MLM Company Review: Life Force International Helping To Reverse Unhealthy Habits With Body Balance

This is the second in our series on Life Force International. Our first article “Life Force International One Of The greatest Love Stories In MLM” told the back story of how Wayne Hillman, the co-founder of LFI went on a quest to find something to stop the pain his wife Gerri Hillman was experiencing. Today, I want to talk about what he found and how it has stop his wifes pain for the last 20 plus years.

The product Wayne found is a custom formulated product which is the flagship product for Life Force International called Body Balance.

What I fine refreshing about Body Balance, is the fact, unlike so many functional health juices on the market today, Body Balance is a Whole Food Supplement. What Life Force calls “A Phytonutrient Rich Blend of Aloe Vera and Nine Sea Vegetable.”

I wanted to learn a little more about the Sea Vegetables so I watched these two short videos with Olivia-Newton John.

Here is something else I found very interesting. Take a look at the amount of Doctors, Nurses and Chiropractors who endorse Life Force International. Click on the Picture to listen to the endorsements.

If, you’re looking for a company that offers rock solid products, Life Force is truly one of the best!

What’s in Body Balance from Life Force International

Something else I found very interesting with Life Force. They offer their customers real money for referring other customers to try the products.

Life Force International Offers Customers Thank You Checks For Referrals

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MLM Help Desk And Gulf Coast DRT Needs Your Help Once Again To Help A Lady In Need

MLM Help Desk and the Gulf Coast D.R.T. need your help once again, to help out someone who is in dire straights. Over the years we have reached out to our community and you have all come through with great support. Well once again we are asking you to follow your heart.

Here is the short article which about Miss Angie’s situation. Click here to read

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What Do MLM Companies YTB and Liberty League Have In Common

What do MLM companies YTB (Your Travel Biz) and Liberty League have in common? Well this is a question that most distributors have no clue, and one I want to bring to the surface.

First let me say, I have great friends in both of these companies. Some are top leaders and others are just getting started.

Over at DeskPing and MLM Leads we support distributors with both of these companies by providing them company specific real-time leads.

But no matter how good the distributors may be, the ultimate success or failure of a company is truly determined by the CEO and the team they have running the corporate side of things.

So back to the question… What do YTB and Liberty League have in common?

This last week they were both hit with major class action lawsuits.

YTB – hit with 100 million dollar Class action suit.

Liberty League – Hit with RICO Class Action Lawsuit.

So what should distributors do to make sure they know their rights?

Take time right now to join the Distributor’s Rights Association by Clicking Here!

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