I Heard “Wake Up Now is a Scam”, No Wait It Was “World Ventures That’s a Scam”, Nope Wait I Think I heard it was “VEMMA That’s a Scam”… All From So Called MLM Pros!

Truth & Justice

Yes, I know a strange title for a blog on a site called MLM Help Desk. Yet, this week I heard “Wake Up Now”, “World Ventures” and “VEMMA” are all three scams… And the alligations came from so called MLM Pros. Top level leaders inside the network marketing community who should know better than to act like school yard bullies.

It’s been a while since I have been this pissed off at some inside the network marketing community. We preach “take negatives up, and positives down” and yet in the case of at least six videos I watched from three different people, it was “Take negatives public” and see who gets the most views.

Truth & Justice

Now the really interesting thing about each video (and no I am not going to link to them), is that each leader, did not waste anytime bragging about how they were out “On Tour” “The Top Income Earner”, “Faster Growing Team” or “Best Selling Author”, to make sure people who watched the video know they can be contacted for an income opportunity.

Well, I am not in any of the companies I mentioned in the video as a distributor or consultant. I do use the INVISUS Management Internet Security Services and iDefend Service.

So, let’s get down to the issues at hand.

1. No “Wake Up Now is not a scam”. They are a young company, which over the last few months, has attracted some new leaders, who have had some success in the past, but who are not in all ways are acting as MLM Pros.

Instead they are attacking indirectly through subterfuge marketing other Network Marketing companies by using SEO Key Words like “World Ventures Scam”, VEMMA Scam, “Wake Up Now Scam”, etc. They are also creating videos trying to compare the compensation plans of other companies, and not doing so Apples to Apples… basically because the comp plans are not even the same!!!

2. No “World Ventures” is not a scam”. They are one of the Top 100 Network Marketing companies in the world! Do they have some regulatory concerns in some countries… YES! Does that mean they are a scam… NO! From Amway to Primierca direct selling companies from time to time come under regulatory investigations to protect consumers and to make sure the regulators fully understand the business model.

Some of World Ventures leaders, finally got fed up with the Subterfuge Marketing and called some of the Wake Up Now leaders out and tried to show that Wake Up Now was some form of scam without fully understanding the business model. Although I disagree with the videos, I fully understand and support the reason behind the videos!

3. “VEMMA is not a scam.” VEMMA is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in 2013. They have doubled their monthly sales from $10 million monthly in 2012, to $20 million monthly in 2013.

ALL and I do mean ALL of these companies have something we can point our finger at and say “they are not perfect”, but that doesn;t mean they are scams.

And in each case, what I have witnessed is not the company causing issues for each other, but the reps creating issues where there do not need to be any.

I challenge each of the leaders to pull down their videos and get back to building their businesses! Stop trying to raid other network marketing companies and go prove you can build an organic business from people who are looking for the type of services or income opportunity you have to offer.

STOP propagating your compensation plans, as the best created, when each of them has their strengths and weaknesses.

Stop saying your an MLM Pro and start ACTING like it!

Leaders do not have to go bad talk each other, or drag down another company. Instead they focus on what is important to creating leaders on their teams, and they do it!

So if you’re in Network Marketing… ACT LIKE IT!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

P.S. Richard Brooke States It Best… See Below!



 United We Stand Divided We Fall: The Future Of MLM

The future of Network Marketing is in our hands … the hands of company owners, executives and independent sales leaders. We can band together with shared vision and values and execute a quantum leap in our success, or we can continue to operate with opposing visions and values and battle each other along the way. The future is our choice; it is in our hands, every one of us.

I have been a full-time Network Marketing leader since the concept saved my life in 1977. I used to cut chickens for Foster Farms. I intended on spending the rest of my working life there and would be retiring any year now. It is hard to imagine how my life, and the lives of many others, would have been different had I not been drawn into our magnificent industry.

And as much as I love it and appreciate its gifts, it has been a love-hate relationship. I have bled from both sides. I have been terminated without cause after building a group of 30,000 people. I have had sales leaders in my company—those we honored with magazine covers and on center stage—attempt to knock off our products, sue us, raid our sale force and still expect to be paid their “residual income.” We have spent millions on attorney fees to protect what we have built. Even with these challenges, I have seen Network Marketing work beautifully with loyal leaders who fought all the battles with us.

