Direct Selling Edge Conference – The MLM And Party Plan Startup Companies And Their Executive Teams

The Direct Selling Edge Conference was founded by MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson and Party Plan Consultant Jay Leisner.

The key to winning in the direct selling industry in today’s competitive landscape is leveraging information from the right sources.

Here is the short list of the main speakers other than the founders Kevin Thompson & Jay Leisner who will be sharing their insights at this Direct Selling Edge Conference:

Johnathan Gilliam – President of Momentum Factor LLC

Mel Atwood – President of

Terrel Transtrum – A respected advisor to MLM and Party Plan companies

David Taylor – David has started, grown, and operated 6 private businesses ranging from national training to local retail

Joe Craft – Joe Craft is a highly-regarded expert and trusted advisor in all areas of accounting and tax services.

Victoria Dohr – Before joining Sylvina Consulting in 2005, Victoria Dohr had an impressive 30 year career in sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, and telecommunications.

Dixie Thompson – Dixie retired after 20 years in the US Army starting as one of the first women Military Police.

At the Direct Selling Edge conference, network marketing experts from multiple disciplines are coming together for the ultimate MLM and party plan startup conference.

Direct Selling experts will cover the following topics:

– MLM Compensation

– MLM Legal

Legal Insurance

MLM Software

Leveraging Social Media

MLM Accounting

Merchant Account Processing

The Direct Selling Edge experts will also cover:

– How direct selling is different from other business models

– What the July 2011 Burnlouge FTC decision means for network marketing

– The differences between compensation plan structures and how to assess which plan type is best for you

– How to select the right MLM software

– Specific strategies and case studies of successful network marketing and party plan companies

– Simple methods to keep your MLM or party plan company safe from federal and state regulators

– Common mistakes of startup companies