Breaking MLM News: MPBToday Founder Gary Calhoun Arrested On State Racketeering Charges, And Federal Criminal Probe Underway

Gary Calhoun MPBToday Founder

Yesterday I received a Facebook question, about the arrest of Gary Calhoun. After doing a little digging I found the state arrest from last month, but not much of anything else. Today, Patrick Pretty issued the following update on MPB Today and the situation Mr. Calhoun is in.

Gary Calhoun MPBToday Founder

URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: Gary A. Calhoun is the subject of a criminal probe linked to a civil-forfeiture action in federal court in the Northern District of Florida, according to court filings by his attorney.

Calhoun, 56, is the operator of the MPB Today MLM, which is tied to a grocery-delivery business in Pensacola known as Southeastern Delivery. In July, federal prosecutors filed a forfeiture action against a property at 8812 Grow Drive, also known as Grow Road, in Pensacola. The property is the business address of Southeastern Delivery and also the address of a Calhoun-controlled entity known as WL Property Holdings LLC.

The affidavit in the forfeiture case was filed under seal. But the forfeiture case, according to prosecution filings, was brought to enforce 18 USC § 1028 and 18 USC § 1029, statutes dealing with access-device fraud and fraud in connection with identification documents.

Calhoun was arrested last month in Florida on a state-level charge of racketeering. The existence of the federal documents may mean that Calhoun also has exposure under federal criminal law. The forfeiture complaint also cites the federal wire-fraud and conspiracy statutes.

Some promos for MPB Today in 2010 were targeted at federal Food Stamp recipients. The U.S. Department of Agriculture told the PP Blog in 2010 that it had opened a “review” into claims about the MPB Today “program.” The agency later described the matter as an investigation.

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MLM Company Review: Is Gary Calhoun’s New Company MPBToday A MLM Scam

Gary Calhoun reached out to me mast week and we had a great conversation. During our conversation he shared about Southeastern Delivery and MPBToday, which stands for “My Premier Business Today.”

Now the one concern I have about this business, is the compensation plan. I asked Calhoun, why a 2×2 cycling matrix compensation plan? He didn’t hesitate, “his goal is to put cash in the hands of as many distributors as he can, as fast as he can!”

Although, Gary’s former company Trim International aka United Pro Media (UPM) didn’t make it, I do not see Gary trying to scam anyone.

As a matter of fact, let me ask this question, and see the type of answers we get.

Why is it, people get upset if a company founder fails, yet we all know distributors who had to go through up to 20 companies before they finally got it right, and started making money?

Please keep us posted, and if you are a distributor and things start to get a little crazy, then let me know.

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Troy Dooly