Why Do Network Marketing Companies Fail Abroad?

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Network Marketing CultureHakki Ozmorali, editor of World of Direct Selling wrote a great article on why network marketing companies have a hard time making it outside of their homeland. He came up with six common denominators on why this happens more often than anyone really wants to admit. 1. Wrong Partner 2. Wrong Local Management 3. Wrong Ex-Pat Management 4. Ignoring Cultural Differences 5. Leaving It To International Leaders 6. Lack Of Proper Supervision I want to focus on just one if the six reasons Ozmorali talks about… Ignoring Cultural Differences!

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Richard Brooke: An Education You Can Take to the Bank

Blog 6.16.14

I listen with interest each year, as parents share their angst over the rising costs of sending their kids off to college. It’s not just parents of college-aged kids; it’s a topic on the hearts and minds of nearly every parent at some point. After all, doesn’t a college education guarantee a successful future? After barely graduating high school with a D average (and only after I cheated off my best friend’s Civics final), it was no surprise that college wasn’t in the cards for me. It’s not that I didn’t have the intelligence or ambition. In fact, I wanted the benefits of a lucrative career. I just lacked the patience to muddle through more of what I had just escaped. Sound familiar to any of you?

The Rest Of The Story…Richard Brooke: An Education You Can Take to the Bank