MLM News: Youngevity Knocking On $100 Million, PrePayCPA Offering Free Tax Services To First 500 Members, and Burke Hedges vs LifeVantage

The MLM News Report this week, covers Youngevity getting close to $100 Million in anual sales, PrePayCPA offering Free Tax Services to the first 500 Members, and the Burke Hedges vs. LifeVantage lawsuit.

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David Track, the CEO of PrePayCPA called me Christmas Eve to share this powerful news. Read below, then click on the image to learn the details. For only $299.00 you can know you are covered with your 2011 taxes!

Len Clemmets Covers Burke Hedges vs. Life Vantage

Backbone vs Life Vantage Lawsuit Filed Utah 10-17-11

LifeVantage Form 8-K For Period Ending 12/19/11

Breaking MLM News Oprah And Dr Oz Entering MLM By Implicating MonaVie In Frivolous Lawsuit

Breaking MLM News: Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz have decided to enter the MLM arena like other well known celebrities like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins. However, Oprah & Dr. Oz are doing it through a frivolous lawsuit implicating MonaVie as some type of scam company.

Now what makes this lawsuit so funny and frivolous is the fact MonaVie has been a featured product on one of Harpo Productions (Oprah’s production company) the Rachel Ray show! Listen as the guest calls MonaVie “one of Oprah’s Genius Super Foods.” Now the issue the MonaVie & Oprah attorney’s will debate…