Breaking MLM Wireless News: AT&T Buying T-Mobile Where Does That Leave MLM Wireless

Breaking MLM Wireless News: AT&T Buying T-Mobile

Most of the time Breaking MLM Wireless News comes from within the MLM Wireless Niche, however with the announcement of AT&T buying T-Mobile, I feel this is very important for all of the distributors to know and to check with their MLM Wireless Companies to see if and how it might effect them moving forward.

If this deal goes through and most advisers feel it will, without much problem, it raises two major questions:

1. What will happen inside the MLM Wireless Niche

2. Will Verizon go after Sprint to consolidate the field even smaller and to win back their #1 seat?

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Does Lightyear Network Solutions Financials Tell The Whole Story Behind Lightyear Wireless

Since J. Sherman “Sherm” Henderson took Lightyear public in a reverse merger, people from all MLM niches have done their best to use the new public financial information to sway Lightyear Wireless reps to jump ship and move to a new company.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the quarterly Financial Reports of any publicly traded company should be reviewed completely so you and your team know exactly what you are getting yourselves into.

However, the financials only give you part of the story. The rest you will find by getting to know the founder, the corporate officers, the employees who are the backbone of the operation and most of the the field force who are on the ground daily selling the services or product to the general public.

In the case of Lightyear, when you take time to do some research on Sherman Henderson, you quickly realize he is far more than a dreamer, he is a pioneering visionary in the telecommunication industry…

Inc Magazine 1998
Phone Plus Channel Partner of the Year
Phone Plus Executive of the Year

In March of this year Business First of Louisville wrote this story on Sherman and Lightyear.

So, now we need to ask ourselves, the following questions. Does Lightyear Wireless have the best opportunity to lead the MLM Wireless Revolution?

Let’s take a look at two of their marketing videos to see what they have to offer today to the customers they service and the distributors they are attracting.

Also, in reviewing the retail site given to reps, I could the following information which I found very positive.

Lightyear Wireless allows they reps to market the following services:

XStream VoIP
Virtual VoIP
Local & Long Distance
Cable TV & Broadband Services
Dish Network Satellite TV
Protect America Home Security

Lightyear has also just launched their You + Three = FREE Promotion which is driving momentum these days.

Lightyear Wireless You + Three = Free

Here is a snapshot of the front page of the retail rep sites at Lightyear Wireless.

Jim Bartlett Lightyear

Well, there is no doubt the MLM Wireless Niche has plenty of room for several MLM Wireless companies. The question I have is…

Who will step up to the plate to compete with Lightyear Network Solutions and their MLM Division Lightyear Wireless?

There has never been another Excel Communications in Long Distance, ACN, Tupperware, Avon, PrePaid Legal, Primerica, Watkins, Shaklee or Mary Kay. Several have tried, but none have come close or lasted any length of time.

Is the same going to happen in the MLM Wireless Niche?

Tell us what you think!

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MLM Wireless War Update The Winners, Wounded and Dead MLM Mobile Companies

MLM Wireless War Update: The winners, wounded and the dead MLM mobile companies. Just think last year at this time few people were even focused on MLM Wireless Companies. Now we are seeing internationally respected magazines picking up the story and sharing the good, bad and ugly.

Well let’s take a look at the biggest to the smallest MLM Telecommunication Companies.

1. ACN – The World’s Largest Direct Seller of Telecommunication Services.

2. 5Linx – Leading the MLM VOIP Telecommunication industry by offering cutting edge technology.

3. Lightyear Wireless – Changing the way the world views wireless services.

4. GI Connect – Any Time, Anywhere, Any Place.

Those are the top four straight MLM Telecommunication companies. The bulk of their services focus on some form of traditional wireless or VOIP technology.

Now let’s take a look at the new legitimate MLM Wireless companies. In order not to upset the apple cart, I will list them in alphabetical order.

1. Financial Destinations – came on to the scene strong, but due to different cultures, they decided it would be in the best interest of their distributors to end their original strategic partnership, and move in a different direction. I am currently starting to beta test their new FDIVoice service and will do a series of articles after the test is complete.

2. TeleVerus – Seeing a change coming in MLM, TraVerus founder David Manning entered into the MLM Wireless war, with a strong balance sheet, and a vision to go all the way. However, due to the fact VOIP wireless is still very unstable, and causing a blemish on an otherwsie solid reputation, TeleVerus is halting the marketing of VOIP wireless until they have a solid product. We will be doing a three party series on TraVerus in January of 2010.

