Breaking MLM Wireless News: ViTel Wireless (ViTel) Launching ViSocial, & Eliminates Monthly Business Fees

ViTel ViFi Hotspot

Earlier this week Vitel completed the implementation and launch of ViSocial; an all in one social marketing system that brings together an extensive suite of social marketing solutions under one integrated web-based service platform that can be offered worldwide.

ViSocial is an integrated suite of social marketing solutions delivered through a web-based service model. Key components of the Platform include:

A unique social media management system that helps you post, track, and manage all of your social profiles from one location. It’s easy to use and sure to help you grow your business and your team. And if you’re too busy to keep up with it all, or don’t totally understand social marketing, turn on the exclusive Autopilot™ feature and let the system do the work for you

When asked to comment, CEO, Scott Rogers, stated “Vitel has deployed a powerful online tool that empowers people to market and promote their business without having to have a PHD. Fully automated social media management and more, so you can do what you do best which is sell and market your products and services.”

The upcoming product launches will include ViText, ViMeet, ViPage, ViCapture, and ViLead. Currently these programs can be found under one roof in the ViSocial suite, however will be offered as standalone products to end users and companies worldwide. (Read The Full Press Release Here)

Vitel Completely Eliminates Monthly Business Cost.

Earlier this week Vitel launched their No Monthly Business Fee Program completely eliminating a monthly cost to remain an active Vitel Independent Business Owner.  According to sources close to the company, Business Owners will only have to pay a one-time enrolment fee that includes “The Vitel Success Kit” and a $79.99 annual fee vs. the previous monthly fee of up to $99.95.



A company spokesperson stated, “Vitel wants to position themselves as a company who puts the Independent Business Owner first and removing the monthly obligations to remain active was the first step to implementing a news system that allows everyone to grow with the company and create better futures for themselves and their families.”

When asked CEO, Scott Rogers expressed,” In today’s marketplace, so many people miss opportunities because of limits.  Vitel means LIFE, and we believe life should be without limits.  So eliminating the monthly business cost, the sky becomes the limit with the ability for us to grow and help others win in today’s tough economy and marketplace.”

“Our goal has always been to create a program anyone could participate in, no matter their current economic position, and allow them to grow and become successful.  What we had discovered is the current model did not give someone the time they needed to build and grow a sustainable income over time without putting the pressures of adding to their monthly expenses.  In these times people just want a chance to make a difference and change their lives and we feel these enhancements will give more people that opportunity,” stated Company COO, James Pearson.

Read The Full Press Release Here



MLM Wireless News Flash: ViTel Wireless Offering $35 Unlimited Everything To First 5000 Subscribers

ViTel Wireless

I just got hit with some major news from Vitel Wireless. With the lowest rate in the MLM Wireless Space sitting around $49, the new Vitel pricing may start a new economic shift in favor of the wireless consumer. With the latest round of tax increases to the average American, I see this as a way one company is working to give back to Middle America in the way of net increase in disposable monthly income. And for those who take advantage of the ViTel Income Opportunity, they could see a double net gain in monthly disposable income.

Vitel Wireless Press Releases Below.

ViTel Wireless




Vitel Wireless, LLC announced this week it is adding what it believes to be a revolutionary pre-paid wireless service to their home services offerings, which will create massive savings and change the face of the direct sales and marketing industries. Just introduced, through a limited offer pre-launch, a $35/month Unlimited Talk, Text and Web prepaid wireless service. Vitel’s goal is to create savings for everyone who uses a wireless phone and utilize their Independent Business Owner Network to market and refer customers, allowing individuals to share in the wealth previously controlled by large Telecom companies and advertising agencies.

