How Well Do You Know Network Marketing aka MLM

Just how well do you know the real story of MLM? Can you carry on a good defense on why Direct Sales, especially Network Marketing is the greatest profession on earth? Or have you bought into the MLM myth, that 95% plus fail at Network Marketing?

Take a look at the most current figures from the Direct Selling Association and decide for yourself if you are in the right profession. At the bottom of this article I have included the current fact sheet from the DSA.

MLM Distributor Growth

DSA Average Sales Growth 2008

Sales Growth Rate

DSA Sales Growth

Average Age of MLM Distributors

DSA Average Age

Time invested on MLM Business

Time Invested In MLM Business

Gender of MLM Distributors

Gender of MLM Distributors

Top Niche Markets in MLM

Top Niche Markets in MLM

Why Do People Join MLM Companies?

Who Joins MLM Companies

Where Do Distributors Conduct Their MLM Business?

Where is Most MLM Business Conducted?

Direct Selling Association Current Numbers