Zeek Rewards Victim Representation, Bidify Compensation Tweaked, MLM Analyst & Attorneys Speak Out RICO Charges Could Be Next

This weekend has been one of the craziest I have ever seen. The information on Zeek Rewards and Rex Venture Group has been growing since the SEC closed them down with the emergency order. Below is the most current info and some resources to help all the former affiliates of Zeek Rewards get their refunds.

Truth & Justice

Attorneys Kevin Thompson & Walt Burton contacted me last night with the following information:

[quote]Our firm is developing an action plan for the victims in Zeek. I recently called Ken Bell, the receiver, to establish a relationship. The receiver in this case is going to be required to deal with over 500,000 people. I think our firm can represent the victims and act as an advocate on behalf of the community. Instead of dealing with each individual, the receiver can deal with our firm and we can communicate effectively on behalf of our people. Calling the AG’s hotline is not going to work for people. [/quote]

MLM Legal

SEC Complaint Against Rex Venture Group, LLC aka Zeek Rewards

SEC Closes Rex Venture Group LLC aka Zeek Rewards For Alleged Pozni Activity

Paul Burks’ Consent For The SEC To Take Control Of Rex Venture Group, LLC aka Zeek Rewards

Paul Burks Consent For The SEC To Take Control of Rex Venture Group, LLC aka Zeek Rewards

BidiFy Makes Fast Moves To Tweak Their Compensation To Make It Complaint In The Wake Of The SEC Actions Against Zeek Rewards.