MonaVie Compensation Plan Does it Stack Up as One of The Best in MLM

It has been written “MonaVie offers the most innovative and dynamic compensation plan in the direct selling industry. With 9 ways to earn income and 50% of the sales volume paid out in distributor commissions, MonaVie is a powerfully rewarding opportunity!

When I began to write this article, I was pleased to see MonaVie has included a 5 customer qualification which goes right along with their “direct sales” payout and their “top retail sales” bonus.

However… My concern is that MonaVie may not be enforcing this qualification or that the field is so focused on recruiting, they never talk about this qualification to their new reps.

With more and more companies leaving MLM behind, and other companies launching with questionable compensation plans, I do not want to see a company like MonaVie come under the scrutiny of the FTC or any other international regulatory authority because there are not enforcing this qualification.

One thing MonaVie has done, which I think every company over 12 months old should do is publish an Income Disclosure Statement! Although this one is a little over 9 months old, it does show where the money is being earned in the field.

Here is the part of the Income Disclosure Statement that caught my eye. According to the MonaVie 2009 Mid-Year Income Disclosure Statement there were 90,138 distributors ranked between MonaVie Distributor and MonaVie Star 1000 who were earning between $23 and $172 per week. Which puts their annual part-time income working 6 hours a week or less between $1214.00 and $8963.00. Not a lot of money for some, but a life changer for others.

It is this 90,000 people which brought up my concern. I do not want to see these folks lose their incomes, or the folks who have written us about the MonaVie family of Juices to not be able to get the juice when they need or want it.

SO, in closing I challenge the MonaVie and the MonaVie family to keep a close eye on the 5 customer qualification to make sure they are continuing to run a tight ship.

Living An Epic Adventure,