3. WOW Mobile – Liberty International founder Randy Jeffers saw an opportunity to fill a void and launched WOW Mobile. However, like David Manning, he quickly realized the VOIP technology is not ready for retail use just yet. He has teamed up with T-Mobile to offer a solid wireless service, and is halting the sales of VOIP cell phones until the technology is stable. I am beta testing technology with WOW to help create a solid platform.

Now let’s look at a couple of MLM Wireless Companies which we classify MLM Scams or MLM pyramids.

1. Global Mobile 1 – Global Verge launched Buzzirk Mobile telling the world they would be offering the first of its kind super Wireless Phone. Soon, they switched their story, and relaunched Global Mobile 1, and are offering discount cell service through distributors and retail outlets, competing with their distributors. They have continually changed their stories, and blame the field for their problems. This is the third time the owners have played this shell game.

2. ProxyComm – This company closed its doors after we went public with the fact they screwed their distributors, not once but twice. Their claim to fame was their unlimited VOIP service. The company founder stated he closed the company due to fraud. However, he and others on his corporate team claim to have long tenures in telecommunication and technology security. I fine it hard to believe a company who’s founders are experts could experience continued fraud. During the period of the purported fraud the founders launched a new company with no compensation plan.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge Is Still At The Same Old Grifter Stalling Game

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge is still at the same old stalling game. It’s now the August 31st, 2009, no phones and July commissions are not yet paid. This is a classic move of Grifters trying to keep the shell game moving forward.

Update: Global Verge has paid out the July commissions to the field!!!!!!

Now, from the latest Global Verge call we know the following:

1. July commissions are not paid
2. No special phone or technology has been released
3. Global Verge is trying to get their reps to market the other services
4. They have a new website
5. They are almost a year old (as Global Verge) and still do not have their act together.

So let’s listen to what Ted has to say, and ask some very important questions.


Ok, so let me get this right… 50 people kept 20K or more from getting paid July commissions?

1. When will July commissions really be paid?
2. Will August commissions be on time?
3. If XennSoft is one of the best MLM software companies supporting the likes of MonaVie, then why can’t they get it right a little company like Global Verge… What is the real issue?


OK, let me get this right… People who were in the Global Verge home office for an Open House, were using the phones and Ted couldn’t use one for the call?

1. Why didn’t Ted have some of those reps on the call to brag about how great the new phones are?
2. Why doesn’t Global Verge send me a phone for 30 days ready to use, so I can blog about how the phones work?
3. Why doesn’t Ted have Valery do a Press Release on the new contracts which have been signed with the new company?
4. Who is the new company?
5. Is this just another stall tactic to keep money rolling through the door, to pay those who were their first?


The site does look pretty good for a corporate site. And the video below does give a good overview of the Global Verge products and services.

However, the question this brings up, is what will the replicating sites look like? If they look like the corporate site, then I would not call this an MLM company, I would call it a super-affiliate company.

Here is the new product and service video, which, again from a corporate standpoint is pretty good. It is a little staged, but I would expect that from a PR Firm.

Here are the questions that come to mind from the site and this video.

1. What does “coming soon” really mean to Global Verge?
2. How can you charge the consumer more money than the cost you are paying when the products are so expensive already?
3. With the economy already hurting so many folks locally, why would I want to buy something online, when I know it could cause the local retail store to close and my friends or I could be out of a job?
4. What is the Unique Sales Proposition of Global Verge Today?

Ted states “no other company is doing what we are doing with “Hub Marketing.” Well I would beg to differ. Here is a small list of companies who market using the same Hub Marketing business strategy.

Market America
Fortune High-Tech Marketing
Team National
Escape International (Aisle19)

So, please explain how these companies differ? Except for the fact a few of these are listed by wholesale volume as top 100 MLM companies based on doing $100 million or more annually.

Well, in closing I can state the following…

I still believe Global Verge is nothing more than a gravy train for a few grifters who could not make it in a legitimate MLM company. If you go a Google search on some of the top names in Global Verge you will quickly see where they have represented several companies over the last few months (years), and always seem to have an excuse for failing and moving on.

I still believe there are some great leaders in Global Verge who are doing all they can to turn this company into a legitimate business opportunity. However, they do not control the company, and I am not convenced they can pull it off.

Global Verge lost it’s Catagory Creating position whe Zer01 could not deliver on the technology, and cancelled the exclusive contract. I also believe Global Verge had some inside corporate espionage, and should file criminal complaints against some of their past corporate employees.

All, in all, I would not look at Global Verge as a company I would want to put the future of my family.

Here is the complete call.

Never Give Up,