DNA aka Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car May Be Running Interstate Crime Campaigns

This week one of our Investigative Advocates brought to our attention some very important information which could cause some MLM License Plate collecting companies some major issues.

This new concern, which surfaced this week, comes from the fact License Plates and the information contained on them is not the property of the individuals driving the car. After doing a little research in my own home state of Florida, I am quickly learning that the license numbers, actually the license plates themselves belong to Florida.

So, what happens when this data is collected by employees, or independent contractors working for a private company, with the specific purpose of reselling this information for a profit?

In some, if not all States it is a crime, and seen as selling stolen property of the State who issued the License Plates. This could place both Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car in a position of defending the actions of their distributors and themselves from running an Interstate Crime Syndicate of independent reps who are selling information which is to be used only by the State and law enforcement.

I strongly suggest distributors of DNA aka Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car check on the laws in their specific state before beginning to collect license plate numbers.

Now, I have heard Data Network Affiliates is not looking at the License Plate Data, as their main core business in the near future, and will soon be revealing something that will revolutionize the MLM world.

If any DNA reps can give me some details, I would love to hear what this is. It DNA is leaving behind the License Plate gig, and moving to provide services or products to legitimate end users through their field force, then I want to know.

Although, I have asked some hard questions over the last week, I will also be the first one to yell from the tree tops, if Data brings out a viable business for distributors, which will not bring the regulators calling.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Data Network Affiliates & Narc Technologies May Be Lying To Their Distributors

Data Network Affiliates and Narc Technologies may be lying to their distributors about who needs and is willing to pay for their data.

yesterday I had a couple of fantastic phone calls with the former Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Data network Affiliates, Dean Blechman. He was very open and upfront on several fronts, and in a couple of weeks, I’ll do a couple of articles on Dean Blechman, the past present and future… Stay tuned.

But… After talking with Dean, I started doing some new research and realized that although Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog broke the story of Phil Piccollo being the mastermind behind DNA and Business From Home put up a review of Phil which set off a wave of controversy. And let’s not forget Patrick Pretty was really the first big blog to break the stories on both Narc Technologies (Narc That Car) and DNA (Data network Affiliates.)

But a couple of things have not been touched on.

1. Why is Arthur Kurek and Donald Kessler still at DNA? Both of these guys use to have clean reputations. However, based on the validated information which has come forward, these two guys stand to lose more than anyone else.

If it’s true that Phil Piccolo is the mastermind behind DNA (Rumors are starting to flow that Phil may also be focusing on Automatic Geek another MLM startup) and the FTC comes down on this company. Then these both Arthur Kurek and Donald Kessler could be fined huge amounts for allowing Piccolo to run the company behind the scenes. But even worse Arthur Kurek who has worked in the highly regulated Insurance Industry for over 40 years could see his career go down the drain, or at the very least be faced with early retirement.

2. Both DNA and Narc continue to promote their propaganda that law enforcement wants and needs access to the databases. Yet, from the news reports this is the farthest thing from the truth.

Check out these news reports…

Arizona the Surveillance State

Florida Traffic Camera Bill

Here is an interesting article from Santa Clara University

Even Austrian citizens are concerned over the privacy issues raised from Law Enforcement using Cameras.

And let’s be fair, there are those who are not worried about the privacy issue.

At America.Gov the following has been posted: Are Traffic Cameras Unfair and an Invasion of Privacy?

By now you may be asking “What does any of this have to do with Narc That Car and Data network Affiliates? Simple, it brought the following questions to my mind.

1. If private citizens are concerned about the videos and pictures taken from public highways, how are they going to feel when they learn their neighbors and friends are also placing their personal information into a database to be used by people who are not in law enforcement?

2. Since I am not the only person concerned about privacy issues, I wonder if maybe the distributors of Narc and DNA should give a second thought to the concern, and not just rollover and accept the Indoctrination propaganda being fed to them from the company and top leaders who both have huge monetary reasons to keep them from asking hard questions?

3. Is this the reverse of the traditional training message we have heard for years… Instead of go to your friends and family and get them to join, now the new message seems to be go get even with your friends and family and get us their license plate number… It will not hurt anyone… But who truly knows?

Time will tell…

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly