it is our great pleasure to announce an official merger with the World Ventures team.

The Numis downline will be officially merged into World Ventures downline as of August 1st, and we could not be more excited to work with our sponsors and their family. Numis will continue to be a supplier of coins to our wonderful customers and representatives. From here, all Numis reps will have the opportunity to activate a World Ventures distributorship without having to pay any upfront fees, or simply keep selling Numis Network collectable coins.

If you have any questions please email us at We look forward to this new chapter in Numis Network with great excitement and will see you all on the beaches of the world! – Chris, Jake, and Ian – This site features a ton of information about the WorldVentures business. – The WorldVentures presentation embedded on a simple, distraction-free page. This is an excellent place to send prospects that might be interested in WorldVentures.

Questions & Answers

What is WorldVentures? Founded, December 10, 2005, WorldVentures is a company whose mission to create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in people’s lives through the merging of great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development and contribution.

Wayne NugentWho are the leaders/founders of WorldVentures? Wayne Nugent – Prior to establishing WorldVentures, Wayne was a high-level performer in both the direct-selling and travel industries, building several organizations to more than 100,000 representatives and $100 million in sales. Wayne’s vision of a company that allows people to work hard and play together has been the ticket for tens of thousands to live a life of fun, freedom and fulfillment.

In 2010, Wayne, along with this partner Mike Azcue were named regional finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

Mike Azcue – A veteran in the direct-selling industry, Mike has developed and trained teams of more than 100,000 representatives in countries all over the world. Today, he leads WorldVentures with strong business acumen and inspires a values- and commitment-based culture, both in the corporate office and in the field.

Mike Azcue


Mike believes in people, and has fostered development and training that has changed tens of thousands of lives worldwide, helping others experience more. True to form, his influence extends beyond the world of direct selling; he sits on the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters International and on the advisory board for Hug It Forward.

In 2010, he and Wayne were named regional finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

Dan StammenDan Stammen – A former sales executive and business owner, Dan brings almost three decades of network-marketing and direct-selling industry experience to WorldVentures. After his success in a variety of industries, where the teams he lead cumulatively generated more than $900 million in sales, Dan joined WorldVentures as Chief Executive Officer before becoming Chief Marketing Officer, and now, Field Liaison, and Special Projects.

Eddie HeadEddie Head – As president of North America, Eddie has been instrumental in orchestrating WorldVentures’ growth, infusing the company with thoughtful, creative energy and innovation. His strategic leadership ensures our Independent Representatives and our travel club members experience more of what life has to offer.

More information about WorldVentures

Q: Can I still participate as a Silver Premier member?

A: Of course, Numis will continue to supply ALL members of the Silver Premier Club after the merger between Numis and WorldVentures.

Q: Do I still earn commissions on customers and distributors currently in Numis that continue to purchase coins?

A: Yes, Numis will continue to supply coins and pay all commissions due to any Numis reps that remain qualified and are due commissions on product purchased from distributors and customers in their downline.

Q: When ordering coins in the future, do I order through WorldVentures or Numis?

A: You will still be able to remain on the Silver Premier Club with Numis and will still have access to you back office for additional coin purchases.

Q: Can I still enroll new customers in the Silver Premier Club?

A: Yes, you can continue to sign new customers to in the Silver Premier Club and you can continue to sell product through your Shop Numis website.

Q: Can I still enroll new representatives into Numis?

A: No, any new representatives would be enrolled into the WorldVentures organization.

Q: Am I still able to get FREE coins for every three (3) customers that join the Silver Premier Club?

A: Yes, for every three (3) customers you enroll, you will receive a FREE coin.

Q: Will Numis still honor the 5 year buy-back guarantee?

A: Yes.

Q: What do I have to do to activate my WorldVentures position?

A: We will be sending out detailed instructions on how to activate your World Ventures position. You will receive these instructions through email.

Q: What will it cost to activate my WorldVentures postion?

A: For all existing Numis representative the up front fees of $300 to join World Ventures business and become a Dream Trips Life member will be waived. To activate you you will only have to pay $55 monthly membership fee for the Dream Trips Life membership and $11 for you website and back office. Your total cost to get started will only be $66 to activate your World Ventures business.

Q: What happens to my existing Numis team?

A: Your existing team will be duplicated over to WorldVentures automatically.

Q: What will happen to my Numis websites?

A: All of your Numis websites will remain active including:, Shopnumis, You will also still have access to your back office. You will however no longer be able to sign up new representatives into Numis.

Q: Will there be any monthly fees for my Numis Pro Suite and website?

A: Moving forward the only fee that will be charged is for your lead capture page and also the brand new lead capture page that we will be rolling out for your WorldVentures Business. The fee for the lead capture pages will be $4.95.

Q: Can I still qualify for the Cabo incentive trip?

A: Yes, of course, we love to travel at Numis! All points towards qualifying for Cabo will be calculated through enrolling new representatives through WorldVentures. All representatives qualified for Cabo prior to the merge will remain qualified.

Q: Will there still be a national convention in September?

A: Yes, we will still host the convention in Orlando, September 6-8. However, the main focus of the event will be the new direction of the company. In other words, it will become a team event, rather than a company event. In addition, some of WorldVentures top leaders will be joining us for the event.

Q: Will I be getting two (2) separate checks, or just one (1)?

A: If you have representatives and/or customers that continue to order from Numis, you will be paid binary commissions on that business. Any new business generated through WorldVentures, will be paid accordingly through the WorldVentures compensation plan. So, some people will be receiving two (2) checks and others will not.

Q: Can I still enroll people in to Numis until Aug 1st. A:

Yes. You will still be able to recruit new Representatives through your Numis website until Aug. 1st. They will then be merged over to WorldVentures with the rest of your team.

Q: Will my entire genealogy come over with me to WorldVentures?

A: Yes. Your entire genealogy tree will be moved over to WorldVentures. That includes all active and inactive reps. Everyone that moves over will have a limited time opportunity to activate for only $66.

Q: How do I find out where the WorldVentures regional trainings are being held?

A: Go to and click on Events.

Q: What will the role of the Numis Founders be after the merger.

A: The same as it has always been. Ian will be managing the day to day business at Numis (although I am sure you will see him on a lot of DreamTrips). Jake and Chris will continue to build and work with the field. Everyone that is merging over will be on our team and we will be building a distributorship just like you.

MLM Weekly News Report: Usana Donates Millions To Hungrey Children, MLM Recognized For Helping The Canadian Economy,Three Great Female MLM Coaches

Youngevity Mineral Makeup

Gerry Nehra

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today to draw members’ attention to an industry that touches the
lives of many of our constituents: direct selling. Direct selling provides flexible and
convenient earnings and opportunities for over 900,000 of our constituents, 91% of
whom are women. Direct selling in Canada generates $2.2 billion in sales, almost $800
million in personal income and contributes almost $1 billion in taxes.
Direct selling companies give back to their communities, contributing almost $8 million
in charitable causes and that does not include the millions in contributions that individual
direct sellers make every year.
I encourage members to learn more about this dynamic and important industry at a
reception this evening with the Direct Sellers Association of Canada at the Government
Conference Centre.”

Lisa Jimenez

Kozy Toez

Dondi Scumaci

Face Biz Pro

Jillian Middleton

MLM Pro Duke Kevorkian Documents His Daily MLM Journey At Numis Network

Duke Kevorkian was not born with a silver or gold spoon in his mouth. Although his brother is a founder at Numis Network, he soon found this was any more of a benefit for him, as it was for any other Numis Network Distributor. So after growing through a family tragedy earlier this year, Duke decide to document his personal MLM journey so others on his team and in the industry can see exactly what is needed to win in Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing or whatever you call it in your country.

Here is the first video Duke shot giving his viewers an idea of what the future will hold at The MLM Journey Blog!

