Wealth Generators Has Regulatory Red Flags & May Be Promoting Investment ROI Without The Proper Licenses

Wealth-Generators-250For the last few weeks we have been receiving daily requests for more info on Wealth Generators, and for us to provide some guidance to those who are looking to join the company. Below is the advice we have about Wealth Generators.

Actually, I think first we should look at some of the regulations surrounding “investment advice” so we can get a benchmark on where this editorial is going.

DS Domination Review: Is DS Domination a Pyramid or Viable Business Model & Income Opportunity

Over the last few days I have seen a rise in people asking about DS Domination. From CEOs to new entrepreneurs looking to get rolling in a home base business want to know if there are any issues. After investing several hours at reviewing corporate videos and what others have written and spoken about the company,  I came to the following conclusion…


Before I share my conclusions, you can also find several articles on DS Domination at BehindMLM.com which will cover issues I have not addressed.

1. No “About Us” page on the DS Domination main Website is a huge FTC Red Flag.

2. No Refund Policy – Without a doubt this is a tough one because  all DS Domination has to offer is a training platform. However, in order to protect the company against chargebacks or fraud complaints, they should establish some form of refund period. And in order to comply with the Direct Selling Association standard of excellence they would need a long term refund policy.

3. Use of “Walmart” name in video! Without a written agreement in place with  Walmart the company is asking for some major blow back. I couple of years ago MPBToday had issues because they were using Walmart in selling gift cards. And the most current company to face issues has been Lyoness. (In most cases hat happens is reps for the company HYPE the connection between the company and Walmart.

And I am using the following definition for HYPE!


5. exaggerated publicity; hoopla.
6. an ingenious or questionable claim, method, etc., used in advertising, promotion, or publicity to intensify the effect.
7. a swindle, deception, or trick.
4. By legal definition not a traditional “Affiliate Program”, but is by definition a Multi-Level Marketing Compensation Program! MLM Attorney Gery Nehra wrote a great article explaining this and showing four specific state’s laws as an example –  Are Two-Tier Affiliate Programs Multi-Level Marketing?
5. The DS Domination Compensation Plan in its current form, may very well be seen by regulators as a Pyramid Scheme. My professional opinion is that, due to the fact the company currently has a qualification in place, whereby a DS Domination affiliate, after paying their $9.95 monthly affiliate fee, MUST also personally buy any product they are going to sell, creates by legal definition an illegal pyramid scheme.
Let me state, I do NOT feel the founders of DS Domination did this purposely, but never the less, I do believe that based on current regulations, both at the state and federal level, this is an issue.
Here is some additional references to valid my professional opinion…
MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson  Resources:
MLM Attorneys, Grimes & Reese Resources: 

Direct Selling Association:

Code of Ethics

The Difference Between Legitimate Direct Selling Companies and Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Legitimate Direct Selling vs. Illegal Pyramid Schemes

In closing it is my professional opinion that if DS Domination can fix the red flags, they offer a viable training platform for anyone looking to build a home base business selling on eBay or Amazon.

However, I do not see DS Domination being a long term network marketing business.

MLM Company Review: Troy Dooly Interviews Brain Underwood RippLn CEO About Launch Date And other Info

A couple of weeks ago Brian Underwood invited me to Texas to talk about the future of RippLn and to get an inside look at the operation. Although, I can’t share everything yet, I can say, that the investment into this company is very high, and the belief of Brian Underwood and his partners that they can launch all four phases and create a gaming changing mobile platform is felt throughout the organization.

FireShot Screen Capture #262 - 'Rippln Mobile Apps - Get to Rippln & Get in the Ripple' - ripplnmobile_com_#

So far RippLn has attracted some well known names from across the marketing world. Not only have network marketing pros decided to give it a shot, so have top influencers in Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and the Blogging World.

So far RippLn has attracted around 900K Eyeballs, with the majority of these folks coming from the USA, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and Philippines.

It will be interesting to see how many of these free signups upgrade when the company goes live! Even a small percentage may help cover the cost of the buildout of the platform!

MLM Company Review: Level 9 Marketing aka The Q App Launch Event Hosted By Global Profits

A couple of weeks ago I have the privilege of attending the Global Profit/Level 9 launch event in Atlanta. This may very well be on of the best launch event productions I have seen in network marketing. Not only was I allowed behind the scenes, I was able to meet some of the partners who have teamed up with Level 9 Marketing.


Level 9 Marketing Partners

Global Profits

GlobalProfits.net is a team of leaders who are well known throughout the marketing world. Their team is comprised of the best and brightest covering all aspects of the industry. They have developed marketing systems for Top companies and build organizations into the hundreds of thousands.


Sanford C. Botkin,(Sandy) Attorney and Certified Public Accountant is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Lecturer of the Tax Reduction Institute based in the Washington, DC area.

Over the past 20+ years, Sandy has taught thousands of taxpayers how to save millions on their taxes with his seminar. He consistently earns rave reviews for his clear and humorous presentations.


 iPhone Quality Of Life App Download

Android Quality Of Life App Download

MLM Company Review: Rastelli Direct Turkey Smash Burgers Are The Bomb!

I few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of cooking up some of Rastelli Direct’s new Turkey Smash Burgers, and they were a huge hit with our family.

Now unlike may of the reviews I get to do, Rastelli’s comes from truly enjoying their food. If you have not watched the video I did a year or so ago, you may want to watch.

