Breaking MLM News: Two Special Girls Cassidy Dooly and Imy Metcalfe Need Your Help

Cassidy Dooly and Imy Metcalfe have come together to raise funds for the victims of the Albertville Alabama tornado. Through Operation Guardian Angels, the fund raising arm of The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Team, the girls have already raised $250.00. Their goal is to provide $1,000.00 in relief funds to the families in Albertville next week.

You can donate below, of visit Operation Guardian Angels or The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Team websites.

Albertville, Alabama was hit by an EF3 tornado on April 24 around 10:00 pm. As of Sunday night, April 25, thirty-three people had been injured. The tornado damaged many houses and left many families without a home. The storm wiped out power, leaving many neighborhoods in darkness and law enforcement without communications. That made it more difficult for officials to assess damage overnight. It left two-thirds of Albertville without power! Many schools are closed because of damage and will remain closed until they find a safe place for the kids to go.

We are asking for donations for Albertville to help with hospital bills, to help rebuild houses, to provide food and clothes for people at the shelter, and to help with other things that will be needed! Thank you so much!

God bless,

Imy Metcalfe and Cassidy Dooly

Cassidy dooly is the daughter of Troy Dooly one of the directors and co-founder of the Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Team.