MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile Update Should Liberty International Reps Look For Another MLM Wireless Company

Several events surrounding WOW Mobile and their dispute with T-Mobile has surfaced this week. Some of the rumors have included everything from a T-Mobile takeover of WOW, to WOW Mobile owing over millions to T-Mobile in unpaid cell phones bills.

Now, without a doubt, Liberty International aka as WOW Mobile, would like to remove the last 100 days from their history. But, since they can’t it seems Randy Jeffers, has told Jeff Bakerink, WOW’s corporate in-house attorney to take this issue to litigation to protect the distributors from any further disruption of business.

At the same time both Jeff and Randy feel very confident, come the first of the week they will start activating and shipping phones on their new PCS Platform.

From everything we were told today, it seems WOW has finally turned a corner. They are willing to go after T-Mobile for Breach of Contract, and several other civil crimes, and push forward with a couple of new carriers over the next 60-days or so.

I strongly suggest WOW distributors talk to Randy Jeffers about forging ahead with a distributor class action lawsuit against T-Mobile. If Randy can’t guide you on how to make that happen, then contact MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson at and tell him Troy sent you over.

Although, there is no guarantee WOW or any other MLM Wireless company can fight an win against any of the Tier 1 carriers. If I were a betting man, I would say if anyone can fight them and win, it will be Randy Jeffers. The boy, seems to always land on his feet, and after 11 years, he has still never failed to pay commissions.

If you are a WOW rep, please keep us posted on the movement and growth of the company.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Global Verge Did Not Just Win Against Zer01 They Nailed Piilani Personally On Fraud

Well, as of June 8, 2010 the Clark County District Court granted the Order for Summery Judgment as requested by Global Verge against Zer01 and… Ben Piilani personally!

What makes this very interesting is the fact the order final Summery Judgment was ordered against Zer01, which could file for bankruptcy and Global Verge would never receive a dime of the money.

And, it was ordered against Ben Piilani PERSONALLY! When a fraud order is rendered on an individual, it stays with them for life. Ben Piilani can’t file bankruptcy and beat this judgment.

In other words, if Ben Piilani really is a billionaire, then Global Verge just won $43 million dollars. If the hype surrounding Pillani is false, then he will be chased for years as Global Verge follows the asset trail.

Now, here is the interesting part. Let’s say Pillani really did invent a new wireless technology platform, and he has just been waiting for the right partner to take it public. Global Verge may end up owning the patent for the technology, and at the end of the day the original Global Verge aka Buzzirk business concept could still happen. Crazier things have happened lately in the MLM wireless niche.

This judgment did bring to the surface some interesting questions:

1. What other MLM Wireless Companies are in the Global Verge cross-hairs?

2. Which former Global Verge Triple Diamonds or e-Assocates who are affiliated with above said companies as owners, directors, partners, officers, or founding distributors are also in the Global Verge cross-hairs?

3. What other former strategic partners and/or venders will be included in future lawsuits?

I believe any company run or owned by former top Global Verge e-Associates had better not count of luck to beat Global Verge’s legal team. They had better start looking for some serious legal counsel of their own.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Final Court Order Granting Global Verge $43 Million Dollars Against Zer01 & Ben Piilani Perosnally.

Breaking MLM Wireless News: What Does Global Verge Data Network Affiliates and MLM Help Desk Have in Common?

This week has to go down as one of the wildest in current MLM Wireless News history. First we broke the story of Greco scamming or trying to scam companies such as Data Network Affiliates, Global Verge aka Global Mobile 1, WOW Mobile, TeleVerus, and Panther Mobile.

Then yesterday I received a copy of a Cease and Desist letter which was delivered to George madiou, CEO of DNA. (Read It Here)

The letter is from the law firm of Marquis & Aurbach out of Nevada.

Then today, we received our own Cease and Desist letter from the same law firm. I quickly called the new attorney of Global Verge Brian Hardy to get a little more details, and to give him my unofficial response: (Read It Here)

1. Mr. Hardy made it clear that he is in the final stages of putting together the civil case against Chris Greco and will be forwarding their findings to the FBI within days.

2. I explained Kevin Thompson will be representing me officially in this situation, but unofficially, I will not remove anything on the site, until I have received valid evidence that Mr. Brady has in fact filed the case against Greco on behalf of his client Global Verge.

3. We will be making some updates over the next few days to the Global Verge/Zer01 situation, making it clear Global Verge is asking for a Summery Judgment in the amount of $350 million dollars

And out of fairness to the Global verge distributors, I will also be placing the above video on a few of the previous Global Verge posts.

