Breaking MLM News: MPBToday Foundaer Gary Calhoun Temporarily Closes The Door During Federal Investigation

Gary Calhoun MPBToday Founder

I reached out last week to Gary Calhoun the founder of Southeastern Delivery the parent company of MPBToday shot me over a short email explaining what he had decided to do while a federal investigation is underway at MPBToday, one of the original MLM Grocery Delivery Companies.

Gary Calhoun MPBToday Founder
[quote]Hello Troy,
Thanks for reaching out.
It is true that MPB is being investigated. MPB has NOT been asked to close its doors, but I have decided after consulting with counsel & leaders that it is in the best interest of everyone, that the MPB business be put on pause, until this is complete. It would not be prudent to continue doing business, without knowing what “if any” changes may need to be made to the marketing plan to address any as of yet undisclosed issues.
I am confident that at the end of this process that it will show that MPB has always executed its responsibilities in the very best interest of the company and its affiliates.
Unfortunately, there is simply no way to tell how long this will take. So, effective as of last week, all MPB is on hold until it reopens.
I will try to keep you posted.
Thanks. [/quote]