MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson: Battle of Billionaires Commences: Dan Loeb Bets Against Ackman, Puts Over $300M In the Game

MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson the MLM Attorney, wrote an article and referenced some solid info from both Herb Greenberg (who I feel is very biased against MLM aka Network Marketing) and Billionaire Dan Loeb, who is betting against Bill Ackman in the Herbalife short sell and pyramid battle. This is well worth the read!!!


Herb Greenberg of CNBC said it best on his twitter feed:

“ackman/loeb is classic: two smart guys, same set of books/info, totally different analyst. that’s what makes markets!”

Billionaire Dan Loeb places a $300,000,000+ bet AGAINST Ackman in favor of Herbalife, arguing that Ackman’s short-thesis is “preposterous.” In Third Point’s Q4 letter to investors, Loeb explains his optimism for the potential of Herbalife ($HLF). The full letter to investors is included below. The key sections dealing with Herbalife have been cut and pasted below for your convenience. Take care and stay tuned. There’s bound be some collateral damage when Wall Street giants collide. Note, Herbalife is scheduled to issue a rebuttal on January 10th regarding Ackman’s pyramid allegations.

You can read Kevin’s full article and excerpt’s from Loeb’s letter to investors by clicking here!!!

MLM News Editorial: Does Troy Dooly Endorse CashTexts, And The Cash For Text Niche

Last week I hosted a call for the owners and corporate executives of Some of these folks are friends who I have supported in one aspect or another for close to twenty years.

For the first time in their business history they have all joined under the same company colors to do business. Because of my long term relationship with them, and the fact I hosted their first corporate call, some folks have asked if I am endorsing their company Well, watch the video for my detailed answer.

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