Now things could get very interesting in the MLM Wireless Wars. Some of the supporting documentation is very eye opening and brings in some players from other current MLM Wireless Companies.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Breaking Wireless News: Chris Greco Caught Live Defrauding MLM Wireless Distributors

Over the last few months we have been watching a trend in the MLM Wireless arena. As we white boarded out the chain of events, we soon realized there was an organization who publicly is lead by Chris Greco president and founder of Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard, which seems to have infiltrated just about every MLM Wireless company to launch since the fourth quarter of 2009. Over this last weekend I made it clear we would be breaking a huge story and here it is…

Now, when you listen to the audios below you will see that now only have MLM Wireless companies been effected, but at least two very strong and powerful MLM Health and Nutrition companies have also been hit with, at the very least disparaging comments and false comments.

When I was sent the original conference call over the weekend

We started watching Greco at Global Verge. Within just days we started putting together a whiteboard diagram which caused us to wonder if Greco and company has a hidden agenda. However, without hard evidence we decided to sit on the investigation and continue to watch what was happening.

Two weeks ago, was the first time we were told Dallin Larsen the CEO of MonaVie had contacted Greco to launch a new MLM Wireless company. Then last week when we heard the above audio I called and emailed Dallin to check and verify the story Greco was telling.

Dallin called me Friday of last week and stated “Troy this is the 3rd time in 24 hours I have heard this guys name. I have NEVER spoken to him period, and we are not interested changing the focus of MonaVie – Period!”

I also called BK Boreyko, and left him a message. I also emailed BK because I know he always has his iPhone with him. BK emailed me the following response…

“He’s lying. I don’t even know who he is. Never talked to him, nor would I go off focus. Let him know that if his comments become widespread and effect my leaders, I’ll come after him to remedy. Make this point really clear. I work too hard to have lame asses mess with my rep.”

I also contacted Randy Jeffers to ask him point blank, if he was causing DNA issues with Sprint, because I had received calls from DNA corporate and emails purportedly from Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint stating Randy had stated George Madiou was raiding the WOW Downline.

Randy, made it clear he had not said anything, he was to busy building his own business. I suggested a conference call with DNA and WOW, he agreed and we scheduled the call last Thursday afternoon. It was very clear by the end of the call, Greco was playing these two companies against each other.

I also talked to Harry Aston Partner in Panther Mobile last week while he was in town. He shed light on why Panther decided not to bring Greco into the company at a corporate level. Here is an interesting situation Greco talks about. This sure seems to be criminal. If I were in Panther’s shoes I would be contacting the FBI’s White Collar fraud unit.

I also contacted David Manning CEO of TraVerus to see if they have decided to re-open negotiations with Greco after he informed me, Rick Thompson an officer at TraVerus had called him, wanting to cut a deal.

David Manning wrote back ” Hi Troy I just got to fla. No we have not gone back to him Sent from my iPhone.”

So, there you have the condensed version!

I learned today and from reporters embedded in Global Pros that Chris Greco is the CEO and part owner in Global Pros. It seems from the very beginning Greco and his partners have been planning one of the biggest grifting jobs in MLM history. Yet listen to Greco explain his connection to Global Pros and what he thinks of their longevity.

The sad thing is great distributors have been hurt. Chris Greco of Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard has defrauded, over 100,000 distributors in Wow Mobile, Panther Mobile, DNA Cellular, and Global Verge, who have trusted Greco and his propaganda, have had their lives played with. Personally, I am not sure I would want to be in Greco and companies shoes if some of these southern boys catch up with him… There is a reason the movies Deliverance and Gator has cult followings.

MLM Wireless Wars: What Happens If Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile Cutoff MLM Companies

Over the last few months I have seen two serious issues start to rise within the MLM Wireless niche. If these two issues go unanswered, then there is a good probability that within the next 12 months there will be less than a handful of MLM Wireless companies left… The same ones which have been around for years!

The first concern is the fact, over zealous distributors from most of the MLM Wireless companies tend to lead with the tier 1 carrier, like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, instead of focusing on their primary MLM Wireless company, like Panther Mobile, Lightyear, WOW Mobile, Zoom Mobile, DNA Cellular, ACN, and the list goes on and on.

In the last 5 days several of the most recognized MLM Wireless companies have been told by their tier 1 carriers to clean up their act or face the possibility of having their agreements canceled.

I suggest all distributors start to police their teams to make sure everyone is protecting their income streams.

