Breaking MLM News: Vi-Tel Wireless Officially Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Training, and Finalized Two New Strategic Partnership Agreements

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Vi-Tel Wireless Officially Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Training, and Finalized Two New Strategic Partnership Agreements


Vi-Tel Wireless Officially Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Tr…

MLM Wireless News: What Is The Future For Lightyear Wireless

Over the last few years we have kept an eye on Lightyear Wireless which is part of Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC. At one time I made the bold statement “Lightyear Network Solutions could be the next billion dollar telecommunication company.” So where is this company today?

Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc. is the new parent company after doing a reverse merger in 2009. They now run two separate divisions according to the latest financial report – Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC and SE Acquisitions LLC.

In this article I will focus on Lightyear Wireless and what has been happening in this direct sales channel. The latest financials show the wireless channel increased in revenue by $300,000.00 in the latest quarter to $900,000.00 revenues. If they hold steady and do not increase or decrease much in either direction, we can estimate the wireless division will finish the fiscal year around $3.6 million in revenues.

Knowing they lost some top leaders over the last few years, and some of their mid-level leaders were distracted during the MLM Wireless Wars, I believe this is a solid sign, that Lightyear Wireless is still a solid asset of Lightyear Network Solutions Inc.

To strengthen my belief, that wireless is part of the future of the parent company, is the fact they just hired Sean Lloyd, an industry veteran who has had successful runs at Cingular, Nextel and Cricket, before taking the new role as V.P. of Sales. In this role he will oversee the growth of all three distribution channels, agent, direct and retail channels.

Now, I do want to add a little personal insight from studying this industry for the last 24 months. The leaders inside of Lightyear Wireless need to do more than focus on recruiting. Although their recruiting numbers are up, so is the attrition rate of people leaving out the backdoor.

One way to fight this and win, is to help the distributor base understand the power of B2B sales. The most growth we are seeing in the telecommunication industry, especially in the mobile/wireless niche is business sales. 5Linx is a prime example, along with CAN and now new comer Vi-Tel. Long term residual income is found in business sales.

Something else I should cover real quick is the fact, the parent company did miss several Milestones they promised to specific investors and lenders. Due to these missed milestones, Lightyear has made some very important management changes.

Although, I still believe Lightyear has the management, longevity and passion to become a billion dollar telecommunication player. I think, there is a good possibility we will see one of three other scenarios before that happens:

  1. They are bought by a larger player looking to dominate the telecom industry.
  2. They sell or discontinue all non-performing divisions.
  3. They go for broke and buy or merge with a much larger but under performing company. We just watched regional telecom company CenturyLink do this with the purchase of  Embarq, then Quest.

I do want to congratulate the field leaders who have held firm in their belief in Lightyear, and for supporting their field teams. It is the field leaders and their continued belief which has kept Lightyear rolling strong right through the wireless wars!

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Breaking MLM Wireless News: AT&T Buying T-Mobile Where Does That Leave MLM Wireless

Breaking MLM Wireless News: AT&T Buying T-Mobile

Most of the time Breaking MLM Wireless News comes from within the MLM Wireless Niche, however with the announcement of AT&T buying T-Mobile, I feel this is very important for all of the distributors to know and to check with their MLM Wireless Companies to see if and how it might effect them moving forward.

If this deal goes through and most advisers feel it will, without much problem, it raises two major questions:

1. What will happen inside the MLM Wireless Niche

2. Will Verizon go after Sprint to consolidate the field even smaller and to win back their #1 seat?

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Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Investigators Find MLM Wireless Activation King Chris Greco Dead

Breaking MLM Wireless News:

Global Verge Investigators Discover Chris Greco MLM Wireless Activation King Dead!

After 9-months investigating Chris Greco, the self-proclaimed Saddam Husein of MLM Wireless, Global Verge attorney, Brian Hardy notified me late last night, that Global Verge investigators found Chris Greco died on August 29, 1989.

The Complete Global Verge Report can be found at the bottom of this article.

without a doubt this has been one of the craziest weeks in the MLM Wireless Niche. Here is a small recap:

1. Chris Greco, Debbie Holton and Steve Christman break from Kevin Sipes and TechSoft due to unpaid commissions, purported fraud and questionable business tactics which include displaying the following purported proprietary Panther Mobile documentation and other companies such as GiConnect.

2. Micah Collins of reports Bankruptcy Trustee reopens Liberty International no-Asset Bankruptcy – Click To Read!.

3. Brian Hardy, Global Verge’s Attorney announces final Settlement Agreement with Panther Mobile, Inc. And notifies MLM Help Desk that the individual who calls himself Chris Greco, the owner of Activation King Wireless is not the real Chris Greco. That the real Chris Greco died at age 14 in California.

If you have information pertaining to the real identity of the individual who calls himself “Chris Greco” please contact:

Brian R. Hardy, Esq.
Marquis & Aurbach
Office: 702-207-6096
Fax: 702-856-8908
Re: File No. 11429-2

Global Verge Settles With Panther Mobile

MLM Wireless News: Panther Mobile Leadership and Distributors Pull Together To Turn A Huge Corner

If you would have asked me 90 days ago, if Harry Aston could pull Panther out of the ditch it was in, I would have said the following “only if the distributors believe in him, and are willing to help.” And many of you asked that very question. Well, from what we have seen in the last couple of weeks, I must say, the distributors at Panther truly love Aston and came along side of him to create a culture of WINNERS!

Without a doubt Panther Mobile still has an uphill fight to become the standard of excellence in the MLM Wireless Niche, but with the support of their distributors, they are now moving in the right direction. Commissions are now being paid to the field, the branded debit card has shipped to the field, and the social marketing of the company is not in full swing.

Take a second and review some of the videos I found on YouTube produced by Panther Corporate.

MLM Wireless Update: Zoom VOIP Network is Live, and a Lawsuit Against ZRT Mobile is Imminent

I’m going to use this use this MLM Wireless update to set the record straight on a couple of things and to try stop a pending legal action.

One of the things I truly appreciate about Zoom Mobile is they run their operation like a business. When they have issues or concerns, they don’t pussy foot around, Matt Foreman reaches out, and schedules a call. Today was one such call.

I met with Zoom Founder, George Burton, Founding Distributor, Matt Davis, and Chief Legal Counsel, Matthew Foreman to discus the following items of interest.

Is Matt Davis still with Zoom Mobile? The answer is YES! Like any team who has come together to form a new venture, it takes a little time for each team member to figure out where they can thrive. Matt made it clear today, after crisscrossing the country in the Zoom Bus, he realized his real passion is team building in the field, not running a company from the inside.

His passion for the whole Zoom family, and is unwavering loyalty to George Burton personally was truly refreshing.

Zoom VOIP Network – George Burton was stoked when I brought up this question. He shared how this new Zoom VOIP Network will work with traditional landlines and mobile phones. Zoom had a special application designed to use with their wireless phones, and is one more service which George had promised to the field and have now delivered.

He is sending me a phone to text this new platform, so be watching for an upcoming article on this new ZOOM VOIP Service.

Is the rumors of a pending lawsuit against ZRT Mobile true? George Burton addressed this first. He made it very clear he will protect the Zoom brand, and the Zoom distributors privacy at all cost!

“I am not going to set by, and let anyone damage our business. We have invested over a million dollars to launch this company and deliver on our promises.”

Matthew Foreman, made it very clear, he will be filing a civil complaint against ZRT Mobile and several individuals who have made it clear they are the founders of the company.

Matthew was also very clear, that at least one ZRT Founder, had been a former employee of Zoom Mobile, and had copied they distributor database before leaving the company and has made it available to ZRT Mobile for cross solicitation.

Now, if this turns out to be true, and I have no reason to question Matthew Foreman’s then at least one ZRT Founder, may be looking at criminal changes, not just a civil complaint. And if it is proven that ALL the founders of ZRT knew the database was stolen then we may have a criminal conspiracy on our hands.

Launching a competing company in the same niche is Free Enterprise aka Capitalism and I am a proponent of this type of business.

However, when a company is launched by stealing confidential and proprietary information, then I draw the line.

I have received several emails from the founders of ZRT Mobile, along with reading through all the comments on the last Zoom article. Based on what I have read to date, I will be writing an article next week after I have submitted a list of questions to the founders of ZRT Mobile and have received their responses live or in written form.