What is a MLM Help Desk Scam Alert and What it is NOT

In reviewing the comments we receive each time we put out a Scam Alert, I decided to explain a little on what these MLM Scam Alerts mean, and what they don’t mean.

I think to many times people feel we are some who being paid to report. We do not get paid period on any scam report, and to date we have not received a dollar from an company review we have done.

Our goal is to provide a Eagle’s Eye view of the company and opportunity. To many times people only hear the propaganda from the company or the person recruiting them into the company, without digging to fine out solid info.

As have a series of benchmarks we use to report on a company. If the company does not hit the benchmarks, we report.

So the next time you see a MLM Scam Alret… Remember it is an Alert! Take the info, use it to make an informed decision on joining a company or not.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly