Breaking MLM News: Patrick Pretty Shares Update and Editorial On Text Cash Network & Joe Reid


Patrick Pretty one of the world’s leading scam investigators shares some insight into some of the happenings surrounding TCN and Joe Reid. Sadly the present of the company never did call me back for an interview.

UPDATE: Joe Reid, Pitchman Who Led DNA and OWOW Recruits To Disaster, Described As ‘Absolute Legend’ In Text Cash Network’s 90-Day Anniversary Call; Like DNA, TCN Claims Florida ‘Processing Center’ And ‘Tax Benefits’

The pitchman hosting a 90-day anniversary call yesterday for Text Cash Network introduced fellow TCN pitchman Joe Reid as an “absolute legend.”

“In this industry, folks, facts tell, and stories sell,” a pitchman identified as “Eddie” said in remarks introducing Reid.

“This gentleman is a legend — an absolute legend in the industry,” Eddie said. “This gentleman makes money. This gentleman makes BIG money. He’s made millions and millions of dollars over the years in the network-marketing industry . . .”

Despite “Eddie’s” assertion that “facts tell,” he provided no substantiation of his claims about Reid and offered no information on Reid’s DNA/OWOW ties, apparently preferring instead to focus on the “stories sell” part of his emerging bromide.

Read the full editorial at here!

Breaking MLM News: TVI Express Hit As A Pyramid By Australian Judge


Oz over at Behind MLM just reported that after the ACCC (Australian Competitive and Consumer Commission) was successful in STOPPING the principles of TVI Express from scamming more people temporarily, the ACCC has won a great victory for the consumers in Australia.

The People behind TVI Express…

Read the full report at…

Roughly a year and a half ago in May 2010, the Australian Competitive and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was succesful in obtaining a court order prohibiting Laulhati “Teddi” Jutsen, Tina Brownlee and David Scanlon from promoting the scheme, accepting payments from new “members” or paying other participants.

Identified as major players in TVI Express’ Australian operations, the effective order that Brownlee, Jutsen and Scanlon (left to right respectively in the photo right) cease of promotion of TVI has meant that over the past eighteen months, TVI Express has been promoted in Australia by others whilst a court battle raged over the legitimacy of the company itself.

Yesterday that court battle came to a climax and resulted in Justice John Nicholas making his final ruling: TVI Express is pyramid scheme. Read on…

You can also read the news report at The Daily Telegraph.

You can learn about the history of TVI Express in the USA in this series…

High-Risk MLM Alert: Red Flags With “That Free Thing” A Real Deal But Risky

High-Risk MLM Alert: That Real Thing Risky But NOT a Scam!

That Free Thing Update March 23, 2011

High-Risk MLM Alert: The Red Flags With “That Free Thing”Troy Dooly's MLM News

Breaking MLM News: Evolv Founder Trey White Comes Clean On Critics Concerns of Past Business Deals

Is Trey White a Texas Billionaire, rubbing shoulders with other Texas billionaires, like Michael Dell, Ross Perot, Robert Bass, T Boone Pickens or Kenny Trout (formerly of Texas)? Or is the Evolv founder, a very successful Texas multi-millionaire who ha entered direct selling in a huge way? I had the privilege of talking with Trey White yesterday to clear up some of the criticism and hype surrounding Evolv, aka The MLM Water Company, and Trey’s other past and current business dealings.

This all started when a self-proclaimed scam advocate launched a blog focused 100% on attacking Trey White and Evolv. When I read the article and started going through the supporting videos and documentation, it was easy to see that the blogger had not done their due diligence. But, it was concerning to me, because I know that any rumor left unanswered can cause the average distributor issues.

I had this very situation hit me between the eyes as a distributor with XanGo, when it was made public Sherman U. had been found guilty of bank fraud, before launching his Network Marketing career. Knowing the facts, behind the half-truths is important for all distributors.

Let’s look at a few of the very important issues surrounding Trey White and Evolv.

