Numis Network Review: Who Are The Founders And Can They Be Trusted

Numis Network has come on strong over the last few months. Here at MLM Help Desk, we have received emails, calls and comments asking for more information.

Len Clements of Market Wave Inc. has written an in-depth report on what he sees as some potential concerns with Numis Network. I believe as a distributor you should read Len’s review so you can have a well balanced view on your future with Numis. It you cover all your bases and not just listen to the marketing hype which surrounds all new MLM launches, then you will not kick yourself in the future for getting involved or staying on the sidelines. (Read it Here)

Shannon Dennison a well respected MLM Professional who facilitated a great informative call on Numis Network which was attended by Jake Kevorkian – EVP and Founder of Numis Network, Kevin Thompson – The MLM Attorney, Len Clements – Market Wave, Spenser Reese – Grimes & Reese and myself. This call gives a good insight as to the leadership of Jake Kevorkian, the legal insight of Spenser Reese and Kevin Thompson, along with the hard questions from Shannon Dennison and Len Clements. (Listen Here)

The question I asked in the title of this article is “Who Are The Founders of Numis Network and Can They be trusted?”

Well let’s take a look at the founders of Numis Network and you decide for yourself if these are leaders who can be trusted. As for me… Yes, I believe these leaders are focused on building a category creator in the MLM arena.

Ian Cordell - President & Founder Numis Network

Ian Cordell, isn’t new to MLM, he is also the President & CEO of International Direct Selling technology Corporation, one of the leading software companies serving the Direct Selling industry.

Two things which I found refreshing when I reviewed Ian’s bio at IDSTC’s website – He publicly made it clear he is also a founder in Numis Network. And even more important to me was the fact he also makes it clear he bought a dance studio “Jamming Studios“, to help further his daughter’s passion as competitive dancers.

Chris Kent - Founder Numis Network

Chris Kent – Chris has been friends with Ian since they were in the third grade, which may make this friendship aka business partnership as important as the friendship/partnership of Jay Van Andel and Rich Devos. Chris is a well respected and sought after corporate trainer inside the direct selling industry. Chris is not only a founder and partner at Numis Network, he is also a founding partner at International Direct Selling technology Corporation.

jake kevorkian - founder of Numis

Jake Kevorkian – Jake knows firsthand what it is like to have your company implode and go into bankruptcy. Just a few years ago, while building a rock solid field organization, he got the call, the company was going down. However, unlike most, he decided to rally some partners, and together they bought the company out of bankruptcy, paid the distributors, and build the first company offering Homeopathic Blend Solutions.

As I read and researched all three of these leaders, I soon realized they were not just company founders, they were visionaries who all three have great success behind their belts.

After talking several times with Jake and having him answer my questions, even the most invasive ones, I have come to the conclusion the Numis Network founders are not here to just build a small company, and make a few bucks. They want to create a company which provides long term financial security for both their families and their field force.

But… This does not mean there are not a few concerns which every distributor should be aware of.

1. If the field force over hypes the Numis Network business opportunity it could draw the attention of both Federal and State regulatory agencies which will cause bad publicity and may close the company down.

2. Numis Network is opening a new category, when they happens it will draw attention as people inside the MLM profession decide if the company is legit. In some cases this is good, in others you will hear rumors which may not be true, but can cause attrition just the same.

If you are looking at Numis Network, then do your due diligence and come to the heartfelt decision that Numis is a company you can grow personally, from either team building or retail sales.

Stay tuned for our next article as we cover the coins… If there a real market for the buying and selling of Graded Numismaic Collector Gold and Silver Coins.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly