Breaking News MonaVie Agrees To Merge With New Vision’s Vemma Division

WOW! This news could change the landscape of the MLM Functional Health Juice Wars forever. How can two powerful, but diabolically opposite leaders Dallin Larsen and BK Boreyko have found common ground?

CEO MonaVie Dallin Larsen BK Boreyko CEO Vemma

Well, as most of you know, I have been blessed to have established trust and respect from both of these MLM CEOs and Founders, so when I first heard the news, I quickly started making phone calls. I knew BK was on the road, out supporting his Brand Partners this month, as Vemma comes off a seven figure increase in volume. And, Dallin has been flying around the world as MonaVie opens new countries to break yet another MLM corporate record.

My goal was to catch them before Good Friday, when they both would be taking time with family for the Easter Celebration.

Finally late last night I was able to get to the bottom of things…

Dr Yibing Wang The Man Behind The Secret Power Of The VeMMA Formula

Dr Yibing Wang, is the man behind the secret power of the VeMMA formula. Most company owners are not medical doctors or scientists, and in the case a VeMMA this is also true. However, BK Boreyko did not let that stop him. Years ago he called upon a man who has become his close friend, and together they have created some of the world’s most powerful category creating nutraceutical products.

You can read part one of this series here.

Dr. Yibing Wang

Dr. Yibing Wang aka Dr. Y as the VeMMA family call him did not get his start here in America. He started in his homeland of China, studying eight years to earn the equivalent of a medical degree in Cardiology. After that, he went on to master the ancient arts of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Still feeling like there was something missing in his education, he came to America and once again went back to studying. He earned a PH. d. in Microbiology and a minor in biochemistry from Louisiana State University (LSU). Dr. Wang worked six years as a research and development scientist before teaming up with BK Boreyko at New Vision International and VeMMA

It is Dr. Y’s passion for excellence and his drive to creating healing formula’s for people, that he has created the secret formula behind VeMMA. Watch this video on how VeMMA is made.

Here is a letter Dr Y wrote on the case studies and their results: Read Here

Dr. Wang, did not stop with just creating a powerful nutritional formula. He wanted to make sure, what he had created really does help people. He and BK decided it was in the best interest of the VeMMA customers and team members, that they get blind cases studied done on the formula. Watch this video as BK Boreyko talks about the VeMMA case studies.

Here are a few links to the case study documents:

VeMMA Science Page

Journal of Medical Food

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

I want to give a special thanks to the staff of Success From Home Magazine for some of the facts on the life of Dr. Wang.

And again I must make it very clear, this is an unpaid editorial. However, we did receive a few hundred dollars woth of New Vision and VeMMA products to help us with our reasearch and report.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

New Vision International And The Boreyko Family BK, Karen And Lauren The Visionaries Behind VEMMA

New Vision International, and the Boreyko family BK, Karen and Lauren, they are the visionaries Behind VEMMA.

Boreyko Family

After one of the most devastating years their family had ever faced; with the lost of their mother Dottie Boreyko, and the collapse of the Canadian MLM company they were representing at the time. The Boreyko family watched their six figure a month income, come to a grounding halt.

However, this did not hold this family back. Driven by BK’s focus and dedication to find a financial solution for their team and their family, in March of 1995, the Boreyko family launched New Vision International.

One of the most interesting things I learned about the company was they undying dedication to their founding mission statement – Enrich the Quality of Families Lives.

As a former distributor BK and the Boreyko girls (written with respect… my son’s call my daughters the Dooly girls) have done well to balance what is best for the company, with what they would want as distributors.

New Vision has built a solid reputation for developing top quality products; attracting over one million satisfied customers, and over $1 billion is retail sales.

Remembering the gut wrenching feeling of hearing the words “BK Boreyko, you will not be receiving another commission check.” He made it one of the top priorities never to be late or miss a commission run. And in the last 15 years he has kept that promise.

During this same period of time, over $500 million has been paid to the field force, and 40 millionaires have been created. What really stood out to me, was not just the 40 millionaires, but the fact one FAMILY has earned over $20 million alone.

New Vision pioneered Liquid Nutraceuticals, paving the way for other great companies now enjoying their own success in Network Marketing.

New Vision now offers over 30 products in nutritional, functional beverage and weight management. Read that again… Not weight loss, but Weight Management! It’s about life change, not weight change. The Boreyko family understanding this fact, create a system of change, not just a short term gain.

Personally, I think this goes back to some of the mentoring BK receives from Anthony Robbins.

Here is a sample of a couple of the great products New Vision has to offer.

New Vision Organic greens
Organic Greens® –

What are the advantages of having an organic product?

Organic foods are free of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides from seed to shelf allowing extremely high nutrient levels, giving your body a pure form of nutrition. Organic products are also eco-friendly, reducing the amount of chemical emissions released into the air, water and ground sources. Consumers are making the conscious effort to buy organic. In fact, organic food sales continue to be a fast growing sector, anticipated to increase an average 18 percent each year from 2007 to 2010.**

Is New Vision’s Organic Greens product certified organic?

New Vision’s Organic Greens is 100% certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI), one of the largest organic certification agencies accredited by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Organic Greens also bears the USDA organic seal.”

New Vision Essential Minerals

Essential Minerals® –

What is unique about Essential Minerals?

The first distinction is its form. It’s liquid! This liquid form, also known as “ionic,” puts minerals into a solution consisting of totally dissolved minerals reduced to an ionic state. The second distinction is that they are not man-made minerals, but rather, minerals carefully extracted from naturally occurring plant vegetation. The third distinction is the inclusion of ultra-trace minerals.

What does “ionic” mean?

“Ionic,” in this case, refers to a liquid solution containing minerals that are the size of an ion. An ion is the smallest component a mineral can be in and still keep its physical properties.”

Tomorrow, we will take at look at VEMMA one of the most revolutionary cultures in MLM. As a matter of fact, take a look at this video…

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Troy Dooly

ps: This is an unpaid review on New Vision. However, I have received over $300.00 in New Vision and VEMMA products to try while I was writing the article.