MLM Company Review: Solavei Mobile Service Powered by Relationships

Over the last few weeks we have received countless requests to review Solavei the newest MLM wireless company to enter the MLM Wireless space. Without a doubt this company has fantastic management and marketing. My only concern is after going through the MLM Wireless Wars of 2009-2011 I saw 18 months of devastation for many network marketing reps.

Ryan Wuerch

Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share, and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei’s initial product offering is affordable, no-contract, unlimited voice, text, and data services throughout the United States. It operates as an MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.

“We are going to make a difference in people’s lives by shifting billions of dollars from traditional mass-media advertising into the greatest advertising vehicle today — people. Solavei is the first company to create an economic linkage between mobile service, social commerce, and social networking technology. We give people the opportunity to earn income by using and promoting the services they are already consuming each and every day.”

– Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Solavei

MLM Wireless Company Solavei Now In Pre-Launch

MLM Wireless Company Solavei Compensation Plan

MLM Wireless News: WOW Mobile vs Zoom Mobile Now This Could Get Interesting

Well it was bound to happen. WOW Mobile founder Randy Jeffers would finally come up for air, and give Jeff Bakerink the go ahead to launch an investigation into George Burton and Matt Davis founders of Zoom Mobile.

Now, if we look across the MLM profession over the last 24 months, we see where company after company have sued each other to protect their brands and LOS (Line of Sponsorship.)

Global Verge is the first MLM Wireless Company to not only sue companies launched by former distributors and officers, they have also set a new precedent of going after specific individuals for fraud, so they can be assured the individuals can’t get away from the judgments.

Well, since Jeff Bakerink, is a successful litigation attorney with over 100 successful verdicts under his belt, this could get very interesting.

It seems there are a few founders of MLM Wireless Companies who are willing to protect their brand at all costs.

We will keep our eyes on things and do our best to keep the information flowing as we receive it.

If you are with WOW Mobile, I would not jump to any other MLM Wireless COmpany right now.

And if you are with Zoom Mobile, I would not stop building your business. Just understand things are going to heat up, and could cause some short term issues, you may have to work through.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Is Zoom Going After WOW Reps Illegally?

Panther Mobile Still Has A Ways To Go In The MLM Wireless Wars

Panther Mobile aka VodaText, aka Make America Shine LLC, still has a ways to go in the MLM Wireless Wars. Over the last 45 days I have give Panther Mobile plenty of room to fix some of the red flags we presented to them at the end of January. However, to date there are still some issues which has left us no choice but to list them under Scam Alerts. However,

However, I want to make it perfectly clear, I DO NOT think these guys are scammers, or trying to take everyone’s money without delivering mobile services. This is strictly due to the fact, they have have the following issues on their site which can cause major issues with the state of TX, FTC, and ACN.

I have brought these concerns to Kevin Sipes, Harry Aston and Chris Greco more than once. Although, I am sure they are very busy, I also made it clear time was of the essence because people were waiting for a review of the company.

1. They have a dead link to their affiliate program. Based on the fact they currently do not have a place for a person to join Panther Mobile who just wants to make personal sales, or market Panther Mobile in a retail location, and not be a part of the matrix this is a huge Red Flag, causing the company to fall under current definition of MLM Pyramid.

2. The Panther Mobile Terms and Conditions (which are found under “Terms of Use” state IBR have to be part of the Panther Mobile Matrix compensation plan. Which does not line up with the Panther Mobile Policies & Procedures which state the opposite.

3. The links inside the Terms and Conditions (Scroll to the bottom of the T&Cs) which link to the Compensation Plan and the Policies and Procedures link to pdf copies of the ACN compensation plan and a copy of the 2008 ACN Policies & Procedures.

4. The T&Cs are found under the “Terms of Use” and the Polices and Procedures are found under the “Privacy Policy” link. Which means the average distributor will never read these before they sign the agreement to join Panther. This can hurt both Panther and the Distributors.

5. This one is small. But, since the company has announced new Florida offices, yet their agreements and website state TX, there needs to be come clairity as to where this company is calling its home state of record.

So, in closing, I believe if this company fixes these issues, they can become a serious player in the MLM Wireless Niche. However, if they do not start focusing on the small things, they may get hit by a regulatory agency with a cease and desist.

As soon as we have verified all these red flags have been fixed, we will gladly move this company from Scam Alert to MLM Companies. Until then I can’t play favorites, when a company is not protecting their distributors, then we have no choice but to call them on it.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

WOW Mobile Shut Off By T-Mobile Hear The Real Story Here

WOW Mobile Shut Off By T-Mobile, hear the real story here, don’t listen to what the competitors are irresponsibly reporting.

Liberty International and WOW Mobile was on top of this with T-Mobile from the very beginning. They also kept their distributors informed on what was happening through the internal Liberty International Email system…

Date: 2/24/2010
NEWSFLASH! To hear Liberty Founder Randy Jeffers and a T-Mobile Executive talk about the current T-Mobile issue, call 218-936-4703 and enter Access Code 840139.

Date: 2/24/2010
Randy’s Thought for the Day for T D Enterprises,
Jan Ashford says… “There is no such thing as can’t, only won’t. If you’re qualified, all it takes is a burning desire to accomplish, to make a change. Go forward, go backward. Whatever it takes! But you can’t blame other people or society in general. It all comes from your mind. When we do the impossible we realize we are special people.” Have an absolutely incredible day! Randy

Date: 2/24/2010
NEWSFLASH! INSTRUCTIONS TO REACTIVATE YOUR “WOW Mobile” T-Mobile SERVICE: Everyone should be back up and running. T-Mobile was diligent and prompt in correcting the error. If you are unable to make and/or receive calls please follow these steps: Please turn your phone off and then power back up to reset your phone service. NOTE: Some of you may have to open your browser or google maps before being able to make and receive calls. Thank You!

Date: 2/23/2010
NEWSFLASH! T-Mobile Update… We experienced an issue with about 1/2 of the T-Mobile customers. There was some internal issue that caused this and because of the nature of what happened, they were unable to turn them all on at once but had a staff of people turning the accounts on one by one. They expect them to be completed within the hour, however many of them are already back on. We will have a full explanation by T-Mobile management tomorrow and will get that information out to everyone. Obviously, they are very sorry for this and will implement whatever is necessary to make sure it does not happen again. We, likewise, are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank You…

Date: 2/23/2010
NEWSFLASH! We are currently experiencing an issue with about 1/2 of our T-Mobile accounts companywide. T-Mobile is working to resolve this issue and expects to have it resolved shortly.

So, before jumping to conclusions, reach out to MLM Help Desk for the facts.

Living An Epic Adventure,


MLM Wireless Scam ProxyComm Founder John Peterson Launches Veep Mobile

MLM wireless scam, ProxyComm, founder John Peterson launches Veep Mobile, while claiming massive fraud perpetrated by ProxyComm distributors… Not once but twice. Then he comes on to our community and tells the world he is closing down ProxyComm, and locks out distributors, while still charging them autoship payments.

This act of fraud seems to have been approved by John Peterson and carried out by his brother Austin Peterson.

Here is what one former ProxyComm reps has to say about ProxyComm

If you are a ProxyComm distributor who has been charged for autoship of your useless viop service, and have found no support or method of turning off your autoship since you have been locked out of the back office, then you MUST contact three different legal agencies.

1. Attorney General of Georgia
PHONE: 404-651-8600
FAX: 404-651-9018
Fill out the consumer complaint form.

2. California Attorney General
Calafornia allows the consumer to file online or you can download the complaint forms.

3. Contact YOUR State Attorney General and file a compaint in your state.

ProxyComm listed two addresses California and Georgia. Both of these states HATE companies who pretend to be a legitimate MLM company, which in reality operates an illegal MLM Pyramid scheme.

Here some additional support documents you can download and attach with your complaint.

ProxyComm Legal Document
ProcyComm Acceptance Form
ProxyComm Presentation
ProxyComm Compensation

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM Wireless News Which MLM Mobile Company Is Winning The War

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Which MLM mobile company is winning the MLM Wireless War? Since the fourth quarter of 2008, we have seen the MLM wireless niche, grow from less than five companies to over ten.

What I have found most interesting about the influx of companies focusing on the MLM Wireless Niche is the fact the older, larger MLM Telecommunication Companies seem to not really be focusing on any of the other companies.

Part of this may be the maturity of the field force, or the fact the companies are secure in they market share.

ACN, Escape International, FHTM, 5Link and even Lightyear do not seem to notice the new kids on the block.

Yet, the new kids; ProxyComm, Traverus, WOW Mobile/Liberty International, Buzzirk/Global Verge, FDI/GI Connect all seem to be focusing on the same little niche group of MLM distributors looking for a home.

Zurvita seems to be the only new kid, who added Telecommunications to its portfolio, yet, has not made a huge deal out of it.

I truly believe once the scavenging is over for market share, a few of these companies may merge or discontinue their telecommunication divisions. Those few companies who are left will carve out specific niches inside the MLM Telecommunication arena and dominate.

I’ve been studying the telecommunication niche over the last few months and can see, there is a boatload of room for some solid MLM companies to take some market share.

However, there are two major issues which all MLM Wireless Companies should address.

1. Service Fraud. ProxyComm has lost over $1 million dollars from fraud since late 2008 when they launched. These guys know the business and still lost big. This loss was shifted to the distributors in the form of “Chargebacks” and has stifled their growth.

2. Sim Chip Security. I have not seen, nor has anyone provided me information, stating, security software has been develop specifically for the Sim Chips being used over the WiFi Networks.

The MLM Telecommunication niche is young and there is room for solid growth. Time will tell which companies have what it takes to make it strong.

Never Give Up,