MLM Leaders Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt Have Made Their Decision And Have Joined…

I have been texting Rob and Tiffanie Moffitt for five days trying to get an answer on where they were going to land. Well last night, Rob shot me a text after I had gone to bed agreeing to an interview this morning. However due to mis-communication on my part, he was on a plane and we missed the call. But I am proud to announce that Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt have landed at…

Ocean Avenue

Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt did share a little about their passion for making this move. After talking with Fred Ninow, Ken Dunn and Franco Cavaleri, they feel, Ocean Avenue has something fresh and new to offer to the network marketing community and they want to be part of what they see as a family adventure.

Later this week or early next week I will do a live interview with Rob & Tiffanie to share more about what they see the future being for them and their Legacy team.

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Breaking MLM News: Travis and Summer Flaherty Announce They Have Found a New Home At Ocean Avenue

Last week Travis & Summer Flarety reached out to let me know they had resigned from their last company (see editorial) and once they had finished reviewing a few other companies they would call. Last night at 6:00pm Travis and Summer called to tell me they had decided on Ocean Avenue. Below you can learn first hand why they made this decision, and why some of their personal directs decided to go with them.

Travis & Summer Flaherty

Travis has been referred to as a “Rainmaker” by his peers and colleagues. He has an uncanny talent to create energy, excitement and a following where ever he goes. In the past he has served as a master distributor, VP of Sales and Consultant in the direct sales industry.

He is best known for his ability to harvest large organizations by implementing leadership development and systematic training platforms. As a Direct Sales ‘Trainer’, Travis has spoken to thousands around the world, inspiring individuals to begin living a life of abundance. Travis is also largely recognized for his virtual seminars, articles and videos dedicated to leadership development and successful practices of an entrepreneur in the Network Marketing Industry.

Travis Flaherty Leadership

In 2009, Travis and his wife Summer were featured in the popular industry publication, ‘Your Business at Home’, as one of the top Networking Professionals in the United States. They were also featured in ‘Success From Home’ Magazine in January, 2011, highlighting their story on achieving the prestigious ‘Double Platinum’ Status with their company in only 6 days! In 2012 business for home nominated Travis in the TOP 25 Field Leaders in the world in the MLM industry.

Travis has repeatedly built top producing organizations around the world. His saying, ‘Growing leaders as opposed to maintaining followers’ has become a main focal point for recruiting into his organizations. Travis believes the number one way to grow an organization, is to grow the people In that organization.

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Breaking MLM News: Ken Dunn & Fred Ninow Back Together Again Launching Ocean Avenue

Over the last couple of weeks I have been sharing about Ocean Avenue, and today I have the privilege of announcing the network marketing community, the Fred Ninow & Ken Dunn are back together again! The last time these two were together, they created one of the most respected companies in the MLM community, and the first US based network marketing company to focus on the power of Gluathione which is the body’s master antioxidant.


– 29 years of ownership experience
– Over 2 Billion in Gross Revenue
– Senior Management Specialist
– Start Up Specialist

Fred Ninow, thrives on the challenge of entrepreneurship. Having started as as a stockbroker before moving up to investment banker, Ninow saw the success others were enjoying from owning their own business and quickly realized that real financial freedom came from owning your own business not working for someone else. However, he also learned there is a downside to owning your own business, it could own you!

During one of the most successful business launches he ever mastermind, he was faced with what could have become a catastrophic person loss, that he would not have ever overcome…

Losing his family. When his wive Staci made it clear, things needed to change, or she was taking the kids and moving back home to her family, Fred, realized that his priorities were backwards. When he realized his had bought into the worldview of financial success; owning the toys, houses, club memberships, and yes BIG bank accounts, instead of making your family #1, he made a life change.

Today, he is still launching businesses, but instead of doing it by himself, he has surrounded himself with his family and friends. All who come hold to the same core values that… “Family First” is not a slogan, but a Way of Life!

– 15 Yrs of Investigative Policing
– Owned Businesses in mortgage & Prop Mgmt
– Earned millions in distributor commissions
– Author

Ken Dunn, like Fred Ninow has had the entrepreneurial bug for as far back as he can remember. However he also had a maverick side to his personality which also led him to put his entrepreneurial side on hold, until his first child Matthew was born.

Ken’s professional career started when he was 18 and joined the Ottawa Police Service, where his talent for detail and his ability to connect and blend into just about any life style setting, led to him becoming one of the youngest undercover officers on the force to work drug surveillance, crisis management, SWAT, and finally as a homicide and sexual assault investigator.

Later he became the youngest member of an international task force working to uncover and expose an international ponzi scheme. This new direction led him to become an expert witness on compensation plans before the Supreme Court.

But, like Ninow, Dun, was not putting his family first. When his son Matthew was born, he knew he wanted out of law enforcement, but was not sure which direction to go. Always having the entrepreneurial bug, while on a get away to Mexico, he and his wife Julie decide to launch a Silver Import business. Success came quick, and so did the decline thanks to the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

In 2002 Dunn earned his Mortgage Broker license and was off to the races. Still working in law enforcement, and running a successful Mortgage business, he was rocking. Then came a call from friend in real estate, telling Ken about his MLM business. Although Ken knew what he did not know about MLM because of his work on the International Task Force investigating ponzi’s, he still took time to listen, and soon launched into a 3rd career. But…

Like Ninow, Ken’s family were the ones suffering from his additive need for a new challenge, power and success. He kept telling himself, family and friends, that his drive was fueled for his family because he wanted them to have all the things he never had growing up. The reality was, he had the wrong worldview of financial success and his priorities were totally upside down.

Julie, came to Ken and made it as clear as day, she was concerned that their relationship would not last, if he kept going down the road he was on. Something had to change, and it was either going to be one or more of his three careers, or it was going to be her and the kids!

Well, in both Dunn and Ninow’s cases they made the right choice and put their families first. In getting to know these two, in both cases, they have gone on to earn more money than they ever dreamed, and along the way, they put their families first.

Fred, has coached or been involved in each of the sports teams his kids have been a part of. And Dunn has taken time to make sure his kids have been able to follow their dreams and passions from his son playing in a band, to his daughter pursuing her acting career.

And, each have grown closer to their wives, who are also part of the founding team of Ocean Avenue.

It is with great pride and honor I get to introduce the Network Marketing World to the Family of Ocean Avenue!

Ocean Avenue Family