Vitel will offer this service “At No Extra Charge” when you join Vitel as an Independent Business Owner and allow you to earn simply by referring new customers to this service. The company states by eliminating the need for large advertising dollars, they are able to shift the revenues to pay their Independent Business Owners for sharing and promoting this cost saving service. Vitel believes it can use their current network, which reaches about 1 million people daily through their various social media and web channels. When asked, COO James Pearson stated, “This really makes sense, we have been increasing our footprint in the Home Services front for the last 2 years by offering great services by name brand companies and now we have finally found a service that can save everyone money each month and when you combine that with our ever growing popular business model it is a home run. You can now not only save money, but earn $25 per customer you refer. It is a win, win for all and given the barrier of entry at only $69.95, you can be in business earning extra money today and get incredible wireless service. This is Big not only for Vitel, but the entire industry.”

Vitel has indicated that the Pre-Launch will be available to the first 5,000 people who join. During the prelaunch they indicated customers can also take advantage of this $35/ Unlimited, Talk, Text and Web service. Vitel estimates the pre-launch should generate 5,000 customers in 72 hours.

Vitel Wireless is not new to the technology sector; offering wireless phones both pre-paid and postpaid, mobile hotspots, home security, satellite television, and much more. So if Vitel is not new to the technology sector. Vitel is a direct sales and marketing company which encourages self-growth and entrepreneurship by offering the consumer an opportunity to earn money while promoting Vitel home services products. Shad Johnson, a product director for Vitel, states, “It’s actually pretty simple; start your own business for $69.95 and receive Wireless service with unlimited talk, text and web. But that’s not all. Vitel will offer every business owner who refers 3 in a week and extra $50 bonus for a total of $125 for simply for sharing.

Vitel also has a bonus program to eliminate your household bills and when asked Scott Rogers, CEO, said, “The message is simple; Refer 3 and we will pay one of your bills.” Vitel offers individuals the chance to own their own business and one of the ways they are compensated is by us paying one of their household bills.”

When asked to elaborate he stated, “You start your own business; you receive a marketing plan and free wireless service for your phone, new or existing, for only $69.95 for the first month. If you duplicate this three times in one week you will have earned a minimum of $125 paid to you the following week. But you don’t have to be a member to get this cost saving service, the $35 Unlimited plan is available to all consumers who wish to save money on their Wireless Service.


Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC (Vitel), was founded in 2010 and is currently located in Spring, TX. Vitel is a direct sales and marketing company that offers home services and products that people use every day. Vitel offers its Independent Business Owners their very own website to market and sell name brand products and services and the ability to earn income for referring customers. Vitel offers a bonus program that eliminates your household bills no matter which service provider you are using. They call this bonus program “The Freedom Club.”




On Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Vitel Wireless announced they will offer a $35 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web, non-contract, wireless plan which will be available through a pre-launch in mid-February. According to corporate insiders this new plan will be available to their current independent business owners as well as retail customers through a pre-sale offer limited to the first 5,000 individuals. Vitel expects to hit their goal within the first 72 hours of pre-launch.

Vitel Wireless is a direct sales and marketing company that offers products and services that are used every day by millions of people. By adding a $35 unlimited wireless plan, Vitel is set to expand its home services offering into the rapidly growing pre-paid sector of the wireless industry that is set to reach revenues of $25.3 Billion by 2015. The company offers these services through its network of independent business owners who are compensated for referring customers versus paying high advertising costs to promote the products and services directly. The company will now offer anyone looking to become an independent business owner a $35 Unlimited wireless plan at no extra charge. Not only will you receive your wireless plan when you join, but Vitel will pay you simply for referring customer and or new business owners who take advantage of this offer.

Vitel Independent Business Owners who join for $69.95 will also receive a $35 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web non-Contract wireless service and activated Sim card at no extra cost. As a Vitel business Owner you will earn $25 for every customer referral and an extra $50 bonus if you refer 3 customers in a week for a total of $125.

When asked, James Pearson, COO of Vitel stated, “In these economic times we, as a company believe everyone, not just big business, should be able to earn from sharing these services. Not only does this service save you money, Vitel gives you a vehicle to earn extra income simply for sharing these cost saving services. The Prepaid Wireless industry is setting the bar for savings and low cost wireless programs that benefit everyone, no matter your economic situation, so it just makes sense to expand our home services offerings to the prepaid sector.”


Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC (Vitel), was founded in 2010 and is currently located in Spring, TX. Vitel is a direct sales and marketing company that offers home services and products that people use every day. Vitel offers its Independent Business Owners their very own website to market and sell name brand products and services and the ability to earn income for referring customers. Vitel offers a bonus program that eliminates your household bills no matter which service provider you are using. They call this bonus program “The Freedom Club.”

MLM Wireless News: Vitel Wireless Honors Pioneers for Reaching Regional Vice President

ViTel Wireless

Vitel honored Lee Bane and Edwin Castillo earlier this week for reaching the top position of Regional Vice President. Edwin and Lee have a combined 35 years’ experience in the Home-Based Business and Network Marketing Industry. Lee, one of the eldest to reach this position, and Edwin, the youngest RVP to date, partnered together to create Elite Marketing International, LLC and together have helped Vitel grow the company to the level it has reached today.

Lee Bane, was born in Pomona, CA , has been happily married since 1987 and he has 3 beautiful children. Since receiving his Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps in 1990, he was introduced to the incredible Network Marketing Industry. Lee has been forging relationships in the industry ever since. Lee has s a keen eye for a good opportunity, when he sees one.

When asked about Vitel, Lee replied, “Vitel is the best opportunity I have ever seen. I have learned over time that your organization, no matter how big it is, is built primarily by part-time people who have a full-time job. These people want a life. They want to have something to look forward to. Network Marketing is that something. Network Marketing is for everyone from the average person to the superstar, why? For as little as zero out of pocket a person can join a network marketing business and literally change their life forever!

Vitel makes it easy because it is very affordable (average only $100 per month and you don’t have to become a sales person or a scientist to market their products and services. They are products and services that people use and in a lot of cases need every day. Items such as cell phones and plans, cable TV, internet and now even discount electric and natural gas for your home and/or business. We invite everyone who is looking for a real opportunity to join our team, GO TO WORK and change your life forever!”

When asked, What do you credit to your success? Lee stated, “It is because of my belief in what I do and my burning desire for true financial freedom. The power of your mind is the key… as you think, so shall you be”.

Edwin Castillo, was born in Los Angeles, California, however has strong family ties and ethnic roots to El Salvador. At the age of 20 he graduated from a private college that focused on business and he received his Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology. Edwin has been recognized throughout his career as one of the Top Latino Leaders in the Network Marketing Industry. He has used his 12 years of experience in Network Marketing, specifically in the Latino Market, to help lay a foundation for Vitel’s International expansion.

When asked about his philosophy on sales techniques and building a business, Edwin states,” Either you sell your prospect on what you are offering or you let the prospect sell you on a reason why he can’t buy or join you in your business, either way a sale is always made, ask yourself a question who is going to close who; You or your prospect? GOD gifted me the heart and burning desire to be relentless, if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he or she has imagined, he or she will be destined to meet with success, and their dreams will turn into a reality.” In Fact, Walt Disney said it best: “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Lee & Edwin have a saying that they love share with everyone; it goes like this… “This is NetWORK Marketing, not NetHOPE, NOT Net WISH, not NetI’LL THINK ABOUT IT” Marketing… It’s NetWORK Marketing”. We hope you will always remember that. They also want you to remember this… “in the early stages of your Network Marketing business, you will work hard and really not see much happening. But, it is the compounding of those efforts over time that really will change your life. Thank you Vitel Family for this incredible opportunity!”


As Pioneers and founding members of Vitel Lee and Edwin shared the vision, of the CEO, Scott Rogers, early on and began to forge a relationship with Vitel when the only products being offered were Wireless phones and plans. Lee and Edwin were already successful marketers with established companies and sizeable organizations, but as they would tell you, they just had to look into Vitel. “Everyone has a cell phone and their might be something here.” After taking a closer look there was no turning back and they have worked closely ever since with the Corporate founders to help build, shape and mold this company.

