Vemma News: Vemma The Nutrition For Life Company Launches Chris Powell Shake And more…

Chris Powell Challenge

Lynn McGovern who rocks the world for Vemma as the Public and Communitive Relations point person, shor me an email announcing the launch of the Chris Powell Shakes. Then BK short me an email with one short message…

I feel this co branded shake could wind up to be the biggest thing I’ve done in my 17 years.

Chris Powell Vemma Shakes

As I read over BK’s statement I got to thinking about all the other successful products and marketing moves he has made in the last 17 years, and I decided that he might be right. But… I think Verve and the passion the VEMMA GenY Brand Partners have at making it he #1 Healthy Energy Drink in the world might be running a close second.

Chris Powell Challenge
Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly

Plexus Slim Ambassadors Have A New World Headquaters

As the Plexus Ambassador community continues to grow and provide people from all over the ability to get healthy while improving their own lives, we here at Plexus Home Office are growing as well!

We have hired more Customer Service Representatives, improved our shipping turnaround time, and today we have our first day at the new Plexus building!

Our new address is:
Plexus Worldwide, Inc.
15649 E. Greenway-Hayden Loop
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Check out some pictures of our new location!

We are also pleased to announce the promotion of Alex Eldridge as our new Recognition Specialist, and Reisha Ragosta as our new Compliance Agent. Congratulations to these two for achieving new “Ranks” at Plexus Home Office!

Breaking MLM News: VEMMA Just Entered The MLM Shake Business With Chris Powell!

Vemma Bod-e


This weekend we’ll be making a pretty big announcement regarding our Bod-e line. Quick little story, when we launched the line, I didn’t know who Chris Powell was and I wanted to stand out and be different. So, I made the decision to not do a shake. Then I met Chris and signed him and his wife. Things have been great with the line in the US and Europe. In fact, Europe had $1 million in presales and last month, their first $1 million month with the Bod-e brand. The US is a little under $3 million a month with the brand so I’m very happy 9 months into the launch.

Dr. Wang and Chris design a shake unlike any other shake on the market. We’ve done that and we’ll be sampling it at Tom Alkazin’s Regional event this Saturday. It’s pretty amazing and I’ll send you both the first bags off the production run. Chris says this really completes the Bod-e line and when you combine it with our app and eating plan, it’s really head and shoulders above the competition. This event will be UStreamed on and looped all weekend so our Brand Partners in 50 countries can tune in.

We’ll launch this shake in two flavors on November 1st in the US. Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream…like all of our products, it’s the best tasting shake on the market and also has Vemma in it. Our R&D team really studied and pulled apart the top 15 MLM and retail shakes in the industry and there’s a huge gap between ours and anything else. From the taste to the ingredients to the packaging, I’m actually super excited about this launch. My goal is to have this shake in 40 of our 50 countries by January 1st. Since it’s listed as a food, it’s way easier to get in to these markets.

You combine this with the explosion in the #YPR (Young People Revolution) market with Verve (have you checked out ?), we can get the young people and the boomers (they call themselves BOOM! Revolution) with one company. After all, 50% of the world’s population is under 30 and 50% is over 30. BTW, Verve is tracking to become a 2 million can a month brand by the end of this year.

Really amazing what these young people are pulling off. These young people are really tapping into the ‘grocery dollars’ mentality where these kids are already buying Monster, Red Bull, etc. They just switch their buying dollars. Well, with this shake, Bod-e for the first time gets to tap into that mentality where people can actually save money
by not spending $$ of meals and replacing them with our shake. This I’m super excited about especially in markets like India, Mexico, Eastern Europe where incomes are tight. It’s tough to get people to spend more on a supplements in these markets. This should really help to unlock massive volume there.

That’s it Troy. If you want to give this story any love, can you wait til Saturday? It’s pretty cool that 7+ years into Vemma, I’m more pumped today than ever before!

Thanks for listening,


MLM Company News: Yoli Setting Month After Month Records Because Of The Success Of The Yoli Nation

Yoli has been setting new double digit growth records month after month since the release of the Yoli Better Body System. Now, having tested the Better Body System personally I can say it does work; I lost 15 lbs, in 6 weeks. However, a great weight management system is only as good as the team which shares with the world how great it is. Check out the success of the Yoli Nation.

Yoli Recognizes The Top Yoli Nation Leaders