The second concern, is the fact there seems to be an individual or organization contacting the tier 1 carriers spreading false rumors about each of the companies and using the names of competing CEOs and companies to try and discredit ALL the competition.

In the last 36 hours, I have talked with several top corporate MLM wireless officers all asking the same question… “Troy do you think Mr. _________, would purposely contact our wireless carrier and try to discredit us, in order to gain market share?”

This action in and of itself can pretty much eliminate MLM Wireless as we know it.

There is also one more concern we should be thinking about. Since ALL wireless is controlled by Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, they can at any time decide, no more MLM, and just cancel all contracts if they do not feel the additional income is worth the headaches they are receiving on a daily basis from distributors, subscribers, the FCC or for whatever reason.

We already know the big four are in a price war, so at the end of the day, we should ask the following question…

Is wireless service in the USA going the way of Long Distance?

Let’s do all we can to protect each other from any undesirable criticism.

Living An Epic Adventure,


Data Network Affiliate Moved Out Of Scam Alerts By MLM Help Desk

Our goal at MLM Help Desk is not to determine if a company is a MLM scam or pyramid scheme. Our focus is to ask some hard questions, reveal areas of concern and raise the red flags which could cause the Federal trade Commission or individual State Attorney generals to question the legitimacy of the company as a viable MLM business opportunity.

From the very beginning we have voiced huge concerns over the use of an MLM compensation structure by DNA or any other company, when paying their “distributors” to collect license plates; this concern has not changed, however Data Network Affiliates has made some major strives to show the direct selling industry their goal is to create a viable long term MLM business opportunity for the average distributor, as well as the full-time MLM professional.

As a matter of fact Bob Sullivan of The Red Tape Chronicles over at MSNBC has taken an interest in Data Network Affiliates and just wrote an interesting article on both DNA and Narc. What I found interesting is the fact, Sullivan found the need to explain the difference between a MLM scam and a legitimate MLM business opportunity.

Listen to the official announcement of DNA Cellular On April 10, 2010

DNA Connects

With the launch of DNA Connects in 18 days, Data Network Affiliates will be providing a viable marketing channel between their distributors and the end buyer, which is exactly what the FTC and AGs will be looking for, if they decide to review DNA for violations.

This week also brought the launch of the DNA Cellular division. Data Network Affiliates teamed up with Chris Greco who is a well known figure in the wireless community. Chris came on to the MLM wireless scene a few months ago, and since then has played a part in helping more than one company get their wireless companies launched.

Greco and his team have quickly proven they are the people to see if your an MLM company wanting to solidify or launch a wireless company or division.

And with DNA Cellular announcing an UNLIMITED Talk & Text $10.00 monthly service, the MLM wireless wars just heated up to an all new level.

So, although there are still many unanswered questions as to the future of Data Network Affiliates, it is clear they are moving towards launching a viable MLM business opportunity for their current and future distributors.

We will continue to monitor Data Network Affiliates, and if we see new concerns we will be raising questions with the founders and leadership of DNA for answers.

Like all MLM companies, it takes strong leadership in the corporate office and even stronger leadership in the field, and this is yet to be seen.

We will continue to monitor the DNA situation, staying in contact with the corporate leadership, and listening to the folks in this community who continue to post comments and sending emails keeping us up to date on what the field is seeing from the inside.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

GiConnect Offers a True Dual Band VOIP GiCell Wireless Phone MLM Opportunity

GiConnect offers what other MLM wireless mobile companies have only talked about. A True Dual Band VOIP and GMS Cell Phone MLM business opportunity.

The GiCell is manufactured by TeCom: Telecom and arm of the international billion dollar giant, TECO industrial group. TECOM Co., LTD., is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and was established in 1980 in the Science-Based Industrial Park at Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The advantages of the GiCell:

· Cut your cell phone costs

· Free international roaming

· Keep your existing numbers and services

· Free calls to anyone in the GiConnect network worldwide

Here is a brief description of the GiCell:

Dual GSM/Voip cellphone supports both GSM 900/1800/1900 and Voip over a WiFi (WLAN) network. In Hot Spots, it is a SIP based Voip phone connected to the GiConnect Voip network.

· Tri band GSM and VOIP SIP base

· 1.3 Camera

· MP3 Player

· Video Player

· Stereo Bluetooth

· 1000 name phone book

· Speakerphone

· Java MIDP 2.0

· External Memory Slot: micro SD

· E-Mail POP3/IMAP4

· WPA Security