A Message To The Network Marketing Community

What Would You Do If Your World Was Turned Upside Down Financially Overnight?

What happens when…
Your world is turned upside down by the actions of others?

If we want the regulators to respect the network marketing community then we should start respecting ourselves.

Are you financially and emotionally prepared if your world was turned upside down in the blink of an eye?

Jeunesse And Other Network Marketing Companies Condone & Promote Lifestyle & Income Claims?

jeunesse-globalA week or so ago I covered the lawsuit filed by Matthew Nestler a former leader in Jeunesse Global. (Read Here)

        As our team started reviewing social media to see what the Jeunesse      field culture was promoting we quickly found that many of the up and  coming Jeunesse Diamonds and other leaders were promoting income and  lifestyle claims, even though the Jeunesse Global policies and procedures are very clear this is a violation. We also saw where inside the Jeunesse P&Ps it was clear the company didn’t condone raiding other direct selling companies either!

So what is going on and is the company holding people accountable for policy violations or looking the other way?

Investigative Perspective: The Supplement Danger Zone, How This Can Affect Network Marketing

I was reading an article in USA Today (July 25th 2013) titled “The Supplement Danger Zone, written by Alison Young, that really hit home with me. Over the years I have questioned some of the products used to fuel questionable compensation plans because some of the formulas have included questionable ingredients and seemed to just be a way for Conepreneurs (Con Artists acting as entrepreneurs) to justify their pyramid or ponzi game.  This article may open folk’s eyes to take some time an learn more about the ingredients in the products you are taking and/or promoting. Click the image below to view the video report!

Sports supplement designer has history of risky products
I personally think two of the loopholes used by guys like Mat Cahill are the grandfathering of some chemicals and ingredients from the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) guidelines inside the current FDA Rules and Regulations! In reviewing the deposition from Matt Cahill, it is easy to see how he skirted some of the regulations placing the general public who bought his products in harms way. I have seem people who are wanting to launch network marketing companies do the same thing. And at times it was not, the company founders who caused the issues but purported formulators who fully understand the FDA rules, regulations and loopholes. USA Today Most folks who are in this community or who roll through here, realize I am a firm supporter of Entrepreneurship, and that I do not believe anything should keep a person from succeeding in life, or getting second chances. But, when a person conspired to harm others financially, physically or mentally, then we have issues, and that is where some regulation can come in handy! Cahill, was able to get away with, what some call murder.

Cahill Qualifications

How The Internet Exploded Cahill’s Business

How Cahill Created Superdrol

The Testing Of Superdrol

The Money!!!

The Licensing of Superdrol to 3rd Parties

Prison Time… Didn’t Stop Him!

Now as we can see from above, it is very easy for Conepreneurs, to serve their time, and start right back up in business. So we need to be super careful to dig deeper into the products, leaders and company history. Network Marketing law firm Grimes & Reese have written or provided the following resources that can help people dig deeper in understanding the rules and regulations and how they can affect companies and people in the direct selling industry.

MLM Attorneys Grimes & Reese Dietary Supplements: An Advertising Guide for Industry

Federal Trade Commission Voluntary Guidelines for Providers of Weight Loss Products or Services

FTC Staff Comment on Draft Report of the Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels

Guidance for Industry: Factors that Distinguish Liquid Dietary Supplements from Beverages, Considerations Regarding Novel Ingredients, and Labeling for Beverages and Other Conventional Foods

FDA’s Summary of Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994