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Where to Buy High-Quaility MLM Leads in a Down Economy

I have been in and around the MLM lead generation niche since the turn of the century. I have seen the good, bad and ugly in this niche. And without a doubt there is a place in your marketing for high-end professionally generated MLM leads. The question is where do you get them?

Without a doubt the most recognized name in MLM lead generation is Cutting Edge Media. However, did you know cutting edge is not the most hit search result for MLM Leads? Nope that goes to Enrique Garibay’s company MLMLeads.com.

Both of these companies provide solid MLM leads, however if you are working on a budget, or are pooling your marketing dollars with your team, there is an alternative. It is a little time consuming, but at the end of the day, you may find it works better for you.

Learn to generate your own MLM leads, like the big boys do. Only I am going to share with you a few places you can go where even the big boys may not know about.

Most network marketers who use the internet to build their business know about Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL when it comes to ad words, and online advertising. These companies are called the big four. And have dominated this space for over a decade; although Fox Audience Network is climbing and may take the fourth spot away from AOL shortly.

Well, when you place your marketing dollars on in these networks you are bidding against the biggest players inside of the direct selling niche. The lead companies, system builders, top leaders and even the companies themselves. But, what if you could create your own online marketing campaign and target a tighter audience?

What I am talking about are specialty ad networks. By using micro-advertising and vertical networks where your online marketing is being viewed by a very tight targeted audience who will have a desire for your product, service or specific business opportunity.

Here are a few examples:

TribalFusion.com specializes in display ads.

7Search.com specializes in PPC (Pay Per Click)

Collective.com specializes in behavior marketing.

Adknowledge.com specializes in Social Media

Chitika.com focused on affiliate friendly solutions.

Now depending on how specific your offering, you may want to look into even tighter network like:

SportGenie.com if you are marketing a fishing or poker type of MLM.

TravelAdNetwork.com if you are marketing a travel based business opportunity or service.

Now if you are into videos like I am, then two new networks where you can place your videos for marketing are SpotXChange.com or YUME.com. I might add, you can also use Viddler.com to host your regular videos, and you can earn advertising dollars to help fund your larger marketing campaign.

Here are the top 10 Ad Networks according to Website Magazine August, 2010.











If you are not good at writing Ad Copy, or creating your own graphic banners for the ad networks, then you may still want to buy leads from MLMLeads.com or another lead generation company. Or contact me if you have questions or need some advice.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Breaking MLM News: Official Update Founder Of Cutting Edge Media Killed In Car Crash

Updated July 25th 2009

Phil’s Funeral Service will be help July 26, 2009 at 2:00pm at Etown College in Elizabethtown, PA.

Official Update From LandcasterOnline.com “An Elizabethtown businessman was killed in a wreck early Sunday in East Donegal Township, police said.

Phillip Longenecker, 41, was driving south in the 1800 block of Maytown Road at 12:30 a.m. when he lost control of his car, Susquehanna Regional police Lt. Stephen Englert said Tuesday.

The car hit a fence and a bus-stop structure and came to a stop in a cornfield, Englert said.

Longenecker, owner of Cutting Edge Media in Elizabethtown, was pronounced dead at the scene by Lancaster County Deputy Coroner Patrick Glen.

Police are investigating to determine a cause of the accident, Englert said.

Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni said an autopsy Monday revealed Longenecker died of traumatic brain injuries sustained in the wreck.”

Breaking MLM News: I just got word from Gil Ortega, (one of the top Lead generation Experts in the business), and verified through Bob Lindsey the Exev. VP. of Cutting Edge Media, and Brian Hunt CEO of Opportunity Connection, that Phil Longenecker the Founder of Cutting Edge Media, the world’s largest MLM lead generation company was killed last night in a car crash.

I had known Phil for years. My heart goes out to his family and staff at Cutting Edge.

All Cards, Flowers and Charitable Gifts can be sent to the following address:

In Memory Of Phil Longenecker
1595 S. Mount Joy Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Phil and Shawn Kelly launched CEM around the same time Kevin Lehmann launched ProSTEP. For many years both companies worked side by side in supporting the Network marketing community with high quality lead generation.

