MLM Help Desk Weekly Update On MLM Companies and MLM Scam Alerts

MLM Help Desk weekly update on MLM companies and MLM Scam Alerts. This is going to be an active week, and we are truly excited about some of the upcoming articles.

Here is what you can be watching for…

We will be proving the first of three in depth articles on GI Connect.

We will be doing a three to five part series on New Vision and Vemma, sharing how the founding family behind this company, the Boreyko’s have weathered some hard storms over the years has they carved out a niche for their members.

We are going to be a huge series on MonaVie and how the Larson Brothers along with their good friend Henry Marsh overcame the frustrations of one company, to launch what has become an international success.

We’re going to cover eFusjon and see if this company is truly a MLM Scam, or if they can pull off a turn around and save the hard work of their distributors.

It is going to be a busy, but productive week.

If you want us to do a series on your company, have your corporate leadership contact us.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly