Global Verge Warns People Helping People CEO Derrick Rodgers To Cease and Desist

I mentioned a few weeks ago the Global Verge was going after all the companies and individuals who were harming the potential future of their brand and the financial future of their e-associates. Well, here is the latest on the MLM Wireless War.

UPDATE: According to PHP Reps the CEO of PHP is not the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers as reported by the highlt visited site

After reading several emails over the weekend from concerned PHP reps, and the unofficial responses from field leaders, and the one response from Derrick Rodgers, the following questions seem valid.

1. How many of the founding distributors of PHP have or will be receiving Cease & Desist notices from Global Verge? Especially the leaders of Global Group, which was the purported largest leg in Global Verge.

2. Why has Derrick Rodgers and the top field leaders not addressed this officially with Global Verge?

3. Is the CEO of PHP truly the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers or someone else?

4. What happens to the dreams of the field force, if what Global Verge states in the C&D is found true in a court of law?

5. What is the future of People Helping People? Will it become a Global Verge division?

7. Who are the true equity partners of People Helping People Inc?

8. Was Derrick Rodgers really trying to borrow 50k before the Raleigh convention?

9. Is the lack of funds why the people did not get what they were told they would at the convention?

Once again, I am concerned a wireless company hyped their propaganda and distributors may get hurt.

Read the info below then share your thoughts with us.

One thing I can say for sure, the upcoming five part series on Global Verge should be very interesting and thought provoking.

Global Verge Issues Cease and Desist Against Derrick Rodgers CEO of People Helping People

CEO Derrick Rodgers Responds to Global Verge Cease & Desist

ProxyComm Advanced Communication Services Is Not A MLM Distributor Friendly Company

ProxyComm aka ProxyComm Advanced Communication Services, LLC is not a MLM wireless company, that is distributor friendly, and may very well be operating as an MLM pyramid.

After receiving several emails and reading comments here at MLM Help Desk, we decided to review the company again.

We did not post earlier this year, because the company was very open and straightforward (or at least seemed to be), stating because of $1 million dollars in fraud charges on their VIOP wireless services, they were suspending commission payments and forming a new company.

They also stated ALL commissions owed would be paid. However, evidence seems to point to the fact this did not happen, and in the month of October they missed more commission payments.

John Peterson

I have personally reached out to the Co-Founder and CEO, John Peterson for some answers, before I come right out and state they are a MLM Scam.

However, I will say based on their current “Legal Document” which is a part of the ProxyComm distributor agreement, ProxyComm is not a MLM distributor friendly company, and does not meet the standards published by the Distributors Rights Associate.

There of questions I have to ask Mr. Peterson, and I have given him until Monday December 7, 2009 to respond to my phone message.

If I have not heard form him by then, I will be left with no choice but to publish all of our findings, and go on the premise ProxyComm fully understand what they are doing, and are purposely refusing to pay their distributors their rightfully earned commissions.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News Global Verge Stand Before Attorney Generals Answering Questions

MLM Wireless News: Global Verge stand before Attorney Generals answering questions about their business. This was bound to happen with the amount of complaints and questions flowing into their offices from law enforcement agencies, current distributors, former distributors, journalists, and competitors just trying to cause issues.

However, going before the AGs is not a bad thing in and of itself. Over the years while I was running ProSTEP I went before the AG in Florida a few times, and each time I was able to learn what was expected of us from the Attorney General. And for anyone who has been in this position, you know the Florida AG is NOT MLM Friendly.

With that said, I do have concerns on the way Jim Hilman and the Triple Diamonds are still hyping events which are taking place in and around Global Verge. I can say that Jim Hilman’s call last night was a solid call from the business opportunity standpoint. He did not hide from the issues, and if I were a GV rep, I would be using him for 3-way calls on a daily basis.

Now, the first thing I want to share is the Triple Diamond call from last Friday…