Now let’s take a look at what you can do with the Rastelli Direct Turkey Smash Burgers…

Rastelli Direct Turkey Smash Burgers

Rastelli Direct Smart Shopper Club

What is the Smart Shopper’s Club?

The Rastelli Direct Smart Shopper’s Club was created for those who would like to receive a special 20% discount and more flexible shopping options on our award-winning products.

SAVINGS: Save 20% or more on All Product Purchases from Rastelli Direct!
CONVENIENCE: Get Five-Star Restaurant Quality Food Delivered Direct to Your Doorstep!
FREE MEMBERSHIP: It’s Totally Free to Join!
RASTELLI DOLLARS: Earn Rastelli Direct Dollars Each Time you Shop! (Coming Soon)

**NOTE: If you do not shop for three (3) consecutive months your account will be switched to a retail account and you will lose any unused Rastelli Dollars. You can re-enroll as a member at any time by shopping through your personal account.


Add Your Products
Select the products you wish to add to your first order, then add them to your shopping cart.
Enter Your Zip Code
Simply start by typing your zip code in the Delivery Coverage box located to the top left of the screen.
Minimum Order Requirement
Make sure your shopping cart total is over $62.50 at retail price and proceed to checkout
Checkout & Save
During STEP 3 of the checkout process, you will receive a 20% instant savings on your order by clicking “Yes, I want to join the Smart Shopper’s Club”.
** In order to receive member pricing when shipping to Someone Else, you must first enroll as a member and then place your auto-ship.

Contact Mike Grady or Andrew Hillman for additional information.

MLM Company Review: Have You Met Gary Raser The Founder Of The Limu Company

Gary Raser Founder of The Limu Company

Gary Raser is known for his “Guiding Your Way Leadership” style, and as the founder of The Limu Company, he has done very humbly what most network marketing companies can’t do with hype… He broke $10 million in the first year, while staying debt free. Now learn about the man who started out to create a new kind of network marketing company, and instead birthed The Limu Experience!

After my review on Back Door Deals made by some network marketing companies back in February of 2011 (Read It Here) Gary and his team reached out to me to discuss Gary’s stance on deals with distributors of any kind, not just “Top Distributors.” Gary was a breath of fresh air!

Several times since then Gary and I have talked. It was during a trip to Alabama to finalize custody of one of my granddaughters, that Gary called and we talked for over an hour. Gary shared some very deep personal stories of his life, and his family’s lives.

Unlike some of the new breed of founders launching network marketing companies, Gary had a heart felt message. I remember sitting in the car, and my son looking over asking why I was crying, as Gary shared a specific story with me about his family which gave me some insight into why he is as passionate to see the distributors at Limu succeed. His passion to provide an equal opportunity at every level is what keeps the field so loyal to this man and their mission.

Gary, didn’t have to launch The Limu Company seven years ago. He could have taken his millions and just walked away. Instead, he decided to do what few folks have done in the history of direct sales… Create an experience where distributors at all levels can really call it home.

He had learned from his own successes and failures what worked and what didn’t work. Lord, knows he didn’t get it all right every time. But like his good friend BK Boreyko, he learned from what didn’t work, and kept at it until he got it right.

Now I do have to say, opening your doors with 9,000 applications and doing $10,000,000.00 in sales in your first year is far from failure. But… It really wasn’t until 2010 that Gary and his team were able to get everything dialed in.

With most of the network marketing community still saying “Limu Who”, he humbly, but aggressively he started to attract some really solid distributors at all levels to the team. And what I have found is even more exciting is the fact, when you look at the tenure of distributors with the company, you see one of the most loyal and successful distributor bases in all of network marketing. It ranks along side other successful companies like Oxyfresh and Life Force International. Companies which have weathered the storms of each stage of business and are poised to become $100 million dollar a year success stories.

In my next article I will be sharing details on the leadership team Gary has surrounded himself with. I have met and/or worked with several of his team, and each brings with them a strength, that when working in tandem with the other team members, makes this a leadership second to none!

Gary, thank you for taking a risk, and sharing just a little of your personal life with me, and investing your time to share what the Limu Experience is all about!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Limu Breaks $10 Million In First Year Sales

Bio Med Business Journal 2005 Interview With Limu Founder Gary Raser

MLM Startup Review: Have You Heard Of Skin La-La

Richard Vincenti contacted me a few months ago to share with me, he was launching a new MLM Startup called Skin La-La. Now with skin care being one of the industries with economic growth, I could fully understand his excitement.

Well, not that Skin La-La has held their first annual convention, it seems time to share a little about the company and the team behind it.

Richard has built online systems (Internet Sales Funnels) for years for some great companies, and some which sadly are not around today. He finally realized, instead of allowing others to control his financial future it was time to create a company and system where he had a little more control.

Here is an example of one of the landing pages Skin La-La distributors have in their tool box.

Richard also has not left much out of the back office for his distributors. Since his system uses a “FREE Enrollee” funnel, he has made it easy for the distributor to see the different stages the prospects are at, and which ones they should be following up with quick.But what I love the best, is he shares with the prospect themselves what their choices are. Not only can they share with others and start building their business, they get to decide what level they want to commit.

So how does the system really work? Richard also made that a breeze for his distributors to explain, by making it part of the online marketing system.

And since most new distributors and even some veterans have a frustrating time explaining the compensation plan, Richard also made this a turnkey proposition.

What this company lacks in fancy million dollar websites, they sure seem to make up for in a rocking online system and a very focused product line.

In our next review we will take a look at the products in more detail.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly