Global Verge Warns People Helping People CEO Derrick Rodgers To Cease and Desist

I mentioned a few weeks ago the Global Verge was going after all the companies and individuals who were harming the potential future of their brand and the financial future of their e-associates. Well, here is the latest on the MLM Wireless War.

UPDATE: According to PHP Reps the CEO of PHP is not the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers as reported by the highlt visited site

After reading several emails over the weekend from concerned PHP reps, and the unofficial responses from field leaders, and the one response from Derrick Rodgers, the following questions seem valid.

1. How many of the founding distributors of PHP have or will be receiving Cease & Desist notices from Global Verge? Especially the leaders of Global Group, which was the purported largest leg in Global Verge.

2. Why has Derrick Rodgers and the top field leaders not addressed this officially with Global Verge?

3. Is the CEO of PHP truly the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers or someone else?

4. What happens to the dreams of the field force, if what Global Verge states in the C&D is found true in a court of law?

5. What is the future of People Helping People? Will it become a Global Verge division?

7. Who are the true equity partners of People Helping People Inc?

8. Was Derrick Rodgers really trying to borrow 50k before the Raleigh convention?

9. Is the lack of funds why the people did not get what they were told they would at the convention?

Once again, I am concerned a wireless company hyped their propaganda and distributors may get hurt.

Read the info below then share your thoughts with us.

One thing I can say for sure, the upcoming five part series on Global Verge should be very interesting and thought provoking.

Global Verge Issues Cease and Desist Against Derrick Rodgers CEO of People Helping People

CEO Derrick Rodgers Responds to Global Verge Cease & Desist

Breaking MLM News Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis Talks At Global Verge Triple Diamonds

Breaking News: February 18, 2010: Former CEO & CFO Break Their Silence!

Breaking MLM News Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis talks “AT” the Global Verge Triple Diamonds, instead of talking “TO” the Triple Diamonds.

Now, some of you may read the title of this post and wonder what I mean by talking “at” instead of “to” and I want to explain that statement.

Breaking MLM Wireless News Zurvita Inks Deals With Sprint AT&T T-Mobile And Verizon

Breaking MLM Wireless News, Mark Jarvis’s company Zurvita inks deals with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to take the lead in the MLM Wireless War.

This weekend the Zurvita family all converged in Nashville where Mark Jarvis and the corporate team at Zurvita unveiled one of the great strategic moves in the current MLM Wireless war.

After months of behind the scenes discussions, and some of the agreements coming down to the wire, Zurvita was able to create one of the most unique wireless business models available in Network marketing.

Here are a few of the unique benefits on the Zurvita Mobile program.

Breaking MLM Wireless News On Zer01 Buzzirk Global Verge And Unified Technologies Group

Breaking MLM Wireless News On Zer01, Buzzirk, Global Verge, And Unified Technologies Group. Len Clements latest Podcast on the above companies will leave more questions than answers for everyone who listens to it, and that my friends is a GREAT THING!

Len has taken this to a new level, going beyond just the issues at Global Verge and looking deep into the strategic partner UGTI aka Zer01, and how they really play into the whole scheme of things.

Len Clement

Click On The Above Image To Listen To Len’s PodCast

Links to information Len talks about:
Mo. Court Info: https: Once on the site you can put in Mark Petschel. The case number you are looking for is: 2104R-01819 (should be the first case showing.) then look at 08SL-AC40531 (this should be the last one.) This last case is a judgement for over $30K from E-Verg which has morphed into Global Verge.

CTIA Wireless 2009 – Len mentions this link in his Podcast. Now I may have to come to Zer01 defense on this issue, because the site only shows the top 3 in each catagory, and Zer01 does state they were in the top 5. Although that might be five out of five for all I know.

Mark Jarvis Hits The Road Launching The Zurvita Freedom Crusade

Mark Jarvis is hitting the road this weekend launching the Zurvita Freedom Crusade. And I have a pretty strong feeling that Nashville is just the beginning.


This weekend at the Zurvita Freedom Crusade, Mark Jarvis and his top field leaders like Steve Luxenburg will be officially announcing some great news. But the biggest announcement by far, may be the following fact…