When CEO, Scott Rogers & COO, James Pearson were asked “What do you guys admire most about Lee and Edwin?” Scott replied, “When Ed and Lee came to me and said “We get it.” It wasn’t just talk, they immediately showed what “We get it!” meant. They truly took a leap of faith with our company. We were still in the beginning stages and did not have everything in place to get us to where we envisioned Vitel would be. Ed and Lee didn’t let that stop them; they simply went to work and never looked back. The pure determination and willingness to challenge their selves is what makes their partnership a real team and solid mentors for Vitel and for others alike. Many wouldn’t have taken the risk they chose to take, they were relentless and fearless which is why they are sitting where they are today! We are proud to have them call Vitel home!”

James Pearson stated, “Lee and Edwin have been implemental in development of the Vitel system. Not just the message, but the back office and support systems. They have worked closely with me and my staff to make sure we have the best support, systems and products to offer. They are not just relentless about building their business, they are relentless in the pursuit of perfection and they drive me and the corporate staff to be better daily so we can provide a solid platform and great company to join. Much of the company’s success should be attributed to Edwin and Lee for their commitment and desire to see Vitel be a success and help thousands of family’s worldwide.

MLM Company Review: Solavei Mobile Service Powered by Relationships

Over the last few weeks we have received countless requests to review Solavei the newest MLM wireless company to enter the MLM Wireless space. Without a doubt this company has fantastic management and marketing. My only concern is after going through the MLM Wireless Wars of 2009-2011 I saw 18 months of devastation for many network marketing reps.

Ryan Wuerch

Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share, and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei’s initial product offering is affordable, no-contract, unlimited voice, text, and data services throughout the United States. It operates as an MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.

“We are going to make a difference in people’s lives by shifting billions of dollars from traditional mass-media advertising into the greatest advertising vehicle today — people. Solavei is the first company to create an economic linkage between mobile service, social commerce, and social networking technology. We give people the opportunity to earn income by using and promoting the services they are already consuming each and every day.”

– Ryan Wuerch, CEO of Solavei

MLM Wireless Company Solavei Now In Pre-Launch

MLM Wireless Company Solavei Compensation Plan

MLM Press Release: ViTel Wireless Holding The First Super Saturday Featuring CEO Scott Rogers June 9th In Memphis

ViTel Wireless

ViTel Wireless Super Saturday
WHEN:    Saturday, June 9, 2012

WHERE: Double Tree Hotel

185 Union Ave., Memphis, TN 38103

Phone: (901) 528-1800

                       For Directions Visit: 

     9:00am – 2:00pm Central

                 (Registration-Welcome 9am – 9:30am) 


Please Register Below If You Plan To Attend


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Breaking MLM News: Vitel Brings Banking to the Network Marketing Industry

ViTel Wireless

Scott Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of ViTel Wireless and ViTel Business Solutions shot me over their latest press release announcing Vitel's move into the banking industry. This is the first network marketing company I have seen make a more quite like this.

ViTel Wireless

Source – ViTel Wireless May 16th 2012

Vitel Wireless (Vitel) has officially launched a virtual bank account/debit card program, further expanding its suite of home services products. The company has forged new partnerships and key alliances with some of the biggest names in that sector to bring this product to the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industry. Vitel’s business owners will now be able to market and promote the advantages of their pre-paid debit card program. Traditionally, banks and credit card companies have charged service fees to maintain and use their accounts. Until now, banks and credit card companies have passed the fees onto consumers and business owners, thus making this a major profit center for their respective institutions. Vitel’s new program changes the game by allowing its business owners to distribute and sell virtual bank accounts and earn income off of everyday usage from the card swipes that take place from account holders debit cards. Business owners can now claim some of those fees back from the banking and merchant processing companies.

This pre-paid pilot program will be the first step in launching a full suite of virtual banking products that will allow its business owners to take advantage of what the Banking and Credit Card industries have for decades. Its distributors will be able to earn commissions on the purchase of the debit/credit cards as well as earn continuing commissions on every swipe or usage of that card. Business owners will also earn residual commissions when the cards are set up for direct deposit and maintain a minimum monthly deposit. Vitel states the power of this program will be the flexibility to market and sell this product to everyone, everywhere, without them having to become a Vitel business owner. This program will also allow its business owners to effectively post links, advertisements, and promotional offers anywhere on the World Wide Web, not restricting them to just their own replicated website.