The history of our industry has been wild, fun, profitable and heartbreaking. We have grown 19 out of the last 20 years. And we could have done so much more. We could have avoided so much bad press; so many regulatory actions and so many dreams destroyed. We could have shifted the paradigm by now … the “tipping point” if you will. We could have been one of the dominant laws of wealth-building for individuals—equal to investing in equities, real estate and traditional small business ownership. We still can. And to do so, we need to shift our vision. We need to assess our values. We need to move from a belief of scarcity to a belief of infinite abundance. We need to tap our core values of contribution, respect, love, friendship, honor and integrity … and avoid our attachments to greed, recognition, dominance and control.

The franchising model in the U.S. is a valuable comparison. They started about the same time we did—50 to 60 years ago—with Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts. Unregulated and operating from a dysfunctional set of values, the franchising concept created its own share of train wrecks through the 70s. Federal regulation was the result … not something any of them, or any of us, would prefer. As a result of aligning their efforts over the years, today the franchising concept contributes close to one trillion dollars in revenues.

After the same amount of time, we only produce $30 billion. Franchises generate 33 times more business than Network Marketing. That’s 33 times more billion-dollar companies; 33 times more hundred-million-dollar companies; and 33 times more millionaire and multimillionaire entrepreneurs. The way I see it, although franchising is an incredible business model it does not hold a candle to ours. At the very minimum, franchisors must risk tens of thousands of dollars, up to millions, and they must dive into their new business full time, risking everything they own. It is like buying a job with no guarantee of success.

We, on the other hand, have an opportunity that anyone can pursue for a few hundred dollars and a few hours a week. Nothing is risked and everything is to be gained. Our model not only offers personal, spiritual and character development, it demands it. Our model utilizes leverage, where one person’s efforts can result in building wealth based on dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands of other people’s efforts. Our model offers (or should offer) residual income such that four to five years of success can provide income, security, freedom and wealth for many generations. From value and ease of access, the Network Marketing model should attract tens of millions of participants. No doubt the franchising model, with its financial and time commitments, will always produce far less attrition, but we can compete with far more participants.

Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing, is NOT what some people like to call “just a compensation plan”. We ARE a unique community within the Direct Selling Industry. We are a community and culture of building empires of multiple levels of sales representatives, on which we expect to be paid forever. We are not looking for another sales job. We have had those.

We are looking to build our wealth through residual income … commissions based on product sales from the network of distributors we build … distributors who likely would have never joined our company had we not joined first and succeeded in leading them to follow. We expect that as long as we honor what we build—as long as we protect it, promote it, lead it and nurture it—we should be paid on it virtually forever. It should be the wall of protection around our family … forever. It should be our legacy. Without this promise in our culture, we are just expendable employees … roadkill on the highway to corporate quarterly profits.

The shared vision of Network Marketers could be this:

To bring a new paradigm of abundance and wealth building into existence so that most people …

  • Understand how and why Network Marketing could work for them;
  • Admire and respect those who succeed, just as they admire those who succeed in equities, real estate and small business;
  • Trust the business model based on our ethics, our candor, our commitment to build trust and respect;
  • And have one primary Network Marketing business, in which they are building residual income.

Imagine … almost everyone you know is building wealth through the residual income of their chosen Network Marketing company, just like they are investing in equities and real estate. Now there are three ways to build wealth, and everyone knows it.

There are at least 100 million candidates in the U.S. alone for what we offer. Most of them invest in equities and a large percentage in real estate, if only their primary residence. Attracting 50 million of them to participate is achievable. There is synergy in going from 10 million to 50 million. Our measly 30 billion would not just grow 5 times, but more likely 10 to 20 times. A trillion is within our reach.

This new paradigm will never exist without a shared vision and shared values. If we truly embody the core values of contribution, partnership, success and integrity we can get there. But not if we continue to do what industry legend Mark Yarnell is famous for saying: “We are the only industry in the world that when things get tough, we circle the wagons and start shooting at each other.”

This synergy will never happen as long as we tolerate greed, unlawful strategies, irresponsible product development and unethical business promotion. It will never happen as long as company founders continue to design compensation strategies that violate the law; violate the DSA Code of Ethics; and as long as those same company founders continue to hide their lawlessness in the complexities of their plans, hoping to run under the radar or at least get big enough fast enough to be able to afford the fines and move on. It will never happen as long as company owners and their executives see the source of their sales—the independent sales leaders—as employees or dispensable assets. And it will never happen as long as sales leaders act as hit-and-run drivers, with no loyalty or gratitude for the tremendous risk, investment and work ethic required to successfully launch and lead a company.

Here is a possible dialogue for both parties. Here is what companies could commit to in order to earn the trust, loyalty and evangelism of their sales leaders, as well as the admiration and respect of the media and regulators.

Corporate Commitments:

  1. A commitment to the longevity of their Network Marketing compensation model. A 100-plus year Network Marketing business plan.
  2. A commitment to honor, champion and protect the sales leaders who build with you. Success is a partnership, with both parties committing 100 percent.
  3. A commitment to develop the very best products possible, and to market them legally and responsibly.
  4. A commitment to design and market the opportunity in a way that fosters trust, respect and an environment free of regulatory actions and negative media.
  5. A commitment to respect and champion every other company’s right to compete, and every leader’s right to choose and build their empire without undue litigation intimidation and harassment.
  6. A commitment to a clear, concise set of policies and procedures that spells out each party’s rights and responsibilities, and is balanced in its favor. (We cannot expect sales leaders to invest years building something that the company can terminate at any time … “at their sole discretion.”)

And here is what sale leaders must commit to, in order to earn the loyalty and trust of their respective companies.

Leader Commitments:

  1. Do your homework. Find a company that honors your own vision and values, one that is responsible and commited to longevity.
  2. Marry your company, for the long haul.
  3. Follow your company’s policies and procedures. Do not put your company at risk with unethical marketing or business practices. Check your facts. Just because someone else said it, doesn’t make it true.
  4. Follow the spirit and intent of your compensation plan. Compensation plans are designed to incentivize specific behaviors and a specific culture. Undermining the plan undermines the culture.
  5. If a divorce is absolutely necessary, do it with honor, integrity and generosity. When it is clear you made a mistake, get out quick and get out clean. Don’t expect to be paid to compete with your former company. There is no leadership or integrity in such an expectation. Also, don’t promote your new company at the public relations expense of your previous company. Remember, at one time you said that they were the best there was.
  6. Be a “Do the Right Thing” leader. You know what the right thing is. Do that

I propose that companies adopt a set of strong Cultural Commitments … a Code that lays out their vision, their values and their commitments to be part of the solution and part of our industry’s future prosperity. A code to which leaders can hold their company accountable; one to which a company can hold their sales leaders accountable. A public Code from which we cannot hide.

Ours is an instantly perishable business model that, by its very nature, requires we prove longevity. We cannot afford to kill each other off. Every failed Network Marketing business that was honorable hurts us all. They fuel too many stories of failure, negative media and more evidence for the regulators.

We need to lock arms in mutual respect, choose our partners and build an industry, a business paradigm and a way of life that can never be voted out of existence. We can only do that with ethical, legal and moral success.

“United We Stand.”

– Richard


ProxyComm Advanced Communication Services Is Not A MLM Distributor Friendly Company

ProxyComm aka ProxyComm Advanced Communication Services, LLC is not a MLM wireless company, that is distributor friendly, and may very well be operating as an MLM pyramid.

After receiving several emails and reading comments here at MLM Help Desk, we decided to review the company again.

We did not post earlier this year, because the company was very open and straightforward (or at least seemed to be), stating because of $1 million dollars in fraud charges on their VIOP wireless services, they were suspending commission payments and forming a new company.

They also stated ALL commissions owed would be paid. However, evidence seems to point to the fact this did not happen, and in the month of October they missed more commission payments.

John Peterson

I have personally reached out to the Co-Founder and CEO, John Peterson for some answers, before I come right out and state they are a MLM Scam.

However, I will say based on their current “Legal Document” which is a part of the ProxyComm distributor agreement, ProxyComm is not a MLM distributor friendly company, and does not meet the standards published by the Distributors Rights Associate.