Here is how Duke describes The MLM Journey Blog…

About The MLM Journey/Duke Kevorkian

Welcome the The MLM Journey-a daily documentary inside the life of Multi-Level Marketing.

I invite you to follow this journey and experience the up’s and down’s as I pursue a successful career within the MLM industry. Throughout this two year venture, on a daily basis, you will see every move I make as each step will take me either closer to my goals or farther from my goals.

Though I truly hope this to be a positive experience and a total success you will, along with myself, see the good-the bad-and the ugly.

Walk with me as I follow all of the advice of every leader and commit MORE than a full time effort to this industry and answer the million dollar question, “Can an average person really make a living inside the multi-level marketing industry?”

MLM Weekly News: ACN launches MVNO, Derek Broes Resigns From Revolucion, Numis Network Has Record Growth, Vemma Opens in Canada

This week has brought some very powerful news to several Direct Selling sectors and I am excited for the distributors in most of these companies as we move out of Summer and into three of the best months to grow any Network Marketing business.


Vemma – Has just announced they have officially opened in Canada. Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko put it this way “Doing business is a natural progression of enhancing health and wellness in a country which already gets it. Our goal is to offer the Vemma opportunity of health and financial wellness to as many people worldwide as we can.”

With Vemma’s new state-of-the-art shipping center located in Oakville Ontario the new Canadian Brand Partners should be off and running.


ACN is holding their international training even this weekend, and over 4000 ACN distributors will be on hand as the company unveils some fantastic news. We have learned ACN has become their own MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This will allow them to brand everything ACN Wireless, manufactor their own phones, and control their own billing and customer service. This is a plus for the distributors.

The second items of interest is the fact, ACN is just about ready to enter into the Direct Selling Energy sector. They have teamed up with one of the world’s largest and most respected energy companies for this new venture. If this goes off as planned, then ACN could very quickly become a major player in this sector.

Derek Broes

Revolucion WorldWide – Late last night, I received word Derek Broes was resigning from the very company he helped to co-found, and served as CEO. Although this did not surprise me, I did not expect it to happen so soon. Broes and I had talked a couple of weeks ago about his true passion of supporting the troops, politics and helping to launch technology and entertaining companies. I had mentioned I did not know how he kept it all together, since running a Direct Selling company is a full time job, in and of itself.

I do have concerns about the future of Revolucion and the distributors who have been building the company. I know there is a possible merger on the table with a public MLM company. I hope Peter Lupus will give this merger a solid review. It could be the best thing to happen to the equity partners and the distributors.

Numis Network Cedrick Harris

Numis Network – This week things went a little nuts on the net and rumors started flying about Cedrick Harris leaving Numis Network. Well this is not happening.

As a matter of fact Numis Network has just launched a new promotion which has resulted in three record breaking days of growth.

Next week, I will share more info on this new promotion and some other great things happening at Numis Network.

Living An Epic Adventure,


MLM Company Review: Numis Network Creating a Numismatic Success in MLM

This is the 5th part of our Numis Network series. Over the last few weeks we have covered just about every facet of the Numis Network Business.

You can review the other articles below.

Numis Network Review Part 1: The Numis Leadership

Numis Network Review Part 2: The Numis network Coins – Are They Overpriced?

Numis Network Review Part 3: Is Numismatic Coin Collecting a Legit MLM Business?

Numis Network Review Part 4: How Strong is The Numis Network Compensation Plan?

If you are seriously looking to join Numis Network, then ask yourself the following questions.

1. Are you willing to grow with a new category creating MLM Company?

2. Are you willing to become a student of Numismatic Coin Collecting?

3. Are you willing to learn how to answer the critics of a new Category Creating MLM Company?

These questions may seem strange to some. Yet, if you are truly serious about building a business, and not just recruiting a few people, then moving on to the next deal.