When asked about the vision for this product, CEO, Scott Rogers, states, “This will be a continuing shift of wealth back into the everyday small business owner’s hands. This allows them to claim some of the profits that big companies and big banks would normally receive, thus furthering the cause of putting more money into the little guy’s hands, giving them the opportunity to succeed.”

Vitel believes this product will bring a “breath of fresh air to the Network Marketing Community.” The company has positioned itself to become a complete home services reseller and has a vision to eventually help everyone replace their current home services products with Vitel’s reseller programs allowing them to earn commissions, not only on what they sell, but what they use every day.
ABOUT Vitel:

Vitel is a leading direct reseller for wireless products and services. Vitel is the destination for the best priced wireless products, home services and innovative cell phone reseller programs. Vitel provides business owners their own website to market and sell their products as well as introduce others into their business. The site gives an online wireless store that enables customers to buy directly from distributor’s replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized independent distributor of Vitel. The availability of all products being located on each distributor’s site gives distributor’s customers more choices in one place. One major goal of Vitel is to create a one-stop shop for all wireless and home service needs. The company also provides sales tracking, training, support, direct deposit, and many other business related tools to its network of resellers. Vitel delivers a one of a kind turnkey wireless online business instantly to its new distributor’s.
For more information visit or by phone (877) 778-8997.

“This Thursday 05/17/2012 7:30PM CST “Banking Go’s MLM!, find out the details and invite guests! Dial: (805)399-1200 code=54604

NLC International aka NLC Wireless Terminate Brandon Ivey Exposing Their Member Agreement As A Possible Employee Contract

Lat night and today I received a public notice and a thread of emails from the CEO of NLC International Hao D Nguyen. I have to say it has been a while since I have seen a company or CEO who is so unfriendly to distributors.

Warning To NLC Members aka Distributors: 

NLC International Accepts PayPal as payment for Members To Join! This Action Is 100% Out Of Compliance With PayPal’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy.  Updated April 16, 2012) 

Now, with that said, Brandon had already decided to leave NLC International aka NLC Wireless to move to a new company do in part to compensation changes and a break down in open communication with NLC founder Mr. Nguyen. However, in talking with Brandon, he had decided to wait on making any kind of move until he had received his March commissions earned while still focused on NLC.

However, Mr. Nguyen, decided on payday to terminate Brandon Ivey and hold his rightful commissions. This is not ethical, and I have already send Brandon to the V.P. of Distributor Rights Brian McMullen at the Association of Network Marketing Professionals so we can start a full investigation and get Brandon his commissions.

Sadly, all Mr. Nguyen would need to do is pay him what he has earned and this issue could be put to rest. However, in reviewing the string of emails today it seems Mr. Nguyen is already slamming other companies in the network marketing community driving a wedge even further between himself and this community.

All network marketing founders, executives and distributors should be collaborating together to make this community and the companies the best in the world for people to earn a solid residual income. However, in NLC International’s case, they do not seem to believe there is a need to work within the best practices that have been established. Here are a few case in points.

1. The NLC Member (distributor) agreement reads as an employment contract, stating that the member is “employed” by NLC.
2. The Member Agreement, states the company at its convenience “at will” terminate the member.
3. The Member Agreement states the member can’t do any other business which NLC International feels is in direct competition.
4. When Member dies they Agreement is terminated upon the death or disability of the member.

Did I mention the spelling errors… Something you do not usually see in an agreement prepared and reviewed by an attorney!

This is down right scary and we will be following up to make sure Brandon Ivey receives the commissions he is owed.

As for other NLC Members… You need to make sure you fully understand that under IRS Rules, if they start to investigate, they may classify you as employees of NLC International based on this agreement, and not independent contractors as the Agreement states you are paid as!

Brandon Ivey Public Statement On His Termination From Nlc International aka NLC Wireless

NLC International Membership Agreement