There of questions I have to ask Mr. Peterson, and I have given him until Monday December 7, 2009 to respond to my phone message.

If I have not heard form him by then, I will be left with no choice but to publish all of our findings, and go on the premise ProxyComm fully understand what they are doing, and are purposely refusing to pay their distributors their rightfully earned commissions.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Troy Dooly Reverses Decision Placing Global Verge Back On MLM Scam Alert List

Yes, I am reversing my decision and placing Global Verge back on the MLM Scam Alert List. I was wrong! I have no problem admitting when I feel I’ve had the wool pulled over my eyes. After receiving numerous e-mails, and phone calls asking more questions than answers, we decided to dig a little deeper into some of the events which have transpired since our October 20th post, where we called Global Verge a legitimate MLM company.

Since our past post we have received some very disturbing updates. We also have gone back and listened to three very important Global Verge calls.

The first call was dated September 24, 2009, where Valerie the PR rep for Global Verge makes the following announcement.

Global Verge will be definitively activating the Cell Service in week of October 19th.

The second call dated October 29th. Ted Robbins once again stated “Next Week” we will be launching one of two of the new cell carriers.

And the third call dated November 5th, where Ted and Mark both announced “it will be soon” maybe next week (Yet next week never comes).

So we have gone from DEFINITIVELY launching the cell cervice in the week of October 19th, to who knows when we will launch Buzzirk’s Global Mobile 1 wireless services?

So, after researching several new pieces of information we have come up with a set of questions that ALL Global Verge, Buzzirk Mobile, and Global Mobile 1 reps should be asking. (some of which could show a track record of unethical behavoir on the part of Ted Robbins, Mark Petschel and maybe some of the founding distributors of Universal Tel-Tech, E-Verge, Global Verge, Buzzirk, Global Mobile 1 or whatever other name these folks have operated under.

1. Why didn’t Mark Petschel’s company Universal TelTech get off the ground. Especially since they seem to have attracted over 8600 reps?

“UTT – Universal Tel-Tech – This was supposed to be a revolutionary “high tech” company. They recruited almost all “heavy hitters” in pre-launch, people who wanted to be well positioned when the company launched. They all paid $225 to join, but the company folded before actually launching. 8,600 name, address, phone, (some fax and email).”

Additional information (original location)

Universal TelTech Info
Letter From the Founder & President

2. What’s the real Story behind why E-Verge Reps did not get their commissions? Has Ted Robbin’s and Mark Petschel actually filed a lawsuit against Kevin Sipe formerly founder of iGlobal Inc. to recover over $100,000 in purportedly stolen funds or is this just a ploy to keep from paying the former E-Verge reps?

3. Why is the new GlobalMobilei.com website using massive amounts of the same content from ZebraGSM.com website. Does Global Verge or Buzzirk have agreements with Freedom Wireless Corporation owned in part by TMT Capital Corporation? More News

Global Home and Zebra Home

Global Mobile Coverage Map and ZebraGMS Coverage Map

Global Terms and Zebra Terms

Global Features and Zebra Features

Global FAQs and Zebra FAQs

4. Why would an Ethical company tell their reps to have their iPhone customers to “unlock” their iPhone’s” aka “jailbraking”when this will void the iPhone warranty of the iPhone and may be seen as an illegal act? Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

5. Why is Global Verge suing Zer01 Mobile, instead of Buzzirk Mobile? The Global Verge Distributors were told all agreements were between Buzzirk and Zer01, and GLobal Verge had marketing agreements with Buzzirk. This was one of the big reasons given for Zer01 compaining about Global Verge reps being out of compliance. Review Complaint

It is because of these outstanding questions, I have decided I was wrong and premature to move Global Verge from the MLM Scam Alert Category, and have instructed the team to move them back until future notice.

I still believe in the Global Verge distributors. However, I can’t take a chance someone will read my October 20th post and join a company with unethical motives.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Fox News Reports Hundreds Of MLMs Are Pyramid Schemes

Fox 11 News out of Los Angeles reported on March 27th, 2009, that “Hundreds of multi-level marketing companies make their money by recruiting more and more unsuspecting members.”

If you don’t have time to read this whole article, then take a second and leave the reporter Phil Shuman your story of how your life has changed because of Network Marketing. Click Here to write your story.