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MLM Leads Luanch New Drink ACT & MonaVie Weight Loss and Energy Drink Leads

Enrique Garibay over at MLM Leads has just created some new MLM lead types specifically for Drink ACT and MonaVie reps.

These leads focus on both the product and the business opportunity, b ut what I am so excited about is the fact he has figured out how to generate these leads on a LOCAL level.

Now for the first time in the history of MLM Lead generation you can build your network marketing business on a local level, using professional MLM Lead Generation.

Here is the email he sent me:

“Hello Troy,

New leads are now available at www.MLMLeads.com. They are:

* LOCAL Leads for DrinkACT, and
* LOCAL Leads Monavie reps.

You can find them here:

New Weight Loss Leads are also available.
The Weight Loss Leads can be used to promote any weight loss related product or business.

You can find them here:

People have asked “What about my company? I’m not in DrinkACT or Monavie.”

Well, let me ask: Do you have a large organization? Do you need a new leads solution?

If so, Contact Us at and let us know your needs.

Or call us directly at (785) 539-6904. We’ll be glad to assist you with your marketing needs.

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Enrique Garibay
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Listen take advantage of what Enrique has created.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
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Top Ten Reasons To Build Your MLM Business With Local MLM Leads

Today Enrique Garibay, Founder of MLM Leads is going to share the top 10 reasons to build your MLM business with local MLM leads right from your own neighborhood.

Here are 10 reasons on why you should build your MLM home business locally there where you live using Local Pre-Screened Leads.

1. Higher “Reach” Rate. People use caller id to screen their calls especially calls from other area codes. When you see a local number on your caller ID, you think that someone that knows you is calling you and you’d better answer it to find out who since you don’t recognize the number.

2. Something in Common. Because you’re from the same geographic area, you have something in common already with the prospect. That goes a long way towards building rapport.

3. People Want to Do Business with People. People want to know that you’re the real deal and that your company is a real company and not some internet scam. By meeting with your prospect, you can look them in the eyes and build the personal relationship required to get a business decision from your prospect.

4. Easy to Sample. It’s easy to hand your prospect a sample of your product or to demonstrate your service. No more shipping costs and time delay involved.

5. Easy to Present. Let your business tools to the talking for you. If you have a laptop, you can even take your prospect to your landing page, have them fill out the form and watch your business presentation. If you don’t have a laptop, give them an abbreviated presentation like this…

“Well you know prospect, we build our business on sampling and demonstrating and you can do the same. And when you join our company, the company gives you a free website to use with your marketing. And as people see your results, they want to know what you’re doing. Just send them to your website so that they can buy the product or service. Do that enough times and before you know it, the company starts sending you checks in the mail. That’s their way of saying ‘thanks’ for the referrals.”

See how simple that was to explain the whole business model?



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“Enrique.. I bought 50 leads..I already signed up 2 people… 2 came to our briefing and signed up,2 others will signup tomorrow morning and one trying frantically to get his money together.. thanks for everything you’re doing!
– T. Tomlinson, ViaVente Ind. Dist.
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6. Build Faster. No more chasing the prospect down to see if they looked at your product or service yet. Simply demonstrate your product or service right there with your prospect. They either like it or they don’t. They either want to make money from home or they don’t. Get a business decision today by signing them up on the spot.

7. Access to Warm Market. So they like your product or service. They’ve signed up online or with an application. Now ask them to pull out their cell phone and start building their list right there on the spot. In fact, turn the prospecting meeting into a training meeting.

8. Higher Retention. When you develop a strong personal relationship with your new distributor, and they see that you’re there to help them, you’ll keep more people in business for longer durations of time. And the more money you’ll make in your business.

9. Ease of Training New Distributors. One top distributor I know makes the first part of his meeting a presentation; the second half of the meeting a training session.

10. Being First in Your Local Area. Imagine the how sickening it would be to your business take off locally only to know that you’re not making a dime from the growth. Don’t be left behind. Start building your business locally with Local Pre-Screened Leads from MLMLeads.com.

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