1. Is Trey White a Texas Billionaire? The short answer is NO! As a matter of fact this is made very clear on the Evolv website in the FAQ section.

“The short answer is “no.” What Mr. White has done is to make smart business choices and, in focusing his professional investments on emerging markets and technologies. As a venture capitalist, Mr. White focuses his attention on new or emerging companies in the real estate and renewable energy industries, as well as companies offering a unique technology. While the companies he has founded or co-founded have put him in the top 1% of the 1% of the wealthiest people in the United States, Mr. White is not, in fact, a billionaire himself. Blog posts and rumors have recently surfaced stating Mr. White is a billionaire, and this is not true. Mr. White feels very strongly about making sure people understand the truth: that he is simply a highly successful businessman with a talent for choosing investments wisely. What he does is to use his well-honed business sense to select emerging companies and technologies with immense potential, and then gather a team of talented and dedicated people together to work toward realizing that potential. Currently, Mr. White is devoting his time and considerable energy and resources to helping Evolv, with its patented Archaea Active™ formula, become the next leader in the network marketing industry.”

2. Does Trey White really own a Venture Capital Firm? Short answer is “Yes”. White Ventures is Trey’s VC Firm. Here are a small list of the pretty good size projects White Ventures is currently funding.

Marlin Atlantis: A multi-phased, single-family, residential development company.
Earth Quest Adventures: EarthQuest Adventures is currently in the process of designing a $500M theme park in Houston, Texas named EarthQuest.
EvolvHealth, LLC: EvolvHealth is a direct sales consumer health company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
White Energy: White Energy is a former company Trey White launched. He sold the company a few years ago.

3. Did trey White Really play a part in and the IPO of the company, creating a billion dollar market cap, as he claims?
Short answer is “Yes!” If you have noticed above, Trey White uses corporate entities in his business ventures. Some have carried the “White” name, but most have not. When Trey got the idea of launching an internet portal serving the real estate and residential construction business, he went to his dad Fred R White and shared the idea with his. White Sr. asked how much it would cost to fund the project, and when Trey told him $20K, Mr. White wrote a check.

Trey White, through his company Tri-Properties LTD. along with a rock sold team, took an idea after several purchases of some other companies, took the company public in an IPO. If you review the following SEC documentation, you will see that Mr. Fred R. White Sr. and Tri-Properties, LTD both received 788,125 shares when the company went public.

It is really sad when folks do not take the time to just dig a little deeper and check the facts. Lord knows I have made mistakes myself, and sometimes in the heat of the debate we can all cut corners. But if the reporting is done in a fair and balanced manner, then mistakes are made, we as reporters should go back and correct our errors with the same vigor and passion as our first report.

Here is a link to the original SEC filing showing how all the companies came together, and the proposed IPO. S-1 Filing and supporting documentation.
Here is the Prospectus dated January 27, 2000 where you can view the amount of stocked owned by both Fred R White Sr. and Tri-Properties LTD. Prospectus.

By the way, for those who are wondering… There is no pending lawsuit between Fred R White Sr. and his son Trey White. When I asked Trey about it, he was very clear, “Troy I have no clue where that came from at all!”

I hope this article will help distributors and perspective distributors with sorting out the truth from fiction.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Ted Nuyten Reports TVI Express is Behind the Freedom of Speech DDOS Attack At Business For Home

Ted Nuyten founder of Business For Home Organization contacted me yesterday to fill me in on the professional cyber-terrorist attack against BusinessForHome.Org after he broke the story of the purported mastermind behind Travel Ventures International aka TVI Express, one of the few companies I have ever come right out and called a MLM Scam

Early on we reported on the Red Flags we had on this MLM Business Opportunity.

On May 20th, Ted Nuyten reported on several huge developments happening to TVI Express, and he exposed who he believes is the mastermind behind this MLM Scam.

