Behind MLM Reports: BidXcel bites the dust

In what can only be described as yet another blow to the MLM penny auction niche, BidXcel quietly closed their doors last week.

Launched in late 2012, the company’s website (“”) and penny auction (“”) were pulled offline a few days ago with no official explanation provided regarding the closure.
Both websites currently announce to visitors that they will be ‘will be unavailable until further notice…

Read the full report by clicking here!

The Limu Company: 30 Year Old GenY Hairdresser Hits 500K Organically In 8 Months Could You?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of the rising stars at The Lime Company. What they call their Limu Nation. Each interview has been full of excitement as I hear fantastic stories of how Gary Raser and his team are standing side by side helping the next generation of Limu Nation leaders thrive and grow.

Source – Limu Nation – Gary Raser

Amazing? You bet. Without flipping a group from another company? That’s right. And in only 8 months? Believe it, because it just happened.

That success is the true story of Jessica Ellerman. Here’s a young woman, new to the industry, new to the products, maybe even wet behind the ears. Not a lot of knowledge, not a whole lot of success. So how exactly did she rise up and reach LIMU’s 500K level? I’ll give you one clue: it has NOTHING to do with experience.

Just 8 months ago, Jessica and her husband Eric came to visit our LIMU offices, introduced for the first time to what we’re all about. Excited by the opportunity, even though they had very limited experience in MLM. She was sporting a wild streak of purple in her hair … yeah, she was definitely a hairdresser. And I could sense right away she was a firecracker waiting to explode. She had that “can’t sit still” energy you just can’t hide. She wanted more. A lot more.

Did she have real knowledge at that point? Not about the business she didn’t. But she definitely knew herself, her “all in” approach to life. And that’s what kicked in like I’ve rarely seen. Even before she left our offices that first day, she was making call after call to people she knew, getting them excited about LIMU. She was then and is to this day a non-stop machine, working her business every minute. (Read the full article click here)

In the above interview Jessica mentioned Kyle Helm… Here is a little about him, and stay tuned for a full article in the upcoming weeks.

My journey with the LIMU has been brief so far, but it’s been amazing!

After only a few short days, we have been able to create unstoppable success! With great paychecks and a FREE CAR, not only have we been able to share how amazing this opportunity is to our friends and family, we’ve been able to drive to their houses and show them firsthand! Everyone wants to know what you’re doing when you’re driving a new black BMW that is paid for! It was our dream to have one sitting in our garage, and now it has become a reality, thanks to LIMU. I am proud to say that after only a couple short weeks, we have found our home in the industry forever. Forever! I am Kyle Helm, and I am LIMU!

MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of MAAKOA the Koopuwa Company

MAAKOA is a unique company on several fronts, but the one who stands out to me the most is one of their main website phrases – “At Maakoa, we don’t just work. We LIVE. And we do it Fearlessly!” I think this shows both a drive from the Founders and a mantra to their field force. Add in their product mix and compensation plan, and this company is one to watch!

One of the items I found exciting about MAAKOA is the fact they have brought in some of the best experts when it comes to their product line. Let’s take a look Koopuwa, which real story behind this new, up and coming company. Watch this video, then read the documents which follow. Unlike so many companies, here is one where the expert, Terry Xanthos.


From reading the website and talking with Rob Turner one of the Founding Leaders in MAAKOA, I have come to realize this company is truly focused on creating products which are backed by science the distributors and customers can review personally. This is so refreshing from some companies who create products where there is no science. I pulled the following form the website:

“Koopuwa’s power lies in the nutrient-dense properties of the Cupuaçu Fruit. For generations, indigenous people of the Amazon have benefitted from the life sustaining components of Cupuaçu, The Antioxidant Powerhouse in the war against free radical damage. Koopuwa provides energizing B1, B2 and B3 vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids, enhanced by a refreshing taste.”

After reading the above statement I dug a little deeper on the site and found some pretty interesting facts.

MAAKOA The Koopuwa Company

Direct Selling News Releases Top 100 Global MLM Companies pt1

Each year Direct Selling News does the deep research to bring us The Top MLM 100 Global Companies. Each year I study these companies to find clues and strategies they use in continuing their successful growth in the direct selling industry.

I suggest you study these companies so you can determine if the MLM company you are a part of today, has the staying power to become the next Top MLM 100 Global Company!

1. Avon Products Inc.

Sales: $10.3 billion
Country: USA

Avon is the founder of modern direct selling and the acknowledged world leader in cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries. Avon’s well-known product lines include Avon Color, Anew, Skin So Soft, Advance Techniques Hair Care and Avon Wellness.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $10.3 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to- person
Compensation Plan: Single level and multi- level
Products: Beauty, fashion jewelry and apparel
Markets: 100+
Distributors: 6.2 million
Employees: 42,000
Headquarters: New York, N.Y.
Year Founded: 1886
Stock Symbol: AVP—NYSE

2. Amway

Sales: $8.4 billion
Country: USA

Amway, under parent company Alticor, is maintaining its might in the industry. Its product banner includes Artistry cosmetics and skincare products, Nutrilite nutritional products and loyalty-inducing household products. Amway independent business owners work through the company’s e-commerce network.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $8.4 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Personal care, beauty and home care
Markets: 80+
Distributors: 3 million+
Employees: 13,000+
Headquarters: Ada, Mich.
Year Founded: 1959

3. Vorwerk & Co. KG

Sales: $3.58 billion
Country: Germany

Vorwerk is an 80-year-old, family-owned, German-based company that has always focused on the direct selling channel. Products include household appliances as well as high-quality cosmetics. Vorwerk & Co. KG is a global group that includes JAFRA Cosmetics, which reported sales volume of more than $500 million 2009.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $3.58 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person and party plan
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Cosmetics and home appliances
Markets: 61
Distributors: 530,000
Employees: 23,000
Headquarters: Wuppertal, Germany
Year Founded: 1883

4. Mary Kay Inc.

Sales: $2.5 billion
Country: USA

Mary Kay Inc. was founded by the now-legendary Mary Kay Ash to give women more options. She struck a chord with the motto “God first, family second, career third.” Today, that message adjusts across borders and cultures to make the company one of the largest direct sellers of skincare products and color cosmetics in the world.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $2.5 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person and party plan
Compensation Plan: Single level and Multi- level
Products: Skincare products and color cosmetics
Markets: 35
Distributors: 2 million
Employees: 5,000
Headquarters: Addison, Texas
Year Founded: 1963

5. Natura Cosmeticos SA

Sales: $2.4 billion
Country: Brazil

Natura is the cosmetics giant born in Brazil. Corporate social responsibility is one of its core emphases, and its more than 900 products help consultants earn a living. Natura also has operations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, France, Venezuela and Colombia.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $2.4 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person and retail
Compensation Plan: Bi-level
Products: Personal care products and fragrances
Markets: 8
Distributors: 1 million+
Employees: 5,000+
Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil
Year Founded: 1969
Stock Symbol: NATU3.SA—São  Paulo

6. Herbalife Ltd.

Sales: $2.3 billion
Country: USA

Herbalife sells nutritional supplements and weight-management and personal-care products. Its extensive product line has gained a following and credits success to scientific backing. All of its products have been developed by scientists, physicians and nutrition experts, including Nobel laureate in medicine Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $2.3 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Nutritional supplements, and health/fitness, wellness, personal-care, skincare and weight-management products
Markets: 72
Distributors: 2 million
Employees: 4,000
Headquarters: Los Angeles, Calif.
Year Founded: 1980
Stock Symbol: HLF—NYSEa

7. Primerica

Sales: $2.2 billion
Country: USA

Primerica provides financial products and services, including term life insurance, mutual funds, variable annuities, loans and other services to 6 million clients. The company dates to 1977 when it began a crusade to transform the life insurance industry. Previously owned by Citigroup, Primerica is now publicly traded.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $2.2 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Financial services
Markets: 5
Distributors: 100,000
Employees: 2,000
Headquarters: Duluth, Ga.
Year Founded: 1977
Stock Symbol: PRI—NYSE

8. Tupperware Brands Corp.

Sales: $2.1 billion
Country: USA

One of the first party plan companies in the world, Tupperware Brands Corporation today is a global direct seller of storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. Brands include Armand Dupree, Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics, Nuvo, Swissgarde and, of course, Tupperware.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $2.1 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person and party plan
Compensation Plan: Single level and multi- level
Products: Storage and serving products; beauty and personal-care products
Markets: 100
Distributors: 2.4 million consultants; 1,800 distributors
Employees: 13,000
Headquarters: Orlando, Fla.
Year Founded: 1946
Stock Symbol: TUP—NYSE

9. Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V.

Sales: $1.8 billion
Country: Sweden

Oriflame is the market leader in more than half of the countries where it operates. Though it has no U.S. presence, it operates in Mexico and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The company offers a wide range of high- quality beauty products.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $1.8 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Beauty products
Markets: 62
Distributors: 3.3 million
Employees: 7,000+
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Year Founded: 1967
Stock Symbol: ODI-SDB.ST—Stockholm

10. Forever Living Products*

Sales: $1.7 billion
Country: USA

Forever Living is the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera, and this inspires them to make environmental responsibility a priority. The company offers a complete line of aloe vera drinks, skincare products and cosmetics, as well as a full line of nutritional supplements and products from beehives.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $1.7 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Aloe vera drinks, skincare products and cosmetics, nutritional supplements and Forever Resorts
Markets: 142
Distributors: Not available
Employees: 9.3 million
Headquarters: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Year Founded: 1978

11. Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.

Sales: $1.3 billion
Country: USA

Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. is a global direct selling company operating in 48 international markets throughout the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Going far beyond cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, Nu Skin sells more than 200 products through three distinct brands: Nu Skin, Pharmanex and Big Planet.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $1.3 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Personal-care, nutritional and technology products, anti-aging skin care and nutritionals
Markets: 50
Distributors: 760,000+
Employees: 1,200
Headquarters: Provo, Utah
Year Founded: 1984
Stock Symbol: NUS-NYSE

12. Pola Inc.*

Sales: $1.03 billion
Country: Japan

Pola sets the standard in Japan. It is the nation’s fourth-largest cosmetics company and the biggest direct seller. Pola products include cosmetics, skincare, personal-care and nutritional products sold in department stores, retail stores, through mail order and door to door.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $1.03 billion
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Single-level
Products: Cosmetics, skincare, personal-care and nutritional products, fashion and jewelry
Markets: 16
Distributors: 100,000
Employees: 1,049
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Year Founded: 1929

13. Belcorp/L’Bel Paris

Sales: $1 billion+
Country: Peru

Belcorp/L’Bel Paris focuses on women. It has more than 500,000 independent beauty consultants in 15 countries and 18 Latin American specialty stores. They sell the well-known L’Bel, Ésika and Cyzone brands.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $1 billion+
Marketing Style: Person-to-person and party plan
Compensation Plan: Single level
Products: Skincare, fragrance, makeup, body care, hair care
Markets: 15
Distributors: 500,000+
Employees: Not available
Headquarters: Lima, Peru
Year Founded: 1949

14. Miki Corporation*

Sales: $969.2 million
Country: Japan

Miki Corporation began as a textile importer and seller. Today, it is a multimillion-dollar seller of supplements made from prune extracts, of household cleaners, personal-care items and much more. The company has “sales agents” in Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $969.2 million
Marketing Style: Not available
Compensation Plan: Not available
Products: Foods, cosmetics and household products
Markets: 3
Distributors: Not available
Employees: 270
Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Year Founded: 1964

15. Melaleuca Inc.*

Sales: $879 million
Country: USA

Melaleuca Inc. sells more than 350 products, including personal-care items, cosmetics, household cleaning supplies and vitamins to consumers through a network of sales representatives, as well as catalogs and websites.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $879 million
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Single-level
Products: Personal-care products, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and vitamins
Markets: 18
Distributors: Not available
Employees: 1,200
Headquarters: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Year Founded: 1985

16. Ignite Inc.

Sales: $845 million
Country: USA

Ignite Inc. was founded in 2004 by parent company Stream Energy to meet the changing needs of consumers. With energy-service deregulation, more choices exist for consumers and entrepreneurs, and Ignite seeks to meet the needs of both.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $845 million
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Electricity and natural gas
Markets: 1 (Texas and Georgia in USA)
Distributors: 150,000
Employees: 275
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Year Founded: 2004

17. MonaVie LLC*

Sales: $785 million
Country: USA

Introduced in January 2005, MonaVie develops and markets scientifically formulated, premium-quality nutritional products, featuring an exclusive blend of açai berry and other nutrient-dense fruits. MonaVie is designed to provide consumers with the antioxidants and phytonutrients they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $785 million
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Foods and nutritional products
Markets: 12
Distributors: 1 million+
Employees: 450
Headquarters: South Jordan, Utah
Year Founded: 2005

18. Omnilife*

Sales: $750 million+
Country: Mexico

Omnilife Manufactura S.A. de C.V. is owned by ultimate parent company Grupo Omnilife S.A. de C.V. The company has independent consultants in 23 markets in South America, North America, Central America, Asia and Europe.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $750 million+
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Nutritional supplements, weight-management and beauty products, beverages, cosmetics, fragrances
Markets: 23
Distributors: 4.5 million
Employees: 400
Headquarters: Zapopan, Mexico
Year Founded: 1992

19. PartyLite (Blyth Inc.)

Sales: $621.6 million
Country: USA

Beginning with a single line of bayberry candles, PartyLite is, today, the world’s largest direct seller of candles and home-fragrance products. Blyth Inc. became the parent company in 1990. In select markets, consultants also offer Two Sisters Gourmet foods.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $621.6 million
Marketing Style: Party plan
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Candles, candle warmers, flameless fragrance, home accents, personal-care products and food products
Markets: 14
Distributors: 64,000
Employees: 1,250
Headquarters: Plymouth, Mass.
Year Founded: 1973
Stock Symbol: BTH—NYSE

