Zeek Rewards News: Zeek Rewards Convention Refunds On The Way

Truth & Justice

After hearing form several Zeek Rewards affiliates who had paid $500 to $10,000 for individual tickets to full tables. I reached out to the ticketing agents to find out what was going on and received the following information.


[quote]The tickets are being refunded as we speak. All credit cards are being refunded by First Data (the request was put in Monday and takes 3-5 days to process and the funds should be customer accounts within 7 to 10 business days.)

Cashiers checks and un-deposited personal and business checks have been put in Priority Mail envelopes and will be mailed tomorrow (August 23rd 2012).[/quote]

So if you have not received your refund by Sept 7th 2012 reach out and let me know so I can help follow up.

Update on BidiFy And The Sales Credit Bonus Program By Frode Jorgensen

Frode Jorgensen

BidiFy CCO, Frode Jorgensen reached out this week to share some facts on the Sales Credit Bonus program. Last week I reported on the changes, and had some folks question the validity of the change. Now we know more…

Frode Jorgensen

“Hi Troy, just wanted to touch base with latest updates.

All parts of the Frequent Sale Credits changes in Bidify are now implemented, and all pages/presentations are updated with latest information.

We have noticed that some people believe that we have changed the wording only, which is not the case. This has been a huge change for us, so it may have been “work in progress” on some of our website’s pages. I’m pretty sure it’s all updated now.

You will see it’s all presented on the website the way it’s supposed to be presented now.

We are working on our new income disclosure, which we will base on the first three months of operations, it will make much more sense calculating this now when Bidsson is running at full steam, as we want the numbers to be as accurate as possible.

We have sold many nice items in the auction, we auctioned away a brand new Volkswagen Up and the lucky winner got a brand new car valued 8000 euros for only 180,68 euros… someone really made a bargain, and on top of that the company made good money as well, as a total of 18,068 bids were used in that auction.

Our main focus is on building Bidsson, the Penny auction to become the biggest GLOBAL penny auction in the world.
As Bidsson grows bigger and better every day, so does the amount of auctions and winners, which in turn generate more leadership bonuses for all Bidify affiliates.

There is A LOT of exciting stuff going on, but we are not quite ready to share it all just quite yet…..”