There is a reason Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, Jake Kevorkian, and Mike Mezack saw a real opportunity to launch Numis Network. I challenge you to call them and find out if their passion for this company is something you can believe in and share with others.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Numis Network Review: How Strong Is The Numis Network Compensation Plan

This fourth part of our Numis Network review focused on the Numis compensation plan. The Numis Network compensation plan is a unique MLM hybrid compensation structure which includes, Fast Start Bonuses, Retail Sales, a Binary component, Coding Bonuses, and Matching Enroller Bonuses. Each playing a roll in the overall success of the Numis Network Collector Representative.

My summery of the Numis Network Compensation plan is that it has been created to reward the following type of Numis Collector Representatives:

1. The personal producer who loves to use the internet to earn residual income through the retail website.

2. The coin collecting hobbyist, who is ready to turn their hobby into a coin collecting business. With the Numis Network compensation plan, they can continue to talk with friends, family, business associates and social groups where they are know for their love of coin collecting. Only now they have some great tax deductions, and can sell the coins to those they talk with.

3. The part-time entrepreneur, who is looking for a unique business opportunity. With the Numis compensation structure, a home-based business owner can start part-time, eliminating debt, putting money into the bank, and gradually replace their current income and go full-time somewhere in the future.

4. The MLM Professional, who has been looking for a new category creating company outside of health & nutrition, telecommunication, energy, insurance or those “get rich quick” rise and fall schemes which seem to permeate the social networks on a daily basis.

WARNING: Numis Network is not for the program jumpers. To earn a solid full or part-time income with Numis, you must be willing to become a student of Numismatic coin collecting and of the mission and vision of the Numis founders.

To review the Numis Network Compensation Plan Videos click this link…

Numis Network Review part 3: Is Coin Collecting a Legitimate MLM Business

Does Numis Network offer a solid long term legitimate? This is a question I have been asked over and over that last few weeks since we posted part 1 & 2 of the Numis Network review. (Part one – The Numis Network Leaders) (Part Two – Are Numis Coins & Success System Overpriced)

A couple of the questions we have received after the first two articles have been:

1. Are coins a real product to be bought and sold, or property of the US Government?

2. Is coin collecting a real business opportunity or just an overpriced hobby for rich people?

The answer to the first question is easy. In the April 2010 addition of COINage magazine an article titled “Diminishing returns” written by Dom Yanchunas – states that the U.S. Treasury has made the following profits over the last 5 years from the selling of commemorative collector coins.

2005 – $699.4 million dollar profit
2006 – $669.5 million dollar profit
2007 – $1 billion dollar profit
2008 – 706.2 million dollar profit
2009 – $427.8 million dollar profit.

I believe it is fair to say… Buying and Selling of legal U.S. tender (gold and silver commemorative currency) by the distributors of Numis network, at retail or through the building of a personal sales organization is a legitimate long term MLM business opportunity.

The second question is some what tricky to answer. First let’s look at a few items every potential distributor should think about before joining Numis Network.

1. Do I enjoy and have a passion to collect coins?

2. Do I want to turn my coin collecting hobby into a viable long term business venture?

3. If I join Numis Network am I willing to invest $100 per month to be a product of the product? A strange question to some, but if you truly believe Numis Network is a great business opportunity with a great product (coin Collecting) then you will have no issue adding to your personal coin collection on a monthly basis.

4. This question may seem controversial to some, but I think it is very important when joining any company. If the compensation plan was to go away at Numis Network or any other company, you may be marketing for, do you love the product/service enough to continue purchasing it on a monthly basis?

These questions are simple, but the answers are what keeps reps going when team building slows down. And yes, team building does have ups and downs. But when a direct selling distributor truly loves the leadership of the company, loves the product or service they are marketing, then at the end of the day, the compensation will catch up the effort put into building their business.

Plus, in the case of Numis Network, if you are a coin collector already, but have only been doing it as a hobby, now you may just have an opportunity to turn your coin collecting hobby, into a nice business.

Talk about tax advantages!!!!

Here is a great eBook on Coin collecting I found very informative. Coin Grading By Third Party Graders

Living An Epic Adventure,