20. NOEVIR Co. Ltd.

Sales: $613.9 million
Country: Japan

The Noevir Group consists of 13 companies, headed by Noevir Co. Ltd. in Japan. With five domestic—and eight international—subsidiaries, Noevir is developing a global business. The Noevir Group distributes its portfolio of brands through a variety of channels, including direct sales, retail and business to  business.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $613.9 million
Marketing Style: Person-to-person, retail and business-to-business
Compensation Plan: Not available
Products: Skincare, body care, nutritional supplements and cosmetics
Markets: 8
Distributors: Not available
Employees: 1,085
Headquarters: Japan
Year Founded: 1964
Stock Symbol: 4916/TYO SE

21. ACN

Sales: $553 million
Country: USA

ACN is one of the pioneers in digital phone service. It also provides communications bundles with video phone, local and long distance phone service, Internet, wireless, satellite TV, and home security products.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $553 million
Marketing Style: Person-to-person
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Telecommunications services (including mobile and video phones), satellite TV and home security
Markets: 20
Distributors: Not available
Employees: 1,100
Headquarters: Concord, N.C.
Year Founded: 1993

22. WIV Wein International AG

Sales: $535.4 million
Country: Germany

WIV Wein is a direct seller of wine, providing at-home wine tastings for customers. The company has its own estates/cellars and forms partnerships with top-quality wineries. Its largest markets are Germany, France, Britain, Japan, the United States and Italy.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $535.4 million
Marketing Style: Direct selling and retail
Compensation Plan: Not available
Products: Wines
Markets: 23
Distributors: 4,000
Employees: 1,511
Headquarters: Burg Layen, Germany
Year Founded: Approximately 1960

23. LG Household & Health Care*

Sales: $520 million
Country: South Korea

LG H&H is an established leader in the Korean household goods and cosmetics industries. Products include Perioe, Elastine, Tech, OHUI, WHOO, ISA, KNOX and others. Its household good include oral-care products, skin- and hair-care products, laundry products, and paper products. LG H&H cosmetics products comprise foam cleansers, facial moisturizers, eye shadows, pressed powders, foundations, lipsticks, eye creams, essence, lotions and perfumes under the brand names of OHUI, LacVert, ISA KNOX and VONIN.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $520 million
Marketing Style: Not available
Compensation Plan: Not available
Products: Cosmetics and household products
Markets: 5
Distributors: Not available
Employees: 2,745
Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Year Founded: 1947
Stock Symbol: 051900—SEO

24. Pampered Chef Ltd.

Sales: $500 million+
Country: USA

Pampered Chef sells more than 300 gourmet kitchen tools, cookware, cookbooks and foodstuffs. Founded in 1980, Pampered Chef was sold to Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by billionaire Warren Buffett, in 2002.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $500 million+
Marketing Style: Party plan
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: High-end tools for cooking and entertaining
Markets: 6
Distributors: 60,000
Employees: 800
Headquarters: Addison, Ill.
Year Founded: 1980
Stock Symbol: BRK-A—NYSE

24. Shaklee Corp.

Sales: $500 million+
Country: USA

Founded in 1956, Shaklee manufactures its products and distributes them through its website and more than 750,000 representatives in North America and Asia. The company is known for its green products and social responsibility efforts.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $500 million+
Marketing Style: Person-to-person (also retail in Singapore)
Compensation Plan: Multi-level
Products: Nutritional supplements, skin care, weight management, green cleaners
Markets: 8
Distributors: 1.25 million members and distributors
Employees: 750
Headquarters: Pleasanton, Calif.
Year Founded: 1956

I want to give a special thanks to the true researching of this great information…

by Katherine Ponder Research Credits: Yasmin Waring, Michael Rice, Katherine Ponder, Alan Van Zelfden, Chieko Maruyama Special thanks to: Lauri Dodd, Jennifer Workman Pitcock, Tim Coleman

Direct Selling News, using data from Lexis Nexis, Hoovers, Dun & Bradstreet, professional researchers, Standard & Poor’s, personal interviews, corporate websites and others, we are proud to offer this list. When verifying data, every attempt was made to reach a company spokesperson to gain input and approvals. This was not possible with all companies. We also unequivocally recognize that research and voluntary reporting cannot provide the entire picture of our industry.

MLM Company Review Mandura The Royal Family Of Fruits The Juice Not The Leadership

MLM Company Review: Mandura The Royal Family Of Fruits! The juice not the leadership. This company has an interesting MLM compensation plan, which does set it apart from all other companies launching right now.

Mandura is the brain child of Casey & K.C. Yarbrough – former top earners of Excel Communications.

Casey YarbroughK,C, Yarbrough

Now, the Yarbrough’s did not for one minute think they had all the answers so they have brought onto the team some very talented executives to help they take this company from a start-up to a multi-billion dollar company helping hundreds of thousands of reps accomplish four specific objectives…