MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson Files Class Action Lawsuit Against eFusjon

MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson filed a class action lawsuit against energy drink marketer eFusjon in in the SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO, NORTH COUNTY DIVISION. This may very well be a first in Network Marketing history.

Kevin is the one MLM attorney I send folks to who really need a helping hand. I’ve gotten to know Kevin personally, and believe he stands tall for our profession – period. He may be the only MLM attorney who specializes in the Profession, and not just the company side of things, or the distributor’s side.

Kevin Thompson

He is a former distributor himself, and fully understands the good, bad and ugly. If there is one perosn I would trust my MLM future to, it’s Kevin Thompson.

So, when I received the update on this Class Action lawsuit I just smiled. Over the last few months I had heard something was going to take place, but just waited until it went public. Although, none of us know where this legal issue will lead, I personally believe it shows that as a profession our members, at every level are willing to stand up for what is right!

Well, I tend to fall on the more conservative side of things myself, so I am glad to see this MLM legal action start.

Over the next few weeks we will dig deeper and look at what has happened and what might change in the future.

One very interesting situation we should bring up is the fact that Gerald P. Nehra and Richard W. Waak are the corporate MLM attorneys for eFusjon. Gerry is one of the most respect MLM attorneys and he has represented companies I have run in the past.

However, he was also representing Ad Surf Daily, when the Secret Service shut them down. It will be an interesting case.

You can read the whole story on Kevin’s blog, Next Generation Law.

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Kevin has also written a great synopsis on defining legitimate MLM from MLM pyramids which I suggest everyone read.

Through the Advocy Group, Kevin published this great reference on MLM Laws IN All 50 States.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly