MLM Company Review: Ocean Avenue Chief Science Officer, Franco Cavaleri Shares His Passion For Nutritional Empowerment

A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with Ocean Avenue CSO, Franco Cavaleri, for a private conversation so I could better understand his passion for Nutritional Empowerment. What he shared about his discoveries on helping people develop their own ageless performance, and how in most cases the answers are found within each person.


Cavaleri went on to explain how he teamed up with Ocean Avenue to take his science and apply it to each of their five products Whey Beyond, Empower, Invigorate, Whey Smart, Focus Energy.

Let’s take a look at Franco Cavaleri’s background and what makes him a unique choice as a Chief Science Officer!

Franco Cavaleri CSO ocean Avenue

Prof Franco Cavaleri BSc NB, a prominent nutritional biochemist, is the founder of multiple successful health research and development corporations each serving different niches: Champion’s Choice Advanced Nutrition, a sports nutrition company; Biologic Nutritional Research Inc., a health and wellness company. More recent corporate start ups include Biologic Publishing Inc., a company focussed on publishing and education, and Biologic Nutrigenomics, a company focused on researching nutrient-gene interactions related to health and disease. Franco Cavaleri is the Chief Science Office of and an equity partner in Ocean Avenue.

Cavaleri’s mission and philosophy is conveyed through these corporations to provide education and other means for humans to maximize health, performance and personal potential in life. BiologicVETTM is an additional brand of nutritional supplements designed by Cavaleri to maximize health and quality of life for cats and dogs. Cavaleri is also the author of the best- selling Potential Within: A Guide To Nutritional Empowerment.

Potential Within Franco Cavaleri

Cavaleri graduated from the University of British Columbia, where he majored in Nutritional Science and Biochemistry. His postgraduate work was taken out of the education system and into private research in a move to maintain commercial control and corporate ownership of the cutting edge nutrient – based pharmacological property. He continues to focus on the latest gene-related and insulin-related nutraceutical research working with human, canine and other models (species-specific nutrigenomics).

Alphahelix DNA Protein

Franco Cavaleri has been a regular lecturer to pharmacy and other health care students of post secondary institutions introducing the pharmacology and drug interactions of some key nutraceuticals and how they too relate to nutrigenomic activity. The Drug Interactions Database of this website displays the fruits of this research work.

His efforts in scientific research and development of nutrient-gene interactions have resulted in widespread recognition in the health industry, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Alive Formulation awards in addition to best-seller status for his book, POTENTIAL WITHIN, A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment. POTENTIAL WITHIN is sold in book stores, pet stores and health food stores in North America.

He is a sought after consultant and speaker on human and pet health issues throughout North America and overseas, as well as a frequent television guest and a regular contributor to numerous magazines. Cavaleri’s professional path was inspired by his own recovery from a life threatening disease, much to the amazement of medical professionals. With the belief that intelligent nutrition can be life-changing and metabolic correction the true treatment for disease, he has set out to share his message with consumers and health care professionals world wide.

A former soccer player and competitive bodybuilder, Cavaleri has won several titles including the pro-qualifier, IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships. Today, he serves as CEO, president, and research director of Biologic Publishing Inc and Biological Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp. ( and is an adviser to industry companies and organizations involved in human and animal nutrition. He has been part of the monograph collection and drafting for the CFIA (Canadian Government Food Inspection Agency) NPN (Natural Product Number) human health care initiative.

In April of 2004, Franco was inducted into the CHFA’s (Canadian Health Food Association) Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame for his efforts and contributions to the health care and sports nutrition industries. He also sits on the board of the Canadian Sports Nutrition Association.He has founded three corporations in the past twenty years, each revolving around human and animal performance and wellness – Champions Choice Advanced Nutrition, Biologic Nutritional Research Inc. These two companies have become part of corporate mergers while Franco continues his scientific research today through Biologic Publishing Inc. and Biological Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp.

In 2008 Biologic Publishing Inc launches Health Blog and Nutrient-Drug Interactions database (>9000 research supported drug-nutrient-nutraceutical interactions) developed from years of Franco Cavaleri’s investigative work.

In 2009, Franco Cavaleri completed a breakthrough trial in relation to genetic activation and modulation by a highly specialized herbal fraction; the scientific validation for autoimmune augmentation that he has used personally to overcome amazing challenges and reach world class athletic status. These natural pharmacological agents have been applied by Mr. Cavaleri to treat N of 1 cases of autoimmunity under his direction with unfathomable but irrefutable success. The success of this broader pilot trial has set the stage for an inflection point on how chronic inflammation and autoimmunity are treated. Franco Cavaleri will be leading a research initiative in a doctoral program at the University of British Columbia’s Experimental Medicine Unit starting in 2012 for two years. This research is designed to further investigate and develop his cutting edge nutraceutical breakthroughs in a peer reviewed formal environment. These patented anti-inflammatory inventions work at a deeper level than common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroid therapies to inhibit genetic transcription of inflammatory chemistry. It is believed that this model will change the way we treat and prevent inflammatory disease in the future.

Cavaleri and his lovely wife, Kimiko, are proud parents of two beautiful children and the guardians of three companion canines. He practices his word and puts family health and wellness first. Franco volunteers some time as a youth soccer coach.

MLM Leaders Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt Have Made Their Decision And Have Joined…

I have been texting Rob and Tiffanie Moffitt for five days trying to get an answer on where they were going to land. Well last night, Rob shot me a text after I had gone to bed agreeing to an interview this morning. However due to mis-communication on my part, he was on a plane and we missed the call. But I am proud to announce that Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt have landed at…

Ocean Avenue

Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt did share a little about their passion for making this move. After talking with Fred Ninow, Ken Dunn and Franco Cavaleri, they feel, Ocean Avenue has something fresh and new to offer to the network marketing community and they want to be part of what they see as a family adventure.

Later this week or early next week I will do a live interview with Rob & Tiffanie to share more about what they see the future being for them and their Legacy team.

Home Business Radio Network

Breaking MLM News: New International Family Driven Network Marketing Company Launching…

It is not everyday that I get the privilege of working closely with an international MLM start-up, who has brought folks together from across oceans, from different avenues in business to launch a movement that Celebrates Life in the Network Marketing community.


When I received my first call from Indonesia by one of the company owners and he shared the vision of the leadership team, and how they would like me to be a part of this new company as a consultant, I was truly honored, but taken back at the same time. I had never taken on such a project, and to have a top international network marketing leader ask me to be part of the inter-circle was truly an Epic Adventure, I was looking forward to.

But, my real buy-in to the vision of the owners did not come until I got to see first hand the real “WHY” that was driving the vision of this company. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of what I mean by “The WHY!”


The four driving forces behind this company are two very amazing couples who I have found walk their walk. What I found after investing some quality time with these folks over the last 60 days, is they have not always had it together as individuals or as couples.

It has been trough their own failures, as people and as entrepreneurs that they have realized that what matters most in life is not the money we earn, the tops we buy, or how many zeros we have in our bank accounts. What matters most if the FAMILY! Not just their families, but how they touch other families.

So very quickly I was introduced to not just their families, but the families who shared the same WHY as the founders.


However, behind every WHY must be a product or service that will engage the masses to become Raving Evangelists like those who drive the WHY of APPLE! What was started by Guy Kawasaki (the original Apple Evangelist in the 1980s) has now become a worldwide WHY that has allowed APPLE to touch and change the lives of millions of people and cross demographic and culture groups.

Well, after meeting the Chief Science Officer brought in by the founders, it was easy to see who the Chief Evangelist was going to be. His drive and passion to change the world and make it a better place for all people, not just a select group, was amazing.

Every now and then a small team of people get together, and decide to make an impact in the world. They are willing to risk more than most folks feel is wise, but are willing to follow their heartfelt passions. Their mission in life if you will.

Well soon I will be able to reveal who the folks are behind this new company, the product and most of all allow you to listen to them personally share why they are so passionate on building a company around FAMILY!

These truly are some amazing folks, with extraordinary passion for their mission!

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly
The Beachside CEO