“We have all reason to believe this is the TVI Express Mastermind:Tarun Trikha — the Madoff of India?”

Nuyten also listed some of the biggest players in Travel Ventures International, folks like:

Laulhati Jutsen, Tina Aroha Brownlee and David Graeme, whom the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has ordered to STOP TVI Express presentations across Australia and New Zealand. The orders also restrain accepting payments from, or making payments to other participants in the scheme. The individuals are also required to place notices on various websites alerting members of the public to the ACCC’s court action.

Very quickly the Business For Home post went viral, slowing down the recruitment of unsuspecting prospects.

Now this weekend Ted Nuyten’s site is hit with a professional cyber-terrorist DDOS attack.

Freedom of Speech and providing a chain of evidence for folks to follow should NEVER be STOPPED! It is what it takes to allow all of us to fully understand the direction we should go. It allows us to determine our own path, with our eyes wide open.

Ted’s closing words to me in his email are” I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!”

I stand side by side with Ted, in making sure the evidence is presented so folks from all countries can decide the path they should follow.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Scam Alert: TVI Express Update Top Leaders Arrested In Several Countries

We have been reviewing the TVI Express situation for several months. In the last few days and weeks we have seen an international crack down on TVI Express field leaders and others.

The two main MLM Watchdogs Rod Cook of the USA and Ted Nuyten of the Netherlands have covered TVI Express situation in detail.

Here is a list of TOP TVI Express Leaders as reported by Ted Nuyten of Business For Home Organization in the Netherlands.

Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog reports on the China crackdown of TVI Express leaders.

Data Network Affiliate Moved Out Of Scam Alerts By MLM Help Desk

Our goal at MLM Help Desk is not to determine if a company is a MLM scam or pyramid scheme. Our focus is to ask some hard questions, reveal areas of concern and raise the red flags which could cause the Federal trade Commission or individual State Attorney generals to question the legitimacy of the company as a viable MLM business opportunity.

From the very beginning we have voiced huge concerns over the use of an MLM compensation structure by DNA or any other company, when paying their “distributors” to collect license plates; this concern has not changed, however Data Network Affiliates has made some major strives to show the direct selling industry their goal is to create a viable long term MLM business opportunity for the average distributor, as well as the full-time MLM professional.

As a matter of fact Bob Sullivan of The Red Tape Chronicles over at MSNBC has taken an interest in Data Network Affiliates and just wrote an interesting article on both DNA and Narc. What I found interesting is the fact, Sullivan found the need to explain the difference between a MLM scam and a legitimate MLM business opportunity.

Listen to the official announcement of DNA Cellular On April 10, 2010

DNA Connects

With the launch of DNA Connects in 18 days, Data Network Affiliates will be providing a viable marketing channel between their distributors and the end buyer, which is exactly what the FTC and AGs will be looking for, if they decide to review DNA for violations.

This week also brought the launch of the DNA Cellular division. Data Network Affiliates teamed up with Chris Greco who is a well known figure in the wireless community. Chris came on to the MLM wireless scene a few months ago, and since then has played a part in helping more than one company get their wireless companies launched.

Greco and his team have quickly proven they are the people to see if your an MLM company wanting to solidify or launch a wireless company or division.

And with DNA Cellular announcing an UNLIMITED Talk & Text $10.00 monthly service, the MLM wireless wars just heated up to an all new level.

So, although there are still many unanswered questions as to the future of Data Network Affiliates, it is clear they are moving towards launching a viable MLM business opportunity for their current and future distributors.

We will continue to monitor Data Network Affiliates, and if we see new concerns we will be raising questions with the founders and leadership of DNA for answers.

Like all MLM companies, it takes strong leadership in the corporate office and even stronger leadership in the field, and this is yet to be seen.

We will continue to monitor the DNA situation, staying in contact with the corporate leadership, and listening to the folks in this community who continue to post comments and sending emails keeping us up to date on what the field is seeing from the inside.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly