GiConnect Offers a True Dual Band VOIP GiCell Wireless Phone MLM Opportunity

GiConnect offers what other MLM wireless mobile companies have only talked about. A True Dual Band VOIP and GMS Cell Phone MLM business opportunity.

The GiCell is manufactured by TeCom: Telecom and arm of the international billion dollar giant, TECO industrial group. TECOM Co., LTD., is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and was established in 1980 in the Science-Based Industrial Park at Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The advantages of the GiCell:

· Cut your cell phone costs

· Free international roaming

· Keep your existing numbers and services

· Free calls to anyone in the GiConnect network worldwide

Here is a brief description of the GiCell:

Dual GSM/Voip cellphone supports both GSM 900/1800/1900 and Voip over a WiFi (WLAN) network. In Hot Spots, it is a SIP based Voip phone connected to the GiConnect Voip network.

· Tri band GSM and VOIP SIP base

· 1.3 Camera

· MP3 Player

· Video Player

· Stereo Bluetooth

· 1000 name phone book

· Speakerphone

· Java MIDP 2.0

· External Memory Slot: micro SD

· E-Mail POP3/IMAP4

· WPA Security